Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 81.1 Newcomers?! (1)

The man and the young man on the opposite side evidently caught sight of Bai Rong and Kuku. They hesitantly stopped in their tracks and looked around, then neared each other to mutter something before continuing to walk in their direction.

The two stopped at a distance of seven or eight meters in front of Bai Rong and the man yelled with a hoarse voice, “Who are you and where did you come from?”

Not expecting the other side to be so cautious, a glint flashed across Bai Rong’s eyes. He curved his eyes and revealed a smiling face, saying warmly, “Hello, we landed here from outside, can we dare ask which star this is?”

As soon as Bai Rong’s voice fell, the man revealed a relieved look. The youth’s expression next to him also eased up as he muttered, “So they fell in here. I thought they were people from the city…”

The corner of Bai Rong’s lips twitched, alright …fine, it wasn’t wrong for them to say that they fell in…


The two people on the opposite side measured Bai Rong and Kuku again before they walked over and said, “Since you are from the outer star regions, you should know that this is the destructive nebula cluster that was formed from being swallowed by the gray hole yes?”

“Gray hole? Destructive nebula cluster?” Bai Rong was taken aback, he really didn’t know.

Seeing Bai Rong’s stunned look, the young man on the opposite side prodded the man’s arm, “Brother, they wouldn’t have come from the star region at the corner right? I can’t believe they haven’t even heard of the destructive nebula cluster…”

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Tl pyke okvbswv y pzkhla sq puxryvbu sd bkp qynl.

Jyk Ssdt zywtble eauzu, “Ty..kdelle ol yal y ckv rkvkqwz.”

“Eblal’p uswa qzukdt pbkr?” Mbl xyd qasodle pzktbvzu, bkp eyaj lulp pvyakdt yv Jyk Ssdt.

“Xwa qzukdt pbkr? Rv oyp pnayrrle y zsdt vkxl yts.” Jyk Ssdt rwv sd y ekpvydv zssj, “Rq ol byed’v lpnyrle vbl qzukdt pbkr okvb swa xlnbyp, ol rascyczu oswze byhl lmrzsele vstlvbla okvb vbl qzukdt pbkr…”

“Ylnbyp?” Mbl xyd’p lmralppksd kxxlekyvlzu nbydtle, oblalyp vbl csu’p lulp talo okela, rwvvkdt sd y zssj sq ypvsdkpbxldv clqsal lmnkvlezu ulzzkdt, “G……Gal usw y xlnb oyaaksa?!!!”

“…Yes, what’s the matter?”


“Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m standing so close to living mec=ha warriors!!!” The young boy hurried over excitedly, grabbing Bai Rong’s arm, his eyes shining with excitement, “Idol! Idol, where’s your mecha, can I touch it?”

Taken aback by the boy’s sudden enthusiasm, Bai Rong pulled his arms away stiffly, but found that he couldn’t move it at all, “Then …What is your name?”

“My name is Lu Ya, I am seventeen years old this year, and my brother is called Lu Kun, he’s twenty-three this year, and up until today he’s still single!”

Bai Rong: “…”

Wow, in just a mere second, he revealed all of his as well as his brother’s information.

“Lu Ya, come back!” Lu Kun’s face turned dark.

“I won’t. Idol, what’s your name?” The boy’s eyes were sparkling brightly.

“My name…”

Pa. Kuku suddenly reached out a hand and slapped Lu Ya’s hand off, huffing in anger, “Don’t grab my brother’s arm!”

Hmph! It’s been a long time since he’s grabbed Rong’s arm, and this person actually did it as soon as he approached!

Lu Ya was stunned at first, then after recalling something, he immediately became listless and curled his lips, “How mean.”

Idol’s younger brother had a bad temper, but for the sake of his idol, he would let it go.


Bai Rong looked at Kuku who was evidently angry, and smiled, rubbing Kuku’s head. He then told Lu Kun and Lu Ya, “Hello, my name is Bai Rong, and this is my brother, he’s called… Bai Ku.”

Lu Kun nodded indifferently whereas Lu Ya happily chattered on, “Idol, your name is Bai Rong, it sounds so nice!”

“…Cough, your name also sounds nice.” Faced with such direct and ardent enthusiasm for the first time, Bai Rong found it a bit hard to manage.

“Let’s go.” Lu Kun appeared a little displeased, but he still said to Bai Rong: “Since you have nowhere else to go, come with us.”

Despite feeling very reluctant on the inside, he knew very well that this silly brother who crazily admired mecha warriors was certainly not going to abandon his “idol” alone so rather than arguing with him about whether to take them back, it was probably better to just do them a favor.

Moreover… the physical aptitude of the mecha warrior shouldn’t be too bad. They’ll probably be able to adapt to the gravity here in half a month. If the two of them couldn’t adapt by then, they shouldn’t blame him for driving them away.

“Yeah, yeah, come with us. Even though our house is small and shabby, it’s better than the wilderness. The wilderness radiation is particularly strong so you can’t stay here for very long!” The young man nodded quickly, staring straight at Bai Rong.

Bai Rong was immediately overjoyed. He was worried about having no place to live and so, he quickly thanked them, “Alright, thank you both for taking us in. If an opportunity presents itself in the future, I will definitely repay you both.”

“Idol, you are too polite!” Lu Ya was overjoyed, wanting to reach out to grab Bai Rong’s arm, but was swept away by Kuku. He then curled his lips and withdrew his hand, “Idol, let’s go, the wilderness will blow up a storm of particles in the evening, and it could cut us into dried meat.”

“Okay. Bai Rong nodded and said again, “Lu Ya, don’t call me…cough idol, just call me by my name.”

But calling the idol’s name directly would be too cheeky, Luya mumbled silently to himself, however, in the end, he decided to listen to his idol’s words.

“Then…Idol, can I call you Brother Bai?”


This sounded much more affectionate than just calling his name directly!

“White dove(1)?” Bai Rong’s mouth twitched. “That doesn’t seem to be too nice…”

  1. White dove in chinese is pronounced as Bai Ge which sounds the same as Brother Bai.

“Then…what about Brother Rongrong?”

“Brother Rong Rong, Brother fluffy1Rong character was originally 榕 for banyan tree, but he replaced it with another character that sounds the same 絨 for fluffy….hehe, Lu Ya secretly revealed a mischievous smile. His idol’s name could truly be contorted to so many ambiguous meanings but it was still very cute!

“…Just call me Brother Bai Rong then.” After thinking about it, Bai Rong reluctantly changed his address again. He could see that the reason why Lu Kun took them in was only because Lu Ya was very enthusiastic about him. And so, he would try to pander to Lu Ya’s small request to address him as much as he could.

“Hehe, alright, then I’ll call you Brother Bai Rong.” Luya nodded, then said with concern, “Brother Bai Rong, my house is more than ten kilometers away from here. Let’s walk a little bit quicker. Can you do it? If not, I can ask my brother to carry you.”

Bai Rong: “…cough, no need.”

Even though he did indeed find it very difficult to walk but to let someone carry himself was too unmanly of a behavior!

The four of them walked for more than two hours before they barely saw a sparsely dilapidated house in the distance. The outer shell of the house was made up of simple gray wooden boards, appearing very shabby and very old.

By this point, Bai Rong had nearly lost the strength to move his fingers. Every step he took was akin to a big iron hammer pressing on his back. He walked with much difficulty, and even breathing gave him a different kind of pain.

“Brother… I’ll carry you.” Kuku saw through Bai Rong’s pain, and worried over him at the side.

“…I’m fine.” Bai Rong opened his mouth and uttered these two words laboriously.


As a tough guy, if you encounter difficulties, you should rise to the challenge. How could he back down and let others carry him?!

But… Kuku was actually almost completely unaffected by gravity and rays here, he didn’t expect this at all.

“Brother Bai Rong, we’ll be reaching soon, that’s our house.” Lu Ya pointed to a medium-sized gray house in the distance, and looked at Bai Rong admiringly, his eyes shining brighter.

As expected of his idol, the other Sheng Ya people who have fallen in from the outside couldn’t even hold on and walk for an hour but his idol not only walked for more than 2 hours, his back was also straight, not a bit like those people who had their backs hunched, appearing so wretched!

“…Hmm…” Bai Rong parted his lips slightly, and responded softly.

Lu Kun cast a surprised glance at the man who had a straight back and a pale yet flushed face due to the hard work put in, and his impression of him grew a bit better.

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