Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 58.1 I’ve uncovered it (1)

Dai Ya originally lived just above Dai Suo’s floor. Upon knowing that Mu Chongyan had brought his little star pet to rent his place, Dai Ya felt reluctant to return to his own home. His residence was so cold and cheerless, it wouldn’t be as lively as it was here right now which made him feel a sincere sense of comfort.

Fortunately, Dai Suo’s house was spacious enough. It had four bedrooms and two living rooms, enough for all of them to live together.

Everyone turned to discuss some important matters again and once they saw that it had already gotten late, they went back to their respective rooms. Bai Rong was also pecked gently on the head by Mu Chongyan and he went back to his villa with dizzy steps and a slightly flushed face.

The goodnight kiss this time was a bit long, he counted the duration of it…and it had lasted 6 to 7 seconds…

……The next day.


Bai Rong woke up within three rings of the alarm bell just as usual before turning it off with a click. And just as before, he carried out his principles of waking up on time, and sat up with a head of bed hair.


In his daze, Bai Rong reached a hand to rub his eyes and slowly got off the bed to wash up.

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Secretly clenching his fist in his heart, Bai Rong rinsed his mouth and reached out a hand to cup some water and splash it on his face before drying it down with a towel.


In the past, nobody had ever accompanied him on his birthday. His parents also merely sent him a stiff and awkward “Happy Birthday” picture card which didn’t even have an exclamation mark at the end.

He also hadn’t received any birthday gifts either, because as a child born and bred from an experiment cabin, he was only nourished with the standard nutrient solution throughout the whole process. No one cared nor did they need to care for him, so naturally, no one held any “feelings” for him and felt that they needed to help him celebrate his special day.

Feeling his eyes suddenly turn sour, Bai Rong rubbed them. He ran back to the bedroom and picked out a mighty tiger outfit to change into.

In fact, he should be happy. He was living very well at present and his circumstances were much better than before. He had someone who cared and loved him, and also had someone to care about.

He didn’t need to think about matters of the past any longer.

Though at times… he would still reminisce…about his father and mother whom he hadn’t seen much ever since he could remember…


Mu Chongyan was woken up early this morning by Dai Ya and Dai Suo who had nearly gotten into a squabble outside.

The reason was very simple. Dai Ya had used Dai Suo’s toothbrush in a daze, and when Dai Suo stuffed the same toothbrush into his mouth in his drowsiness, he found that the toothbrush was wet.

After Mu Chongyan finished washing up, he closed the door tightly, and could still hear the ruckus going on outside.

“Brother, I really didn’t mean it…”

“Wu…Brother, you can’t just put your toothbrush in my mouth…Ow–, you poked my upper palate!!”


“It hurts! ……It hurts like hell. Dai Suo, you miser. Didn’t I just use the wrong toothbrush. You even drank water from my cup! Let’s settle this with a duel!!!”

“…Ow ow ow, I surrender. I was wrong, Brother…Brother put me down…”

“…” Mu Chongyan rubbed his temples and decided that he had to move out within the same day.

Sitting down on the bedside, Mu Chongyan looked at the crystal glass case, motionless, with a gentleness under his eyes that seemed to melt people.

Wearing a cub-no, tiger’s costume, Bai Rong ran out and had coincidentally met with Mu Chongyan’s eyes, in an instant, his face turned red.

Mu Chongyan watched his little sweet cake turn into a little cub again, and his heart turned soft from the cuteness. He waited patiently for the person to walk to the door of the crystal glass case before reaching out a hand to pick him up.

Gently rubbing the two round and fluffy tiger ears on his little star pet’s head, Mu Chongyan lowered his head gently and said, “Why are you dressed so nice today…hm?”

“!!!” Mu Chongyan’s deep and magnetic voice floated gently into the tip of Bai Rong’s heart, rendering his whole body numb, and his little face turned into an even deeper shade of red.

Sure enough, Mu Chongyan still loved his fierce and majestic appearance in this tiger onesie. Every time he wore it, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help himself from fawning over him, touching him and seducing him!!!

He knew that he looked too powerful dressed like this, looking especially tough as a man. But…his wife was still acting a little too unreserved…

Bai Rong struggled to put on an aloof face as his ears flushed and he said in a small voice, “To-…today is an important day.”

“Oh?” Mu Chongyan smiled, kissed the top of Bai Rong’s hair lightly, and whispered: “What day is it?”


“Um…” With a ‘poof’ sound, Bai Rong’s face turned tomato red, his hands twisting the hem of his clothes, “I-… I won’t tell you.”

He won’t be led astray by his beauty. A little star pet’s birthday was its manufacturing date, and Kuku’s birthday was in September. If he said that today was his birthday, he would have definitely been exposed….

“You’re actually keeping it a secret from me…” The smile on Mu Chongyan’s face turned a little taut, forming a sad and disappointed expression. Naturally…he indeed felt a little more sad but he was rather more sour.

Even he himself didn’t know where this vinegar-like sourness came from.

“I…I’ll tell you in a few days.” Seeing Mu Chongyan’s sad expression, Bai Rong immediately felt helpless. He unconsciously twisted the corners of his clothes, raised his crimson face and big wet eyes, anxiously comforting: “D-…don’t be sad…” After

being struck with the little star pet’s adorable concerned appearance again, Mu Chongyan lowered his head and desperately tried to endure the urge to kiss him in appeasement and remained silent.

“I…I…” Bai Rong was so anxious. After thinking for a while, he suddenly stood on his toes and planted a kiss on Mu Chongyan’s chin, sweetly and softly telling him, “Chongyan…I’ll tell you in a few days, don’t be sad…okay…”

Mu Chongyan’s self control instantly crumbled down and he lowered his head to leave a hard yet gentle kiss on top of Bai Rong’s hair, causing the two ears to turn a little skewed.

“Alright…it’s a deal. Don’t forget it…”

Bai Rong was nearly about to faint from the kiss, giddily thinking that his wife had used up a lot of strength to kiss him this time, and it even lasted seven or eight seconds to kiss him… wh-what a long time…

However, he didn’t forget to respond to him, “…I, I won’t forget…”

He was a serious and tough guy who kept his word!


Seeing his little sweet cake turn bashful and dizzy from the kiss, Mu Chongyan’s spirits immediately turned better. He didn’t bother about the previous matter one bit and he couldn’t help but kiss Bai Rong again gently, “Are you hungry? Let’s go out for breakfast, okay?”

“…En.” Bai Rong replied in a soft voice, “Okay…”

The corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips carried a smile as he stood up and walked out, but as soon as he pushed the door…

He happened to see Dai Suo carrying a struggling Dai Ya on his shoulder, and one of his hands was pressing down on Dai Ya’s rear.

Mu Chongyan’s footsteps immediately stopped in place: “…”

Bai Rong, who was sporting a crimson face, looked stunned: “…”

Dai Suo’s hand paused awkwardly in place: “….”

Dai Ya’s loud voice also came to an abrupt stop, “!!!”

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