Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 80.1 I’m 170! (1)

The flying ship was swallowed by a wormhole in the blink of an eye. The chaotic air current struck the flying ship fiercely, causing golden sparks to start bursting on the surface of the flying ship, like a firework explosion breaking into the abyss, leaving a trail of bright lights, illuminating the entire wormhole slightly.

Bai Rong held the joystick tightly, controlling the mecha to stick to the shop’s sturdy board, his eyes narrowed slightly, considering the possibility of escaping in the wormhole.

The wormhole that appeared out of the blue was not big. The flying ship quivered and jolted for a few minutes, before the entire thing leapt. But before Meng Duo could even heave a breath of relief, his pupils that were looking straight ahead suddenly shrank in horror. Chilliness and despair instantly burst from the bottom of my heart, swallowing his entire body bit by bit.

From a distance, there was a faintly dark red destructive group of nebulas in the dark, and the blurry boundaries were surrounded by long thin and gray dark air clouds. They looked like countless terrifying gray tentacles, dragging the flying ship into the engulfing hole.

“Not good!!!”


Meng Duo quickly recovered from his panic, his forehead swiftly oozing dense cold sweat, his face was pale, his lips trembled as he increased the ship’s power to maximum. The flying ship managed to turn away with difficulty, fleeing to the direction of the wormhole for its life.

However, the suction power of this destructive nebula that could swallow a high level planet a thousand years ago, was too terrifying. No matter how Meng Duo tried to mobilize the vehicle, the flying ship was still being dragged over slowly.

Meng Duo watched with dashed hopes, his body turning ice cold. He swept a panicked gaze everywhere, and a blood-red button suddenly appeared into view.

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“Jy, cydt——!!!”

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The flying ship suddenly broke off in two sections, pushing the latter half back into the destructive nebula. Bai Rong was not left unaware. Only God knew how annoyed he was feeling after just having managed to burst a palm-sized crack in the wall and see the flying ship under his feet rush straight into a dark grey hole!


Bai Rong hurriedly piloted the mecha to continue launching attacks at the crack. After a dozen or so consecutive bombings, the crack finally expanded to the size of a mecha. Bai Rong’s gaze turned cold, and he hurriedly piloted the mecha to jump out!

But as soon as he went out, Bai Rong suddenly discovered the celestial body he was in was different. The gravitational force of this star region was so terrifying that even if he used his whole strength to speed up, he would only be dragged down!

At this time, it was not clear whether he was being treated as dead sheep. He was such a fool! But Bai Rong knew in his heart that this was not the time to burst out in anger, and quickly racked his brain to think of a plan. Otherwise, if he continued on like this, he would soon be thrown down and be squished into a flat cake!

Several tactics quickly appeared in his mind and were rejected by Bai Rong one by one. Three seconds later, Bai Rong reluctantly chose a strategy from the ones he had thought up, his little hand quickly operating the mecha and firing a large number of air bombs in a downward oblique direction.

A small part of the energy caused by the air bombs exploding mid-air hit the mech, allowing Bai Rong’s land to slow a little. At the same time, it created a lot of damage to this mecha but Bai Rong had no other choice, continuously sending air bombs out.

The mecha’s damage became even greater but the grey hole-like celestial body didn’t  seem to have an end. Bai Rong had been falling for more than ten minutes, and he was still unable to see a shadow of the ground.

A large hole was blasted through the mech’s cockpit by the constant explosive energy. A knife-like airflow mixed with a large number of unknown rays continuously poured into the cockpit. Bai Rong let out a groan, his head and limbs suddenly feeling a wave of pain densely creeping up as if there were countless thin needles piercing his body from the side, trying to puncture a hole through his flesh.

A layer of red seeped out of his eyes, Bai Rong clenched his teeth tightly, his hands clenching the operating stick tightly, a layer of fine sweat oozed out of his small face. The radiation of various particles in this celestial body made his whole body ache. Moreover, there was no end to this pain at all, nor was there any boundary, only exponentially growing more intensely, hurting him until his arm started quivering and darkness gradually crept into view…

Realizing that he was going to be crushed together with the mecha as he fell, Bai Rong bit his tongue fiercely, and his view cleared up for a moment. He pressed the button again and fired dozens of air bombs before sliding down weakly down in his seat.

Before his consciousness completely surrendered to the darkness, his fingers trembled as he released Kuku from the spatial button’s crystal case.

“Rong?!!!” As soon as Kuku came out, he found Bai Rong lying unconscious on the ground with a pale face. He immediately pounced over and picked him up but in the next moment, the blade-like airflow that was constantly flowing in made a slanted cut, slashing Bai Rong’s arm, and making fresh blood flow out.



Kuku’s eyes grew wide, and a preposterous conjecture flashed through his head, but he didn’t wait to ponder over it, because the mecha that had run out of air bombs quickly descended down, accelerating in pace. His body sunk along with it, finally making him realize the precarious situation they were currently in!

After settling Bai Rong on the floor gently and quickly, Kuku clenched his fist and put on a serious look, sitting in the driver’s seat. Just as he trained, he quickly started operating it…


A needle-like pain struck him without end, causing Bai Rong to shut his eyes tightly, his body twitching from time to time. His pale little face was drenched with cold sweat, and his clothes had become soaked through. The original strong consciousness was imprisoned by the boundless darkness. His whole person was like a cub that was shackled and tortured, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t get out of this terrifying sealed torture room…

The countless fine needles that pierced his body turned even sharper, even gradually bringing about violent flames, densely stabbing him and at the same time burning him as if turning him completely scorched, his whole body was in so much pain that he didn’t even have the strength to quiver….

After suffering torment for an uncertain period of time, Bai Rong repeatedly regained consciousness then sank completely back into darkness. He dreamed several hundreds of random dreams, until Mu Chongyan in his dream suddenly put on a veil that dragged on the floor, shyly pulling at some unfamiliar man’s hand and happily jumping into a couple mech and flying away to get married. An extremely strong sense of anger and grievance welled up in Bai Rong’s throat!

“…Cough…cough cough…”

“Rong!!!” Kuku, who had been standing guard without sleep, opened his eyes wide in surprise and hurriedly shouted, “Rong! Rong, wake up…wake up quick!!!”


Why did Kuku’s voice appear in Mu Chongyan’s wedding…?

“Rong…quickly wake up… wake up…”

Bai Rong’s long, black eyelashes trembled, and the eyeballs under his lids turned slightly. After a while, he slowly opened my eyes…


What entered his view was a cat-like dirty little face.

“…Ku, Kuku?”

“Wuuu…! Rong…Rong, you finally woke up…” Kuku couldn’t contain himself anymore, bursting into a loud cry, tears instantly filling his eyes and congealing into droplets, trickling down his cheeks.

While crying, he wondered whether he was sick. He was clearly very happy yet why was it that his tears kept running nonstop…

Looking at Kuku sobbing loudly, Bai Rong suddenly remembered everything that happened before he lost consciousness as well as the sharp pain he felt. He was stunned for a moment before a feeling of gratitude that he was still alive arose. He reached out an arm to pat Kuku’s shoulder and comfort him.

But as soon as he lifted his hand… he suddenly found something wrong with himself!

Bai Rong’s eyes were staring at his bare white arms, his dark eyes growing wide, where were his sleeves?! The long-sleeved gown he was obviously wearing before!! Why was it missing?!!!

Suddenly, a small cool breeze slipped into Bai Rong’s neck. The wisp of smoke then circled around his neck before slipping down and kissing Bai Rong’s belly. At first, Bai Rong did not notice it, however, a thought popped up into his head and Little Bai Rong’s face turned blank.

His gaze slowly shifted down to his body again. Bai Rong’s expression immediately changed, apart from astonishment, he also revealed a deep sense of alarm!

Why was his shirt gone?!!!!!!

Seeing Bai Rong looking at the piece of cloth on his body in a panic, Kuku thought that Bai Rong was distressed over his clothes, and hurriedly said, “Rong…Even though your clothes were torn apart, I still put it away for you.”

Kuku turned around and fumbled for something, taking out a pile of rags. He blinked his eyes and said, “Look, they’re all here!”


Bai Rong suddenly felt his head ache a little, and took a deep breath, pointing to the pile of rags, he asked, “What…in the world is going on?”

How did his clothes get into such a state like this?!!!

“It’s been ripped apart…” Kuku touched Bai Rong’s forehead and muttered to himself, “You don’t seem to have a fever…”

“…” Bai Rong took another breath and silently recited the Great Compassion Mantra.

“What in the world is going on?!!!” Even if he was cut by those air currents, his body wasn’t feeling any pain right now so his clothes couldn’t have been cut up so badly by them.

With a stern look, Bai Rong pulled the clothes on his upper body tightly, and slowly sat up. Even though the cloth looked ugly, covered with chirping silly rabbits, it was big enough to cover up his completely upper body so he could endure this humiliation…Huh?!!

Bai Rong suddenly stared at another large piece of cloth covered with hamsters on his leg, and his heart choked up, feeling as if he couldn’t bear this humiliation!

“…Rong?” Kuku pulled Bai Rong’s arm, “What are you thinking about?”

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