Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6  – What’s Wrong with You? (2)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Seeing that it was now getting late, Xie Ling told his team to rest at the hotel under his name after they discussed the schedule of their project.

It was almost midnight when their discussion ended. His secretary whispered a few words to him, making his eyebrows furrow. “Xiao Jing checked into a hotel with a drunk Omega? What is he up to, what did he do?”

Xie Ling usually didn’t talk much, but this time, his words burst out at once.

Did the thing that happened before made him do this? Xie Ling realized that he really overestimated Rong Jing’s psychological endurance. He was an honest child, but now he’s playing around, abducting a drunk Omega? Didn’t he know that this was illegal? To even think that he even checked into their own hotel. He didn’t even feel afraid of being found out.

Would their family inadvertently produce a criminal if they forgot to be careful?

Xie Ling realized the seriousness of this matter and immediately called for the manager of the hotel. After he heard about what happened, he found out that Rong Jing actually checked in for two rooms. Xie Ling finally lost the impulse to catch him ‘in the act’.

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Dkl Nkdt: “…”

So did he pay for the hotel fee to draw a line between them? What’s wrong with this child, is this his own way of rebelling?

This night turned out to be a sleepless night for some people. But Rong Jing slept well. After sleeping in some shed for a long time, sleeping in this hotel room turned out to be one of his best nights.


The morning light came out through the thick curtains. He turned off the alarm clock on his phone.

Rong Jing had a certain ‘characteristic’. That was, his brain was usually the most ‘empty’ when he just woke up. It actually takes a few minutes for him to actually wake up.

He got out of the bed slowly with a bed head, brushed his teeth, washed his face and shaved. He put on the clothes that he ironed last night. Now his brain finally seemed to be working normally, so he finally remembered what his agenda was for today.

He needed to go back to his university today to take his postgraduate exam. Even if the original owner failed to perform, he still wanted to find another way out. Rong Jing recognized the original owner’s perseverance to never give up.

The postgraduate examination changed every year. One needed to have a passing score for each subject, and a good average score to be able to proceed to the interview portion. That was Rong Jing’s goal today.

After getting out of the bathroom, Rong Jing was just about to pull the curtains open when he felt a figure near the window.

But since only a little light penetrated into the room, he could only see a mass of black near the window and not the face of the other person. Rong Jing took a deep breath as he asked the person sternly, “Who’s there?!”

Rong Jing quickly reacted to the sudden intrusion, his aura suddenly becoming cautious.

What’s wrong with this hotel? How come thieves could just come in whenever they want?

The other Alpha who was faking his sleep suddenly felt a strong aura aimed at him. He endured the impulse to counterattack, slowly opened his eyes and shouted coldly, “Is this the attitude you give towards your big brother?”

Oh, so it’s my big brother.

I mean, did you come here to see me get up? What’s wrong with you?


Gu Xi got out of the car and checked his surroundings to make sure that no one was following him before walking into the hotel. He put on his hat, mask, and glasses and asked for the room number that the message on his phone told him.

Four o’clock in the morning, after his recording ended last night, he heard news about his good friend, Guan Hongyi. He caught his boyfriend cheating on him, made a scene at a bar then disappeared. No one knew where he went. Gu Xi wasn’t able to sleep because of him and so he basically looked for him everywhere.

He called him many times and it only just got through. Guan Hongyi’s voice on the other end of the phone sounded like he was dying.

Gu Xi went to Guan Hongyi’s room, and knocked on the room’s door for a long time. He almost asked an attendant to open the door for him. A few minutes more and the person inside finally opened the door. What used to be a beautiful make up was now smudged, his wig was on the floor, he looked very shabby.

Gu Xi finally relaxed when he saw that the other person was fine. There had been several cases of rape in the suburbs lately. All the victims were all young Omega who died miserably. Some people suspected that the killer was a night driver. The case was still under investigation.

Gu Xi looked at the man who nestled back under the covers. He took off his coat, went to the bathroom to get a towel and came out to wipe the face of the other person.

Guan Hongyi pointed to the bag on the floor, “Makeup remover and cotton pads are inside the bag.”

Gu Xi replied while he took them out, “How were you able to come to this hotel after getting yourself this wasted?”

Guan Hongyi propped up his chin and smiled, “Someone helped me. A super handsome, male alpha.”

Gu Xi was not in the mood to joke around, “Go sleep some more so you could dream for a little longer.”

“You cheeky little… You think I’m dreaming? Hmph! Why won’t you believe me? I haven’t seen anyone like him since I was born. He exuded the smell of abstinence, yet he still showed an unattainable sexual, tempting indifference. My heart is moved!

“But what’s really important was that he was very noble, and he didn’t touch the places that shouldn’t be touched. A rare species that only appears after a hundred years, I’m too damn hooked!”

When the Alpha carried him into the taxi, he had a little impression that he was very courteous. After all, no Alpha would be able to bear that kind of situation with an Omega.

He vomited and passed out later though, otherwise, he might have had the chance to make the situation develop into something more.

Gu Xi was just about to say that there was no such an Alpha like that in the world when he remembered someone, and then stopped what he was about to say.

Guan Hongyi removed his makeup, slowly showing his beautiful face. He looked at Gu Xi who was cleaning up the mess of clothes and bags on the floor. His expression turned serious. “That contract of yours that basically exploits you, is it almost over?”

“Done at the end of this month.”

“Be careful. They might pull you back. You’re their most precious cash cow now.”

Gu Xi didn’t answer. Guan Hongyi knew that Gu Xi always fought everything by himself. Even when he was beside him, he only shared about the good news and not the bad ones.

When Gu Xi was a child, he used to linger near garbage cans to pick up food for a living. Sometimes he dumped all the trash into another trash bin and slept on the empty one, curled up inside all night. He’d done those things many times.

Guan Hongyi, who lived nearby, found him with his face covered with mud. He stared at Gu Xi who looked full of stubborness. He felt like looking at his own self. He asked him, “Kid, wanna come with me?”

Gu Xi glared at him, like a small, desperate beast.

Guan Hongyi added, “I can only give you something to eat and a place to sleep. You can leave whenever you want.”

Gu Xi refused silently without hesitation and never followed him. It was only when this stubborn child fainted from hunger once did he carry him to a hospital.

This little leopard only knew how to bite. It was hard to get close to him.

Guan Hongyi still remembered that it took him many years to gradually get Gu Xi to accept him.

Gu Xi half-dragged Guan Hongyi out of the room. While waiting for the elevator to come, he felt Alphas passing behind him. The aura of an Alpha was always wanton and arrogant. It made Gu Xi tense, which was a reflex reaction every time an Alpha was around. When the elevator’s door opened, Gu Xi immediately walked in with Guan Hongyi.

Then, he suddenly heard a clear voice coming from a distance, as if it was talking to the person next to it.

“I didn’t forget. I’ve already bought some clothes for dinner.”

Gu Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly. This voice…

He didn’t see the man’s face clearly before during that ‘incident’, but he had a vague impression of his voice.

Gu Xi immediately tried to open the elevator’s doors, but he was also supporting Guan Hongyi, limiting his movements.

Merely a few distance away from him, he could vaguely see a slender and upright silhouette of a person, but it soon disappeared.

Guan Hongyi, who rarely saw Gu Xi without his business fake smile, asked the anxious Gu Xi, “What’s wrong with you?”

Gu Xi was stunned for a moment then he shook his head.

“No, it’s nothing.”

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