Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6  – What’s Wrong with You? (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

After Rong Jing helped to send the omega to a room, he went back to the first floor to check in a room for himself.

He could’ve gone to stay at a cheaper hotel but he was feeling really lazy and had already found a place to sleep, plus he smelt bad. Thanks to the understanding, and excellent attendants of this hotel, he hadn’t been kicked out of this hotel yet despite how unkempt his clothes were.

Then he saw that a large amount of money had been taken away from his card. His heart slightly tightened because of this. Did this hotel rob money out of people?

When the receptionist asked for his identification card and registered it on the computer, he suddenly glanced at Rong Jing with narrowed eyes. Then his expression became much more respectful. He bowed as he handed back Rong Jing’s cards with both hands.

Rong Jing took it without much thought. He often just stood idly unless he needed to do something. Putting up a wall-like aura around him allowed him to save his energy.

When he saw his room number, he went straight to the elevator while declining the lobby manager’s offer to guide him to his room.

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A fierce quarrel, blood spilling, and a broken camera lens formed a fragmented image in his mind.

Rong Jing touched the slight bump of the scar. Immediately, a stinging pain passed on to his brain like a needle pricking him. The original owner had left already, yet his body still remembered everything that happened to him.

After taking a shower, he walked out of the bathroom naked while drying his hair with a towel.

When he was alone, Rong Jing was quite relaxed and uninhibited. He simply put on a pair of casual clothes, plopped down on the bed and surfed the net.

After charging his phone, it automatically turned on. First, he opened his social media account and saw that he had more than 10,000 followers. As a student of the Film and Television Academy, this number was too low.

The original owner of the body made this account back when he was still in college. He was in the Acting department that Qi Ying envied so much. 

Back when he performed for a talent performance, he chose to perform a difficult folk dance. This showed his flexibility and his above average looks. Since only a few Alpha chose dancing as their talent, this reason also made many judges give him the greenlight.

He fought before with the Xie family because of the matter of his college entrance examination. After that, he moved out of their house.

He loved acting and performing. It was only until he had an interview that he realized that he couldn’t handle facing the camera and the audience. Because of that, his whole class made a joke out of him for failing his interview.

After that, he never took a step on the stage again and no one ever gave him another chance. He could only practice in private. He was also given the nickname Rong Oopsie because of that incident.

He was known to flop his performance every time. Soon, he became one of the popular students in the university alongside the popular star students, but for negative reasons. His opportunities to perform became less. All of his classmates had bright future prospects after graduation. They participated in talent shows, worked behind the scenes, and had different kinds of opportunities.

He was the only one who didn’t get any opportunity because he was camera shy. But he didn’t give up. For four years, he practiced to stand in front of the camera yet no matter how much he rehearsed, all his hard work faded away once he stood in front of the camera. 

If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t have listened to his mother to come back briefly to the Xie family’s house after graduation.

Later, he found out that his boyfriend, Qi Ying, had started to become uncertain in their relationship. He became anxious and began again to think of a way to work on his future.

His weibo account was made when he was still a freshman. That time, he became famous because of a university military training photo. His followers rose to more than 10,000, though it stayed like that for the next few years.

Most of his posts were selfies or updates about his relationship with Qi Ying, sharing what he thought was sweet but he didn’t post pictures of Qi Ying’s face. Most of his fans only knew that he had a stable relationship with his boyfriend.

It hasn’t been updated for half a year now. After he discovered Qi Ying’s ambiguous relationship with other people, he stopped updating his weibo.

Rong Jing thought that he should at least put an end to this one-sided love of the original owner.

He opened the window and took a picture of the starry sky and the moon, then he thought of writing a caption about break-ups. Neither was he good at writing nor at arts, so he could only write one sentence: I wish you a bright future ahead. Good luck.

Though he only had a few fans left, his sudden comeback still stirred up their enthusiasm.

—I’ve waited for half a year, I feel like crying

—wtf, the return of a missing person!

—you’re really still alive?

—this month seems to be a breakup month, right?

—I’ve always thought that your boyfriend didn’t love you very much. most of the photos you took of him always showed his back, it looked strange, so good riddance! happy break up!

The original owner also followed Xie Ling’s weibo account. He might seem like he didn’t care about the Xie family but he actually did. 

Just then, Xie Ling reposted a weibo post. It was a picture of a bracelet uploaded by a man named Gu Xi. Somehow, Rong Jing felt like he’d seen it before.

Rong Jing blinked. He didn’t expect his brother to act like this. Or was he Gu Xi’s fan?

Suddenly, the repost was deleted. Probably because it was reposted by mistake or something.

Rong Jing checked the search list and saw that #GuXiMerch was trending with more than 100,000 posts. A lot of fans and non-fans joined in the fun. Then he saw the picture of a bracelet worn on a slender wrist.

I have that too, right?

Rong Jing checked his wrist. 

Where did it go?

He couldn’t find it even after looking for a long time so he gave up. He checked up some of the followers and found that some of them were celebrities. He also found that Gu Xi’s following count was 0. 

Wow, so he doesn’t follow a trend.

Rong Jing couldn’t sleep so he looked for the movie <Lou Ta’s 365 Days> that Gu Xi starred in, paid the online viewing fee on a video platform, and watched.

The first scene showed that it was raining, a pair of feet full of mud was running. Water splashed and sparkled like diamonds, the color scheme of the movie was a dark blue, and it looked very depressing.

After a few minutes in the movie, subtitles appeared. Rong Jing unconsciously read them.

Suddenly, a message on his WeChat came but he was too absorbed in watching the movie to even notice.

On the screen, Gu Xi was walking on a snowy path, forming a long series of footprints on the ground. A hemp rope, hanging on his thin shoulder, was connected to a basket covered with some blanket. The wheels of the basket were pressed down because inside the basket was his little sister. 

He pushed a cart in front of him as he pulled the basket behind him. He continued to stagger as he persisted to get to his destination.

He rubbed his hands together to give himself some heat, then he began to sell hot water to the people who passed by.

His hands were suffering from frostbite. They were cracked, looked red and purple in some places, and hurt so much yet he was already numb to the feeling of pain.

He looked at the people passing by, hoping that they would look at him and buy his hot water but before even customers could arrive, some thugs came into the scene. Rong Jing’s heart felt tense.

The person that messaged him on WeChat was Qi Ying.

I’ve scheduled an audition for you. 8:00 in the morning. Don’t be late.

Rong Jing was too engrossed in watching because of Gu Xi’s acting skills, so he only looked at the message without checking it closely, then continued watching.

Qi Ying just met with the producer of a new TV series. He also met the famous investor, Xie Ling, who was widely known as a cold grim reaper. He just so happened to be at the same hotel as him.

Their TV series was just one of the insignificant investments of the Xie Family. Nevertheless, Qi Ying found this a good opportunity to move up the ladder.

He only had wine for his dinner, and he didn’t think that his conversation with the other person went well. He didn’t think he’d be lucky to see Xie Ling with his secretary. The man was talking on the phone that time, then he raised his hand to tell his secretary to take away the german documents that were being read to him.

Then he spoke to the person on the other end of the phone, “You’re still, and will always be, a member of our Xie family.”

He was probably talking to a family member who was in the middle of a problem because the cold look on his eyes softened as he talked. But maybe, the other person didn’t believe his words, because the call was immediately cut off.

That was when Xie Ling saw Qi Ying hiding around the corner.

Qi Ying tried to get close to him. After all, who would ignore a soft, weak-looking, beautiful Omega such as him? No one would be able to refuse him even if he just appeared so suddenly. Yet even after he introduced himself, the other person only glanced at him like how a person would stare at a rock on the road that was only meant to be kicked away.

“It’s the directors and producers who chose you to be the leading actor. You probably have other backers as well. It has nothing to do with my investments. Instead of trying to catch more fish in the sea, you should just study more how to act,” Xie Ling looked at him like he was some kind of joke. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

Qi Ying was speechless for a moment until the other person disappeared. He understood very clearly his sarcasm and disdain for him, as if asking him ‘What gave you the confidence to come talk to me?’

Qi Ying’s face turned red. He had never encountered an Alpha that ignored an Omega before.

But even though it upset him, he knew that he couldn’t offend Xie Ling.

When people talk about investments, who else would be the biggest fish that could give the largest investments but Xie Ling? He was the first heir in line to the wealthy Xie family. During his college years, he had already made a name for himself as the ‘Wolf in Wall Street’.

A noble person such as Xie Ling had such a big reputation. Perhaps he only had a weak spot for those who were close to him.

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