Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 80.2 I’m 170! (2)

Bai Rong’s face turned into stone and he didn’t say a word, merely pointing angrily at the piece of cloth he was wearing.

Kuku blinked his eyes in confusion, and then smiled mischievously, “Rong…doesn’t it look particularly good? I found this in the room at the end of the villa’s second floor in the crystal case.”

Looking at Kuku’s proud face, the anger in Bai Rong’s heart boiled even hotter.

“Actually, I still think the curtains in my room are the best to look at, but they aren’t as big as this, so I took the biggest one over.” Kuku said haughtily.

Recalling the childish bed curtains in Kuku’s room, Bai Rong subconsciously said, “How is your bed curtain the best…”


That’s not right!

A thought flashed across Bai Rong’s mind, his eyes filled with surprise and happiness, as well as a little disbelief.

“Kuku, you said…this cloth is bigger than your curtains?!!!”

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“Iwjw, iwknjzu vyjl vbl rbupknyz lmyxkdyvksd elhknl kd vbl naupvyz nypl qsa xl!”

“Xj……” Iwjw oyzjle vsoyaep y asnj, yde qwxczle qsa psxlvbkdt clbkde kv, vyjkdt swv y rbupknyz lmyxkdyvksd kdpvawxldv vbyv oypd’v lhld yp ckt yp bkp ryzx.

“Ssdt, yal usw alqlaakdt vs vbkp?”

“Zlyb!” Jyk Ssdt iwknjzu vssj kv yde pnyddle bkxplzq.

Mbl pnalld sd vbl rbupknyz lmyxkdyvksd elhknl qzknjlale, yde y dwxcla yrrlyale.

[170.00 nx]

170 cm?!!!!!!


He’s reached 170!!!!!!!

Bai Rong looked at the numbers in ecstasy, clutching the examination device tightly. He almost wanted to laugh out loud with his arms akimbo to the sky, his whole person feeling very excited!

Was this a blessing in disguise?!!!

“Rong…” Kuku stretched his head, “I want to test mine too…”

“Alright, I’ll do it for you.” Bai Rong happily adjusted the physical examination device and turned it towards Kuku, scanning him.

The screen on the medical examination device flickered, and a new number appeared.

[169.01 cm]

“Not bad, Kuku! You have grown a lot taller too!” Bai Rong unexpectedly patted Kuku on the shoulder. It was just as he said, if Kuku hadn’t grown tall, he would’ve been able to tell the difference with just one glance and soon realize he himself had grown taller.

However… he still understood the reason why he suddenly grew one meter taller. It may have been that the rays here had changed his body. After all, he had shrunken down after transmigrating before, and now he had fallen into this strange star body and received all kinds of radiation, perhaps one of them was able to speed up his growth rate.

But Kuku was just a little star pet… how could he suddenly grow more than 80 centimeters taller?!

“Kuku, do you feel unwell anywhere?” Bai Rong touched Kuku’s forehead.

“Not really, I only felt that my chip was hot before, but now I don’t feel anything at all.” Kuku said obediently.


Bai Rong furrowed his brows. After thinking about it for a while, he still couldn’t understand, and so. he stopped thinking about it any longer. Instead, he looked around his surroundings and officially started sizing up this cave they were in.

“Kuku, what happened after I fell unconscious, tell me.”

“Ok.” Kuku nodded, “Rong, after you were knocked out, I kept firing light bombs and when I finally saw the ground. I stopped launching and started focusing on operating the mecha, trying to control the speed of the mecha landing as much as possible, and finally drove the mecha to land near this cave, but…because the gravitational force here is too strong, I couldn’t control the speed when landing, so….” Kuku looked a little guilty, “The mecha is broken, and it’s no longer usable…”

“It’s alright, you did a good job.” Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head. Kuku had already done a lot better than he initially thought.

Bai Rong glanced at the cave, and sighed. Just as he was about to stand up to clean himself and go out to take a look at the situation, he suddenly realized his current embarrassing appearance.

How was he going to go out now?! His clothes were all torn and he didn’t have any other large clothes he could wear….Wait!

Bai Rong’s eyes shone, and he quickly looked at Kuku, “Kuku, have you seen my spatial button, a silver round spatial button?”

This spatial button was given to him by Mu Chongyan when he was confronting Mu Fenglan. It was Mu Chongyan’s own spatial button, so there should be some of Mu Chongyan clothes inside, shouldn’t it?

At the thought of Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong’s mood suddenly dropped down to the bottom. Now that he had fallen here, he didn’t know when he would see Mu Chongyan again, in fact, it was even…hard to say whether he could even go out or not.

Seeing Bai Rong suddenly become listless, Kuku hurriedly ran behind the big rock, rummaging for something, and then ran out with something.

“Rong, is it this one?!”

Looking at the silver spatial button in Kuku’s hand, Bai Rong quickly took it from him, “It’s this!”


His fingers gently rubbed the smooth and round spatial button, Bai Rong couldn’t tell if he was feeling happy or sad. Upon recalling that Mu Chongyan had given this to him and that he might never be able to see Mu Chongyan again, his heart felt like a huge hole had appeared, and the hole was filled with boiling vinegar, feeling sour and extremely painful…

Feeling his nose turning a bit sour, Bai Rong placed the spatial button on the palm of his hand preciously, and sniffled. With lowered eyes, he gently pressed the button.

A box of nutrients and a sports suit suddenly appeared next to him.

Kuku’s eyes lit up, and he exclaimed in pleasant surprise, “Clothes! Rong, there’s clothes!”

“En…” Bai Rong rubbed his eyes, suppressing the emotions in his heart. He took the clothes beside him and compared it to his physique.

Sure enough, it was Mu Chongyan’s, the size was so big.

But it was better than having no clothes.

“Kuku, I want to change clothes, turn around.”

“Oh…” Kuku turned around obediently.

Bai Rong took the shirt and quickly put it on, but when he pulled the zipper, he suddenly thought of something and his face changed slightly.

“…Kuku.” Bai Rong opened his mouth hesitantly and whispered, “When you covered me with that piece of cloth, were my clothes….completely torn?”

“Huh?” Kuku raised his head slightly in confusion, as though he was trying to recall something, and paused, “No, when I found that Rong was beginning to grow taller quickly, I went to look for the curtains. By the time I found everything, your sleeve had just ripped!”


He was taught by Rong that little star pets must pay attention to protecting privacy. Of course, he had to protect Rong from being seen by others, and he himself wouldn’t peek as well.

He was an excellent and obedient little star pet!

“That’s good…”

Bai Rong breathed a sigh of relief and zipped up his jacket, but just as he was about to put on his pants, his little face suddenly turned blank.

He… he didn’t seem to have worn any underwear yet!

After quickly pressing the spatial button to release everything, Bai Rong rummaged in a hurry, and finally found a few clean underwear in the pile of clothes, secretly heaving a sigh of relief.

However, he soon discovered that he felt relief a little too early.

Because he realized that these briefs were too! big! on! him!

Bai Rong held the underwear on top of himself in comparison with a sullen face, and in the end, put it on anyway.

Forget it, if it’s bigger, then it’s bigger. In any case, it’s better than nothing. Besides, he was still growing, Mu Chongyan was one year older than him, so it was only natural that ‘that’ place of his was bigger than his…

He put on the breezy underwear, then put on trousers that dragged onto the floor, Bai Rong bent down and rolled up the legs of his trousers six times before he finally managed to walk decently in them.

“Kuku, turn around, let’s pack up our things and go out to take a look at the situation.” Bai Rong rolled up his sleeves as well and stuffed the spatial button into his pockets.

“Ok.” Kuku turned around and asked while helping to clean up, “Rong, are you also taking the crystal glass case?”

“There’s no need to, we just need to take the more important things. See if there’s anything inside the crystal case that we need and we’ll bring it along with us.”


The two people quickly packed up their things, and because the useful items in the mecha had already been moved out by Kuku, the two didn’t need to walk to the direction where the mecha fell, but walked towards a place that looked like it had some vegetation.

The interior of this gray-black star body was different from what Bai Rong had thought. Even though it was difficult to walk here, each step requiring ten times more effort than before, not being able to run, there was still some sparse vegetation and there was even some humid mist in the air, making the surroundings look a bit like a deserted planet, even if the environment was much worse than that of a deserted planet.

But there was still some hope in his heart.

As if responding to the expectations in his heart, when Bai Rong turned his head to look eastward, he suddenly saw two figures vaguely exposed in the distance, and… it seemed to be headed towards their direction!

“…Rong?” Kuku noticed that Bai Rong stopped all of a sudden and followed suit. He followed the direction of Bai Rong’s gaze, but saw nothing, “Rong, what’s the matter?

“Kuku, later on, call me brother. Don’t call my name, understand?”

Kuku was a little confused, but he nodded obediently and responded, “En, I understand.”

Bai Rong stared at the figure becoming clearer and clearer in the distance. His eyes narrowed slightly, ready to defend at any time. Kuku finally saw the two figures walking out of the gray fog, and said in surprise, “Rong…Brother, there’s people!”

“Don’t lower your guard.” Bai Rong whispered in extortion. Even though he was very pleasantly surprised to see people, he still had to be more cautious to determine whether they were good or bad people.


After Bai Rong’s voice fell, the two figures became completely clear. It can be seen that one was a man, and the other… was a teenager about the same height as Bai Rong.

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