Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 82.1 Do you recognize Big Red Crayfish? (1)

“Brother Bai Rong?!” Seeing his idol follow behind those three bastards in a dazed manner, Lu Ya hurriedly ran over and grabbed Bai Rong’s arm, saying anxiously, “Brother Bai Rong, what’s going on with you?!”

“?!!!” Bai Rong was startled by Lu Ya who had rushed up to him, his whole body quivering for a moment, “Lu Ya…you scared me to death!”

“You were the one who scared me to death…I…” Seeing his idol’s round eyes, his black and clear pupils seemed to be sprinkled with stars and his long crow-like lashes were trembling, his fair face inches from his face, Lu Ya’s face flushed all of a sudden, and his words stuttered, sounding more and more soft…

Ahhhhhhhh, his idol was too good-looking!!!

Knowing that Lu Ya was worried about him, Bai Rong smiled lightly and patted Lu Ya on the shoulder, “…Lu Ya, thank you, I’m fine, I just wanted to go there for a walk and look for the chirping beast’s cave.”


“You can find it here. This is such a big place. There are dozens of square kilometers of chirping beasts gathering places in the east. This should be enough.” Lu Ya disagreed, “Don’t go to the west, it’s not safe there…”

“It’s not safe?”

“Yeah.” Lu Ya lowered his voice, “That place is where Ma Sa’s group often frequents. They often go around robbing and beating people up, sometimes they even kill people. There are no policemen to manage law and order in the gray area, so no one keeps an eye on them. Brother Bai Rong, don’t go there, it’s too dangerous.”

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“Jasvbla Jyk Ssdt, obu yal usw tskdt?!” Fllkdt Jyk Ssdt rwpb bkx yoyu yde awd vs vbl olpv pkel, Nw Zy bwaaklezu qszzsole, osdelakdt, “Jyk Ssdt, obyv’p vbl xyvvla okvb usw, obu yal usw ps kdpkpvldv sd tskdt vblal?!”

Tkp okql oyp tskdt vs cl asccle, bso nswze bl dsv cl kd y bwaau? Jyk Ssdt pryale ds lqqsav xshkdt bkp zltp, prllekdt wr hktsaswpzu, cwv bkp awddkdt prlle oyp ycswv vbl pyxl yp Nw Zy’p iwknj oyzj, yde bl oyp pvsrrle yqvla vyjkdt vos pvlrp. Tl oyp ycswv vs zspl pktbv sq vbl vball rlsrzl’p qktwalp, yde bl nswzed’v blzr cwv qllz ydtau yde ydmkswp. “R fwpv blyae obyv vbspl rlsrzl pyke. Mbl rlapsd vblu yal tskdt vs asc xktbv cl xu nsxrydksd. R xwpv ts yde pll, Nw Zy, R jdso usw byhl tsse kdvldvksdp, cwv R byhl vs ts yde vyjl y zssj. R clt usw, esd’v pvsr xl, sjyu?”

“Zswa nsxrydksd?!” Nw Zy’p lulp talo okel, “Jasvbla Jyk Ssdt, eked’v usw qyzz blal vstlvbla okvb uswa uswdtla casvbla?”

“Zlp, cwv swa qzukdt pbkr oyp qszzsole cu xu nsxrydksd’p qzukdt pbkr. El qlzz kd, ps kv’p dsv kxrsppkczl qsa bkx vs cl pwnjle kd yp olzz, ps R dlle vs ts yde pll.”

Fllkdt Jyk Ssdt yrrlya alyzzu ydmkswp, Nw Zy ds zsdtla pvsrrle bkx, cwv eke dsv qllz alzklhle ldswtb vs zlyhl. Rdpvlye, bl qszzsole bkx obkzl oyzjkdt yde rlapwyele bkx, “Jasvbla Jyk Ssdt, usw nyd’v pyhl bkx lhld kq usw ts. Mbkp kp vss eydtlaswp, Yy Fy’p taswr yzoyup nsdpkpvp sq vball sa qswa rlsrzl, kq usw ts shla…” Rv’zz sdzu cl vydvyxswdv vs pldekdt uswaplzq vs vblka essap…

“Ebyv’p vbl xyvvla?” Nw Iwd sd vbl svbla pkel yzps oyzjle shla, bkp casop oakdjzle.

“Brother Bai Rong is going to the chirping beast gathering place in the west, he said his companion seems to be there.” Lu Ya quickly said.


Lu Kun glanced at Bai Rong, who was panting and refused to stop, and Ma Sa’s group of three who had just passed by appeared in his mind. After thinking for two seconds, he managed to get a gist of what was happening, “…I see. Then, we’ll go together.”

If he went, that group would at least restrain themselves a little.

“Brother?!” Lu Ya’s eyes widened in shock. What was going on? Didn’t his brother dislike being involved in trouble the most?! He was even expecting his brother to persuade his idol to go back!

“Tha-thank you…” Bai Rong panted as turned his head, thanking Lu Kun. Although he felt that it would be no problem to knock down three or five punks with Kuku’s martial arts, it was naturally better if Lu Kun was willing to help. He would remember this favor.

“No need to thank me.” Lu Kun’s gaze swept over the layer of redness that showed up on Bai Rong’s cheeks from running and quickly shifted his eyes away uncomfortably.

He was extending a helping hand mainly because he found that Bai Ku’s martial arts was not to be underestimated. It was even much higher than his. These two people would definitely be able to enter the safe zone in the future so there was no harm in taking advantage of this to have a good relationship with each other. Moreover, he was sure that Bai Ku and him would be able to sweep the group of dregs of the west.

Kuku followed silently at the side, feeling a little confused, his brows were scrunched slightly. The “companion” his Rong was referring to…couldn’t be the giant who often took most of his Rong’s time, could it?!

Thinking of that possibility, Kuku felt a little displeasure arising in his heart. Every one of them was running over to snatch his brother. It was really annoying!

The surrounding grey fog gradually thickened, and the four of them calmly followed Ma Sa’s group 50 meters away without a word. At this distance, with Bai Rong’s eyesight, they could just see the figure of three people. Moreover, Ma Sa didn’t realize that a few people had been following them from behind all this time at all.

The groups of people walked for two hours without stopping. Bai Rong’s cheeks went from slightly red to crimson, and finally turned pale, his limbs were so sore that he lost his intuition, and his legs were walking mechanically, as if his skeleton would be pressed at any time.

“Brother Bai Rong, let my brother carry…” Lu Ya looked at Bai Rong worriedly. Today, his idol had been walking for four hours, but this was only their second day having just arrived in the Gray Hole. Even if this was considered training, the training intensity had increased too much.

“…No, I’m fine…” Bai Rong took out four nutrient doses from his arms and handed three to Kuku for him to divide. Then he held the bottom end of the nutrient glass tube and prepared to pull out the stopper but didn’t have any strength in his hand. After pulling it out twice, the stopper remained unmoved.


“Brother, here.” Kuku handed the nutrient he had just opened to Bai Rong, his eyes containing worry and distress, “Brother, why don’t we rest for a while…”

“…It’s okay, Kuku doesn’t have to worry…” Bai Rong licked the corners of his lips laboriously, took the nutrient dose, and then handed over his own to him, “You drink too…”

“Ok.” Kuku took the nutrient, took a sip, and sighed on the inside.

His family’s Rong was perfect, aside from being too stubborn. Just from hearing such a vague message, he had to insist on following them with anxiety, making him a little angry with that person, but then again… If that person was him, he believed that his family Rong would do the same… Thinking about it this way, he couldn’t help but feel a little happy…

After drinking the nutrient, Bai Rong recovered some strength. Although his limbs were still numb, he felt better than before. He couldn’t help but speed up a little. At present, the people in the distance have pulled more than sixty meters, he couldn’t even hear the words they were saying.

Lu Kun looked at Bai Rong who clenched his teeth and stood upright without calling for help, a glimmer of appreciation flashing in his eyes.

After closing the distance to more than forty meters, Bai Rong’s spirit lifted up, and the whispering voices of Ma Sa’s group came intermittently.

“Ma Sa, are you going to call Leillard?! That person’s heart is the darkest, if you partner up with him, wouldn’t you be bleeding a lot of money?!”

“Didn’t you two say that you were afraid that the three of us wouldn’t be able to win? Although Leillard has black hands and black hearts, his martial arts is strong enough!”

“Forget it, we asked you to call someone but we didn’t ask you to call him!” The man spat fiercely, “Forget it! Let’s just do it with the three of us! I would rather take a chance than cooperate with that guy, La Dun, what do you think?!”

“I… agree with you, it’s better not to look for Leillard’s help. Let’s do it with the three of us, isn’t he just a newcomer? Let’s grit our teeth and beat him up. If we can’t beat him, we can just run away!”

“Okay, remember what you both said. Fine! Let’s not go to Leillard, let’s just go and find the newcomer, go! Walk and turn to the north…”


“How far is it, Ma Sa, I’m about to die from exhaustion!”

“It’s not far, just half an hour more, what are you anxious about, a man has to be patient…….”

“By the way, that kid wouldn’t have left, would he…”

“No, I talked to that kid. He said that he owed someone four chirping beasts, and he wanted to return it today. Think about it, how much time has passed, is it possible for a newcomer to capture so many chirping beasts so quickly?! I haven’t seen him come all this way, so he must still be there…”

“I hope we can quickly settle this and save up to one hundred ash coins, then enter the safe area to rent a better house, and then marry a wife and have a good life…”

“Hahaha how ambitious…By the way, when we came from the east side just now, did you see those two beautiful young men with soft skin standing next to Lu Ya? Tsk tsk…I almost couldn’t hold it at the time…especially the one in the middle, that face, that waist and that skin…It’s superb, he’s so damn tempting! I bet there’s no one as beautiful as him in the safe zone…”

“Tsk, La Dun, you’re such a perv. While I’m thinking about making money to enter the safe zone like this, I’m not as ambitious as you…”

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