The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

29. Getting loaded until her stomach swelled up (H)

His abnormally thick me*t pole filled Yan Shi’s small hole up completely with each thrust, his me*t pole being swallowed up more deeply. Yan Shi let out a low and soft moan, sounding like she was both in agony and enjoyment.

As Nan Fengyi’s c*ck was too huge, every time it rubbed across her flower walls, it gave Yan Shi’s body a lot of pleasure. Yan Shi released more water as she shuddered.

At first it felt hard for Nan Fengyi to push himself inside her, but it began to get easier with time. Splashing sounds came out of her watery hole as he thrust inside her. Soon, he was no longer satisfied with just her me*t hole.

His large hands, which he always used to play basketball, inched upwards from Yan Shi’s waist, and finally covered her two round br**sts.

Her tender, white br**sts were throbbing in pain due to Nan Fengyi’s violent slams earlier. This time, pleasures quickly spread out all over her body as he caressed them gently with his large hands.

However, his gentle treatment was not able to satisfy Yan Shi’s body. She felt that her br**sts were itching to be treated relentlessly. She would feel better if he massaged her round br**sts, and used his mouth to eat her n*pples.

“Unn… Itchy…” Yan Shi’s small hand landed on the back of Nan Fengyi’s hand.

His Adam’s apple rolled in his throat, as he leaned down to hold the bundle of her small snowy br**st, and sent it towards his mouth.

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He slammed roughly in her about a hundred more times, when Nan Fengyi finally split her c*rvix apart. His entire mushr*om head sunk into her womb, and the next moment, his hot and thick s*men spurted out.

The virg*n boy had too much load stored in him. Nan Fengyi shot his seed in her for a full one minute before he stopped.

Nan Fengyi’s hot c*m was voluminous, scalding Yan Shi that she nearly died that round.

Yan Shi’s body trembled uncontrollably. Her white small tummy was swollen from his load, as her chest fluttered up and down continuously. The saliva on her red and swollen n*pple had already dried out, as it stood pitifully in the air waiting to be cared for.

Nan Fengyi’s giant manh*od remained parked inside Yan Shi’s body. He enjoyed the lingering sensation after cl*max, and then pulled out a little of his s*x organ.

His large mushroom head left her flower pit, but the large volume of s*men had settled inside her womb, unable to flow out.

“So full… wuu wuu..” Yan Shi’s small hand touched her belly. Still in her dreams, she didn’t realize what was going on. She’d only felt a sensation of numbness underneath.

Her whole body was already completely filled up, and yet she did not feel satisfied and wanted more.

Her layers of sensual walls squirmed again, leaking water while licking on his me*t pole, as if asking for more s*men.

Nan Fengyi flexed his hard me*t pole and started to f*ck her again. Her sensitive walls had just org**med and was unable to receive such a big stimulation. After two more thrusts, Yan Shi’s legs trembled, squirting out more s*xual fluids.

Nan Fengyi felt the warmth of her s*xual fluids and halted his movements. He didn’t want to c*m so fast this second time.

After waiting for Yan Shi to finish c*mming, Nan Fengyi lifted one of her legs up and heavily pounded his me*t pole into Yan Shi’s narrow hole.

He pulled out only a little each time, and crashed inside again harshly.

When he saw her pair of br**sts that had turned red from being gr*ped, Nan Fengyi couldn’t help himself to lick it.

Simple licking couldn’t satisfy Nan Fengyi. He sucked on a small area of her skin, leaving a small bruise on the spot when he released it.

From her br**sts, to her clavicle, and up to her neck, Yan Shi’s whole body smelt pleasant and soft. Nan Fengyi wanted to lick her entire body to the extent that he wanted to just eat her up.

Yan Shi was f*cked till the corners of her eyes turned red, and could do nothing but to spread her legs out, letting Nan Fengyi do whatever he wanted with her.

Nan Fengyi had extraordinary stamina. He pinned her down and continuously f*cking her, forgetting how he should treat a lady.

Her small hole became so wet due to the l*wd water, with few red marks left on her tender pu**y and the inner thighs.

The water that flowed out of the area they connected almost drenched the entire bed, while Nan Fengyi’s thick c*m was still stuck within Yan Shi’s small stomach.

Later, Nan Fengyi eja**lated two more times. Yan Shi felt that her stomach was bulging out so much that it was going to explode. She sobbed silently as she slapped Nan Fengyi’s chest.

Her pinkish and tender hole had turned red and swollen from the s*x, and her flower lips attached themselves pitifully around his thick pole.

Yan Shi felt her body was turning weak. Her swollen, small mouth opened slightly, while her exposed skin was all covered in light and dark colored love bites. She looked like she was tormented.

Nan Fengyi also thought that he f*cked her too hard. He quickly thrust two more times, before pulling out his manh*od and c*mmed on her stomach.

Without his giant me*t pole blocking her entrance, the white c*m he loaded inside her finally flowed out slowly.

The small hole couldn’t stick together after being thoroughly f*cked, letting the white, dirty c*m leak out of it, leaving behind a curvy trail.

Yan Shi’s soft stomach was scattered with blots of his c*m. Matched with the love bites, she looked miserably s*xy.

Nan Fengyi sat up abruptly from the bed, panting breathlessly as he felt stickiness at his bottom.

Nan Fengyi put his hand into his covers, and sure enough, he found a huge amount of c*m inside his boxers.

Looking outside the windows, it was just the crack of dawn.

Nan Fengyi turned to look at the bed opposite him. Yan Shi was still in deep sleep. The er*tic dream he just had felt so real. It felt like the warmth and tightness of Yan Shi’s small hole still remained around his sh*ft.

But Yan Shi was a man, not a woman. He just had a wet dream. Nan Fengyi swiftly pulled out the c*m-stained bed covers and entered the bathroom.

(TN: The author pitied Nan Fengyi so much so she wrote Nan Fengyi a wet dream scenario. xD)

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