Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 57.2 Modifying physical data (2)

Seeing that Mu Chongyan only gave a short response to his flattery of his little star pet and did nothing else, Dai Ya poked his bowl with chopsticks in dissatisfaction. In the end, he couldn’t suppress his restlessness and mischievously asked with a smile, “Brother Mu, I want to touch little sweet…”

“No.” Before Dai Ya could even finish speaking, Mu Chongyan had decisively refused his request.

The corner of Dai Ya’s mouth turned downwards as he grumbled, “Stingy…”

“Eat your meal properly!” Dai Suo suddenly slapped his brother on the back of his head.

“Ahhh-” Dai Ya jumped up in anger, “Brother! Can you please stop hitting me on the head! If I turned stupid because of that, how will I compete the day after tomorrow!”


Seeing the rowdiness on the other side, Bai Rong chewed on his tender fish obediently, before quietly raising his head, and giving Mu Chongyan a helpless yet extremely doting look.

Sigh… it really can’t be helped. His wife’s possessiveness was still really strong.

But it didn’t matter. As a tough guy who was loyal and doting to his wife, he understood his wife’s love for him was as deep and endless as the sea and he would never abandon him…

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“…” Mu Chongyan frowned slightly, controlling his gaze. He sunk into a deep ponder for a while, before saying, “Have you watched the video of the previous round?”


“I did.”

“Was there anyone who had potential?”

“There was.” Dai Ya’s expression immediately became serious, a hint of rare admiration in his eyes, “There was a slovenly looking uncle who had very clean and advanced techniques which was slightly different from our usual methods. Even though the steps he took were almost identical, I could tell that he had definitely improved them.”


Bai Rong’s little bulging cheeks suddenly came to a halt, and his little ears twitched

Did he really improve the techniques? He didn’t even realize it himself…

No wait, he did improve it before, but had failed to, and ever since that happened, he didn’t attempt it again. Even though he wanted to, he still hadn’t started…

And so, the techniques he used in the competition hadn’t been improved. This Dai Ya must’ve been hallucinating. Bai Rong nodded inwardly to himself as his cheeks started moving again and he continued to chew the food in his mouth.

“Improved technique?” The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed. “If I remember correctly, card-making techniques should be fixed.”

“Aiya, Brother Mu, you can’t listen to those old stubborn ones. You can’t be so rigid if you want to make progress, anyway. I think the card-making techniques can certainly be changed, but this knowledge is too advanced, and nowadays people can’t come up with a better technique so instead, they continue to rely on the 100 year old card making methods….”

Dai Ya heaved a big sigh, “Perhaps, the reason why our Star Region can’t produce SSS-level Spell Card Masters is that these people don’t even know the reasons for innovation. You are the best mech fighter, you must know the importance of improvement and innovation. These principles are common in all types of fields, am I right…”

Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but agree with this point, nodding slightly, “You’re right.”


However, he didn’t expect that Mu Nan… was actually able to alter these techniques.

That person… was clearly younger than Dai Ya…

“It’s too dangerous to modify techniques recklessly.” Dai Suo suddenly interjected, looking at Dai Ya. “All would be fine if they were altering techniques in the virtual city, however, using the same techniques in the real world could potentially result in an explosion. This has already happened before so the matter of modifying techniques is still too dangerous. You best put away those ideas.”

“Brother, can you stop being such a nag? You can’t attain new life without bloodshed….Ow—!”

Dai Suo retracted the hand he used to hit the back of his brother’s head, “Be serious!”

However, Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes slightly, the appearance of Mu Nan flashing through his mind.

Bai Rong ate his food quietly, his slightly lowered face looked a little serious, and one couldn’t tell what he was thinking about.

After the meal, several people sat on the sofa drinking tea to aid their digestion when all of a sudden, Mu Chongyan received a message from a member of v67.

After pressing it open, he found that it had come from Du Xiao.

“Boss, Du Han and I will be able to return to Sheng Ya tomorrow. We are now in the Mala Star Region.——Du Xiao”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed slightly, his face suddenly easing up a bit as he replied, “Be careful. “

Dai Ya laid on the sofa, fiddling with his optical computer in boredom when he suddenly remembered something, and sat up, looking at Mu Chongyan: “Brother Mu, I suddenly remembered that Du Xiao and Du Han had been out for more than a month, when are they coming back? I want him to help me modify my physical data in the virtual city. I’m tired of my current appearance.”


Upon hearing the words “modifying physical data”, Bai Rong, who was sitting in Mu Chongyan’s hands, lazily rubbing his belly to aid digestion, suddenly lifted his little head.

“He hasn’t come back yet, ask other people in the hacker group to help you modify it.”

“Other people’s modifications don’t look as good as those modified by Brother Du Han.” Dai Ya retorted and laid back, sighing after a long while: “Then again. ….. I’ll just ask for others to modify it. Brother Du Han altered the firewall of my optical computer. As long as I set the remote access permission to the lowest level, other hackers wouldn’t be able to penetrate, but this wouldn’t work on Brother Du Han … He’ll definitely be able to break through it…And I need to protect my privacy.”

“What did you do again that can’t be seen?.” Dai Suo’s eagle sharp eyes suddenly turned towards his brother.

Dai Ya quickly buried his head: “…I won’t tell you.”

He only downloaded two films alright? And he was already 20! He was an adult! An a.d.u.l.t  ok!

Bai Rong, who had been listening to the conversation at the side, suddenly had a weird look on his face.

The firewall was modified by Du Han? In other words, Du Han was the top hacker?

Didn’t this mean that when Du Han hadn’t returned, if he asked Mu Chongyan to find other hackers to help him modify his body data, those people wouldn’t be able to break through his data at all?

Bai Rong’s eyes glinted and his small fist clenched slightly. He wanted to modify his data. After all, it would make it harder for the other forces to find him and his sense of safety would be heightened.

It was just that… he didn’t know when Du Han would come back.

Just as he had been thinking about how to ask this question out, Dai Ya had already done so on his behalf, “Brother Mu, when will Brother Du Han come back? It’s been a long time since I saw him. I quite miss him.”


“He…” For some reason, Mu Nan’s eyes that resembled the little star pet’s suddenly flashed in his mind. Mu Chongyan paused, rubbing the top of Little Star Pet’s head with his fingers, and he abruptly changed his mind: “The particle storm’s still quite heavy so he will be back in a week at the earliest.”

“That’s so late!” Dai Ya pressed around on his optical computer, “Then, forget about it, I originally wanted to ask Du Han to watch me in the competition. Looking at it now, I guess it’s impossible.”

He’ll be back in a week at the earliest?

Bai Rong’s eyes narrowed and his face revealed a smile, the dimples on his cheek appearing very sweetly.

Haha, then he should carefully consider letting Mu Chongyan help him find a hacker to modify his physical data.

The author has something to say:

Bai Rongrong (proudly placing hands on hips): Du Han will be back in a week at the earliest! There’ll be enough time!

Du Han: Boss, I’m back.

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