Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 57.1 Modifying physical data (1)

Early next morning, Dai Suo asked the housekeeping robot to prepare a table of breakfast. When Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong and sat down, Dai Suo evidently stiffened up awkwardly.

“What a bountiful breakfast. Thank you.” Mu Chongyan was in a good mood as he gently placed Bai Rong down on the dining table and took out a set of small plates and bowls from the spatial button. Then, he skillfully and rapidly prepared breakfast for Bai Rong.

Dai Suo watched his good friend prepare food for the little star pet before picking up his own chopsticks and the look in his eyes became even more strange and awkward.

He went back to properly mull over it for a while and realized that he had just acted foolishly, misunderstanding what was going on between his good friend and his little star pet…upon thinking carefully that there couldn’t possibly be anything happening between them as their builds were completely incompatible, he heaved a breath of relief in his heart…

But now…Dai Suo’s breath hitched up again. He quickly swept a glance at the two people opposite him, and watched how the atmosphere between Mu Chongyan and his little star pet became ambiguously intimate. In the end, when he saw Mu Chongyan look at the little star pet with particularly warm and doting eyes, his chopsticks immediately  dropped from his hands.


As though he had realized something, Dai Suo’s face froze and he started quivering.

“Dai Suo, are you alright?” Mu Chongyan raised his eyes and stared at Dai Suo, realizing that a flash of collapse and shock had flitted across his good friend’s face, his eye bags were also a little dark.

“Did you not sleep well? Are you having any problems?”

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However, he was completely unaware that by mentioning yesterday’s matter, he had actually thoroughly dispelled the suspicions that Dai Suo held inside and he appeared much more relieved….


Dai Suo held the steering wheel, feeling completely at ease on the inside. The complex look he had in his eyes had also disappeared. He already knew that his good friend was not that kind of person and so, there was no doubt that he was only checking his little pet’s injuries yesterday.

As soon as Mu Chongyan left, Bai Rong returned to the crystal glass case.

After following the training program that Mu Chongyan had drafted for him and training for four hours in the small garden, Bai Rong’s little face was flushed as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, dragging his tired body to the living room. He then found a nutrient dose and guzzled it down.

Today was the last day stipulated in the training plan and now, he was allowed to ask Mu Chongyan to teach him how to drive a mech. At the thought that he could now drive a valiant mech himself, Bai Rong couldn’t contain his excitement and a big smile bloomed on his face.

Turning on the optical computer, Bai Rong pressed on the spell card information. At present, he had already learned the characteristics of two thousand and three spell card materials. Upon gaining all this knowledge, he now developed a completely different view on the applications and uses of these materials. Unfortunately, he was quite preoccupied for the time being. Otherwise, he would have certainly tested his hypothesis out.

After estimating that the remaining 10,000 materials would take at least a week and the following videos that came after would take 5 or 6 days, Bai Rong clenched his little fist and resolved to finish studying these materials as soon as possible. Once he was done, he would be able to make cards with a peace of mind and test out all the ideas he listed out in his file.

…After studying for about six hours, Mu Chongyan and Dai Suo returned, along with Dai Ya who he hadn’t seen for a long time. Mu Chongyan gently fished the little star pet out from the crystal glass case and walked towards the table, sitting down.

Bai Rong held Mu Chongyan’s finger and looked at the plentiful dishes on the dining table. His little cheek twitched as he gulped down a mouth of saliva. He recognized the dishes as Dizhi’s signature dishes.

“Hehe, I heard that Brother Mu was treating us to food, so I’ve come to freeload on dinner. Please don’t hate me for this…” Dai Ya happily sat down, picked up a piece of strawberry honey milk cake and threw it into his mouth. He then said incoherently “Though even if… even if you hate me, I’m still not leaving!”

“…” Mu Chongyan expressionlessly took out another plate of strawberry honey milk cake from his spatial button and used a fork to cut a piece for Bai Rong’s small plate. Then he took the remains back.

Mu Chongyan felt a little relieved that he had managed to buy another piece.

Dai Ya watched Mu Chongyan’s actions, and immediately pursed his lips, “Che. Brother Mu, do you actually really hate me?!”


“That’s not it.” Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly and gently rubbed the little star pet’s head, “It’s just that, with the appetite you have, my little sweet cake wouldn’t be able to have a bite if I hadn’t prepared another piece.”

“…” The tips of Bai Rong’s ear couldn’t help but turn red. He felt ashamed for thinking of ‘fighting’ with a slim and delicate guy over some food but upon hearing his wife defend him, his heart felt sweet.

He even forgot to ask why Mu Chongyan didn’t call him Big Red Crayfish, but Little Sweet Cake instead!

Bai Rong raised his slightly flushed face and smiled softly at Mu Chongyan. Mu Chongyan was instantly struck by his adorable smile, and his actions turned sluggish as his whole heart turned numb, thumping slowly.

His little sweet cake was so sensible and so adorable!!!

Seeing that the little star pet had actually given such an adorable smile in response after listening to their conversation, Dai Ya cast a stunned and envious look at Mu Chongyan. He then stared intently at Bai Rong, the flame in his eyes burning brightly, “Brother Mu….Your little sweet cake is so very smart and well-behaved, he also looks so good..”

Mu Chongyan enjoyed his praises, the corners of his lips lifting up slightly. However, he only gave an aloof “Yeah” in response and quickly yet carefully prepared food for Bai Rong.

Dai Suo looked at his good friend who appeared to be a slave for his star pet and the complexity in his eyes once again resurfaced…

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