Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 81.2 Newcomers?! (2)

After another ten minutes of trekking, the group of people finally arrived at the gray house. Lu Kun motioned to Lu Ya to take care of the two, then left home again.

The gray house was small in size, measuring only over 20 square meters in total. There were two beds, one large and one small cabinet as well as some miscellaneous objects.

Lu Ya took Bai Rong to a smaller bed and let Bai Rong lie down to rest for a while. Bai Rong did not push himself, and laid down after thanking him.

Kuku and Lu Ya moved two small stools and sat on the edge of the bed, one stared with worried eyes and the other stared with excitement.

Bai Rong closed his eyes and rested for several minutes. Feeling that his physical strength had recovered a little, he opened his eyes, and sat up, leaning against the head of the bed. He pretended to take something out of his clothes, and took out three nutritional doses.


One was handed to Kuku, and the other was handed to Lu Ya.

“Brother Bai Rong, is this a nutritional dose?!” Lu Ya took the palm-sized glass tube and looked at the white liquid in it excitedly.

“Yeah, you should try it. Even though it doesn’t taste like much, it’s still quite good for quenching thirst and filling you up.” Bai Rong said while opening the nutrient in his hand and drinking it gulp by gulp.

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“Brother!” Lu Ya quickly stood up and ran towards Lu Kun, raising the nutritional dose, “Look, this nutritional dose was given by Brother Bai Rong. It’s delicious. We each have one dose, this one’s for you!”


The light in Lu Kun’s eyes flickered and he took the nutritional dose then looked at Bai Rong, “Thank you.”

“There’s no need for thanks…” Bai Rong sat upright, put on his shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. “I should be the one thanking you.”

“These are two separate matters.” Lu Kun walked into the house and handed Lu Ya the piece of meat he was holding. “Today, we’re eating rumble beast meat1咕嚕 refers to rumbling of the stomach but in restaurants, 咕嚕肉 refers to sweet and sour pork so you can see how author made a pun here haha, go and clean it up.”

“Rumble beast meat” Lu Ya’s eyes lit up. Today must be his lucky day. He was so happy!

“I’m going to cook this now!” Lu Ya carried the meat and ran to the corner of the room with pots and pans, taking up the knife and handling it.

“Let me help you.” Bai Rong got up and walked over.

“No need, Brother Bai Rong, just sit and rest. I’m very good at cooking, otherwise, my brother wouldn’t have let me take up the job. Even though my brother’s fierce, he’s a good person. He rarely lets me do any work but he can’t deny my cooking skills hehe…”

Bai Rong sighed while looking at Lu Ya’s healthy wheat-colored skin and Lu Kun’s dark wheat coarse skin. The life of these two brothers must not have been easy.

“Brother Bai Rong, go and sit down, let my brother tell you about the situation here.”

“Alright then.” Seeing Lu Ya’s appearance as though he was not going to let him touch anything, Bai Rong could only walk to the table and sit down, looking at Lu Kun who was carefully wiping a big silver knife. “Lu Kun, can you tell me about the situation here? Sorry to trouble you.”

Lu Kun glanced at Bai Rong and continued to carefully wipe his knife, his voice was indifferent and nonchalant as he said. “Alright, this is the Planet Lan Ya that was swallowed a thousand years ago. It was not completely destroyed as the people outside had thought. Back then, the people of Planet Lanya gathered together and built a safe zone, resisting the violent particle radiation, and surviving with difficulty, but most of the structures in the planet were destroyed. More than 20 billion people died, leaving only 20 million behind, and most of the animals and plants became extinct. Only a very small number of animals and plants have mutated and survived, but most of them have become fierce and abnormal, so you should not go out casually. There are many mutant beasts in the wilderness outside. If you go seeking death, I will not come and save you.”

“……” Bai Rong’s forehead twitched, “I see, thank you for the reminder.”


“Brother, why are you being so mean to Bai Rong?!” Lu Ya was unhappy while cutting the meat. “Brother Bai Rong, although there are many strange animals in the wilderness outside, they usually move around in fixed places. Most of us know where to go and where not to go, so as long as you remember the places where the strange beasts live, It’s not impossible to go out for a walk. I know a small area where the plants haven’t mutated and can be eaten. After you’ve rested enough, I can take you there!”

“Okay.” Bai Rong smiled and asked Lu Ya, “Are the mutant beasts…edible?”

“They’re edible. Most of the mutant beast meats can be eaten, and they’re delicious.” Lu Ya pointed to the sliced ​​meat on the chopping board, “This rumble beast is a second-level monster. They’re very difficult to catch, but my brother recently made a breakthrough, so he can catch one or two every day. He’s amazing, so if we go on like this, we can save ash coins to move to the safe zone in half a month!”

“Safe zone?” Bai Rong looked at Lu Ya in confusion and surprise, “Isn’t this a safe zone?”

“Of course it’s not a safe zone. The safe zone is much more prosperous than this place. This is the gray area. It is the safest place found in the wilderness by people who can’t enter the safe zone. People who cannot enter the safe zone or are driven out of the safe zone will come here to build houses.” At this point, Lu Ya’s mood became depressed. “But the radiation here is also very serious. If you are injured, your injuries will continue to deteriorate, and by then, you will definitely die. Even if you aren’t injured, you can’t live past 10 years under such intense radiation, so we have to work hard to get into the safe zone.”

Seeing Lu Ya who had been chattering actively suddenly become listless, Bai Rong felt a little distressed, and walked over to pat Lu Ya’s head, “You will definitely be able to get in.”

“En… “Lu Ya showed a small smile to Bai Rong, “I believe that Brother Bai Rong will also work hard to try and get into the safe zone.”

“En, I know.” Bai Rong smiled lightly, his heart a little heavy. He couldn’t even run now, it was impossible for him to catch mutant beasts and earn ash coins..

“Lu Ya, can you give me a rough explanation about the safe zone and mutant beasts?”

“Sure.” Lu Ya nodded, “The safe zone is the safest place in Lanya Star. The safe zone is divided into five zones, zone d, zone c, zone b, zone a and zone s. The higher the level, the smaller the radiation there is, and the more prosperous it is, but you would also have to pay more money. If you want to enter zone d, everyone has to pay ten ash coins first, and after entering, everyone has to pay one ash coin every day, otherwise they would be expelled. This is not even including the accommodation and food expenses, so it’s very expensive. My brother and I were kicked out because we didn’t pay enough ash coins. “

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