Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 81.3 Newcomers?! (3)

“You were kicked out?!” Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide slightly, he thought that these brothers had fallen into this place just like they did.

“Yeah.” A trace of resentment flashed across Lu Ya’s face. He took out a piece of garlic and chopped it fiercely, “My brother and I were originally from Lan Ya Star. We used to live in Zone D. My father is a third-level mercenary of a regiment, and my mother worked in a snack bar. Three years ago, my father and those from the mercenary regiment went to hunt the third-level mutant fire-tooth beasts. They were framed and injured. All the family money was spent on father’s injuries but they were untreatable.” Lu Ya’s eyes turned red, “Anyway, in the end, our family was driven out.”

Bai Rong looked at the sad and resentful Lu Ya in front of him and couldn’t help but feel a little sad, but he didn’t know how to comfort him. He also hadn’t seen Lu Ya’s parents upon entering their house so he could only come to the conclusion that….the couple must have passed away.

Lu Ya sniffled and put on a fake smile, “But now the situation has turned for the better. My brother had a breakthrough and can kill a rumble beast every day, and a rumble beast can sell for three ash coins. We will soon be able to save enough money to go to zone d in the safe zone, but after entering zone d, we have to at least make 4 ash coins every day. Brother Bai Rong, after you get used to this place, I will take you to the gathering place of the chirping beasts. The chirping beast is the weakest among the first-level mutant beasts. Despite being very hard to catch, their danger level is very small, and generally, three or four of them can be sold for one ash coin…”

Now that he learnt that his idol had fallen in from the outside, even if their mech was probably unusable, he still had to teach them how to catch a chirping beast and take it slowly step by step…


“I’m going too!” Kuku hurriedly interjected, “I’m already used to it now, and I can help catch them.”

Hmph, Rong was clearly his elder brother, and now, someone else was calling him brother, making him feel unpleasant.

“En, Kuku can come too. Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head, feeling gratified and proud. “Kuku is hardly affected by the gravitational force and even perfected his previous training, you must have become very powerful.

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“Brother Bai Rong…Brother Bai Rong…” Lu Ya quietly got out of the bed and tiptoed to the side of Bai Rong’s bed, “Are you asleep?”


“…No, Lu Ya, what’s the matter?” Bai Rong opened his eyes and yawned, his white cheeks bulged, and his black eyes were watery.

“!!!” Lu Ya was promptly rendered foolish, the tips of his ears turning slightly red. My god, his idol was too good-looking and cute!!!

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Lu Ya remain silent, Bai Rong sat up and whispered, “What’s the matter?”

“…I-It’s nothing.” Lu Ya looked at the ground in embarrassment, “…I just can’t seem to sleep so I was going to ask if you wanted to go out and chat together…”

“Okay, I can’t sleep either. Let’s go together.” Bai Rong got up, “I happen to have something to ask you…”

“I’m going too!”

Kuku, who had been lying obediently with his eyes closed, suddenly bounced up, looking at Lu Ya as if he was an enemy.

Lu Ya: “…………!!!”

Why was this person still not asleep!

“Okay, let’s all go together. We’re going to look for chirping beasts tomorrow so it might be good for Kuku to learn some precautions to take.” Bai Rong lifted the quilt and looked at Lu Ya, “Shall we go?”

“Mmm…” Lu Ya moved the stool, feeling both gloomy and happy, and secretly gave Kuku a glare.

As expected, Kuku resolutely glared back at him!


Lu Kun, who should have been sound asleep at the side, opened his eyes in the dark, and slowly closed them again.


The next day, Bai Rong and Kuku each drank a nutritional dose again, and then, at Lu Ya’s kind invitation, they drank a bowl of vegetable porridge with minced meat.

“Brother Bai Rong, are you tired?” Lu Ya asked as he walked.

“I’m alright…not very tired.” Bai Rong wiped some sweat off. He almost couldn’t stand walking after an hour and a half yesterday but now he felt as if he could walk for another half an hour, he probably had some improvement…

“Ok, we’ll be reaching soon. It’s only going to take about seven or eight minutes.” Lu Ya smiled, and then turned to Lu Kun, who had been striding ahead, “Brother, are you sure you’re not going to hunt for rumble beasts?”

It’s been a long time since his brother had stopped hunting for chirping beasts. After all, even though the chirping beast wasn’t dangerous, it wasn’t easy to catch, and encountering four chirping beasts a day was generally considered good but this only added up to one ash coin being earned, a far cry from a rumble beast’s value.

“Not going.” Lu Kun replied expressionlessly with just two words. He did not feel at ease, letting his younger brother go alone with two strangers.

“Alright!” Lu Ya exposed two rows of pearly white teeth, and followed behind his brother, laughing happily.

The group of people soon arrived at the place where the chirping beast could be caught. Bai Rong glanced around and saw that there were more than 20 people nearby, forming groups of twos and threes and looking for the cave of chirping beasts.

To tell the truth, this matter was quite odd. Even though his mobility had become slow, his vision was still better than Kuku and the others in the group…

The chirping beast was a kind of animal that dwelled inside a cave. According to Lu Ya’s description, Bai Rong felt like they were like voles, except they were much more agile and much more dangerous. After all, ordinary voles did not attach to rocks or spray acid in case of emergencies. Even though their acid wasn’t strong, unable to burn people, if they were to hit the eyes, it would surely blind people.


“Take this with you.” Lu Kun took out two transparent goggles and two pairs of thick gloves, and handed them to Bai Rong.

“Thank you.” Bai Rong thanked him sincerely, and after accepting it and touching it, he discovered that the material of the goggles was very similar to glass, but was more tenacious. It was a little heavy to wear on his face, and the gloves were also very thick.

“The caves of chirping beasts are very hidden. Please pay attention to how you distinguish them. The soil around the caves will be mixed with fine sand and grass roots. You must catch them or drive them out the moment they come out, otherwise once they run out of their cave, you won’t be able to catch them anymore.”

“Okay, thanks for the reminder.” Bai Rong smiled at Lu Kun, only to find that the other person’s face turned taut and he turned around the moment he smiled at him.

Bai Rong, “…???”

Did he look that scary when he smiled?

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