Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5 – Okay, I heard you (2)

Translator: Nezu

Rong Jing went to the ATM to check his cards. Sure enough, Xie Ling was true to his words. Several of his cards had been unfrozen.

Some of them were given by his stepfather and some were from his brother, Xie Ling. As for the mother of the original owner? She couldn’t even control her own life so she probably wouldn’t even have spare money to give to his son.

The original owner had his own Peony card1credit card issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. He got that through having part time jobs and that was what he usually used for his expenses.

The original owner didn’t intentionally pretend to be poor nor did he insist on fighting with the Xie family. He knew that whether he was willing to admit it or not, he was now a young master of the Xie family. It was just that his memories of being poor were engraved in his heart. He could never get rid of his habit of saving money.

Rong Jing withdrew some cash and paid some of his debts.

Like most men, he had little interest in shopping so he just entered several trendy stores that he knew and bought himself a set of casual clothes and a casual suit. One was just everyday-casual wear while the other one was for formal occasions. 

Unlike luxurious brands, trendy goods didn’t focus on the texture of the clothes but still looked very fashionable. It was even more affordable so it was a very good choice. 

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The person was the Omega who argued with Qi Ying back at the cat cafe. The person looked drunk, smelled of alcohol and was emitting a hint of pheromone but Rong Jing’s mist sprayer could still kind of block the smell.

Rong Jing and this Omega only met once. They didn’t know each other at all.

The Omega looked at Rong Jing and giggled. She was probably very drunk. Actually, Rong Jing was not sure whether the person was a she or a he because the person looked slim and was dressed in sexy women’s clothes yet the person’s voice was really low.

Rong Jing had met a lot of people before in his previous life, and he had already developed a pair of discerning eyes.

However, to respect the other person, Rong Jing still planned to refer to the person as a ‘she’ for the time being.

Later on…

She used her heels to kick Rong Jing’s knee randomly.

Rong Jing: …

He was not short-tempered. He took a deep breath and told himself that it was useless to talk with a drunkard.

He remembered what the other person said back in the cat cafe. Though he didn’t need others to fight for him, he still felt grateful for the kindness that this person showed.

He ignored her screams, checked the cab’s license plate number, and took out a sum of cash to give to the driver to make sure that the person would arrive safely to her destination.

There was an unwritten rule in this world that all taxi and ride-hailing app drivers must be a Beta for the safety of the other genders.

Rong Jing saw the driver sneaking a peek at the drunken amorous Omega at the back of the cab. His eyes immediately turned cold as if he could see through the driver’s soul. 

With a deep, cold voice, he pointed to the photo on his phone and said, “If something happens to her, I’ll use this license plate number to find you.”

Rong Jing’s words weren’t exactly threatening yet the driver nodded slowly as his scalp turned numb and his eyes turned strange.

Rong Jing was just about to leave when he thought of something. He took one of the mist sprayers he bought without seeing which scent he took and stuffed it into the Omega’s hand.

But before he could even take a few steps, the Omega rushed to him and then vomited.

Rong Jing looked at the filth on the ground. He was in a bit of a daze. He dodged in time so his clothes were stained only a little. He looked at the Omega who looked like she was about to cry. She was pulling him hard as if she was abandoned.

“Don’t leave me. Uuuuuh, why does no one like me…”

Rong Jing noticed that they had been attracting onlookers. Since he didn’t want to make it to the news, he quickly picked up the other person back to the cab like a sack and told the driver, “Please go to the nearest hotel.”

The driver witnessed everything that happened and immediately drove the taxi like a Mercedes.

Rong Jing’s gentle expression was now nowhere to be seen and was replaced with an expression that made people unable to move.

Fortunately, the Omega finally settled down and fell asleep, probably because she finally got what she wanted. Though if she made any more noise, Rong Jing planned to get off the cab.

Even boys have to take care of themselves when they go out.

He would help those that were in need, but there should be a limit to doing that too.

Once that limit has been reached, he would stop.

There was hardly any protection for Alphas here in this world. Even the law does not persecute those that are guilty of harassing an Alpha. One could say that Alphas were also kind of vulnerable.

When they arrived at their destination, Rong Jing glanced at the hotel that the driver chose. The resplendent hotel’s appearance seemed to be telling him the words ‘It’s expensive here’.

This place was really expensive. The driver was upset that’s why he took this opportunity to teach this Alpha so he could mind his own business. But then he saw Rong Jing’s indifferent expression. He smiled awkwardly and said, “This, this really is the nearest hotel.”

Rong Jing didn’t care. He asked the Omega beside him if she had brought her ID or cellphone with her, but the other person only snored. She had completely fallen asleep.

Rong Jing asked the porter of the hotel after the car door was opened, “Please provide an Omega attendant to take her to her room, then find another attendant to guide me so I could settle the bill.”

However, due to Omegas’ rarity and importance, as an escort, Rong Jing had to take her up himself on the premise that there were no other people around.

This hotel would not bear the responsibility for what will ever happen to the said Omega.

This was also the reason why Rong Jing didn’t leave her alone on the road. He was the last person she had interacted with.

After handing the Omega to an attendant, Rong Jing followed them all the way to the elevator. The elevator door was just about to close when a pair of large hands blocked the door from closing.

“Wait, wait!”  Two Alphas with a strong scent rushed in. They didn’t notice the aura of the reserved Rong Jing on the side and only looked at the Omega the attendant was assisting.

Before Rong Jing and the Omega got off the cab, Rong Jing used his mist sprayer to block her scent just in case. She didn’t emit pheromones at this moment and only smelled a bit pungent because of the vomit.

The two frowned, looked away and began to talk to each other as if no one else was around them.

One of them said, “So what happened? Were you kicked out of the mall because you caused some kind of trouble? Aren’t you ashamed? Well, at least you had your brother here to save you. If people find out that the grand prince of Shanghai was actually blacklisted from a mall, tsk tsk tsk…”

“Shut up! That’s because I smelled a very tempting scent of an Omega that time. But before I could get a whiff of it more, I was knocked unconscious,” The Alpha touched the back of his neck angrily. “Look, there’s a bruise right here. I haven’t suffered such a big loss like this since I was a kid! Damnit!”

Rong Jing’s brows furrowed when he heard the conversation of the two. He looked at them and thought, Oh, what a small world.

The cranky Alpha’s neck was indeed kind of bruised. Rong Jing knew how to control his strength since he spent his time in the Shaolin Temple during his childhood. He didn’t hit him too hard.

His attack force was controlled and at most, he had only given him a soft tissue injury. There wouldn’t be any serious harm, though he would have to bear a few painful nights for the time being.

So yeah, it would hurt.

“Where’s sister-in-law?”

“Ugh, don’t mention that woman! We’ve split up! You think a girl like that is worth keeping? She actually told me…” The cranky Alpha was so mad that he needed to take a deep breath first before he imitated how his ex-girlfriend talked, “He’s such a good man. He told me that you have hypoglycemia and that you’d talk rubbish after waking up. He was right.

“When did I ever get hypoglycemia, huh?!”

“You sure you don’t have it?”

“I only have high blood pressure now! She got charmed by that pretty boy! Ugh, so stupid!”

“So that’s why you were held up by a few guards then you asked me to come over? But, is that Omega’s pheromone really that charming?” The other man couldn’t imagine it since he had already seen a lot of exceptional Omegas. 

“It’s the best. I can’t really describe it. I’ve never smelled anything like that before. It’s very different from other Omegas, otherwise why wouldn’t I be able to control myself? But I only took a whiff of it, didn’t have the chance to savor it at all.”

The cranky Alpha obviously cared more about the man who knocked him and slandered him than the top grade Omega.

“That Alpha better hide from me or else he’s dead.”

Rong Jing was quietly listening to their conversation.

Later on, the two arrived on the second floor. The cranky man cursed and whined while touching his neck. He told his companion to look for the best Chinese massage therapist, and that there was no need to bring him to the hospital.

The cranky man vaguely heard a light from behind him. When he turned around, the elevator’s doors were already closed.

The man shouted angrily at the empty corridor, “Aaa⸺! I can recognize you even if you turn into dust! Hide for as long as you can!”

Okay, I heard you.

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