The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

28. Nan Fengyi’s l*wd dream (H)

In the dream, Yan Shi was a girl. Her br**sts were average but her a*s was white and round.

Because he knew it was just a dream, Nan Fengyi touched her lean legs without giving it a second thought.

The skin he touched was more tender than the softest tofu he’d ever had. Nen Fengyi couldn’t stop himself from touching her.

Still asleep, Yan Shi could feel the touch of his large hand which made her body shudder. A soft moan came out of her nostrils but she didn’t wake up.

Nan Fengyi spread her legs apart. In between her white legs was her clean and shaved flower meadow.

There was a pink line in the middle of her round pu**y, with her pair of chubby flower lips hidden inside.

Although Nan Fengyi had never done it with a woman in real life, he did watch the videos, so he knew what it was.

His fingers gently brushed across her small pink gap. Nan Fengyi heard Yan Shi’s light moan, and felt a gradual wetness on his fingers.

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Maybe… This was the only way he could get close to Yan Shi. In his dream.

Her walls contracted tightly around Nan Fengyi’s finger. Her sticky l*wd water flowed down his finger and dampened half of his palm.

Nan Fengyi added another finger inside after feeling that her passage was opening up. His middle and ring finger sunk into her soft tunnel, bringing out more of her l*wd water as he began thrusting.

It wasn’t just Nan Fengyi’s palm that turned wet. Yan Shi’s thighs were also covered in transparent l*wd water.

Although Yan Shi did not wake up, her groans were clearly becoming louder.

Playing with Yan Shi’s soft and wet hole and listening to her alluring groans, Nan Fengyi felt that his s*x organ below was going to explode from being too engorged. He just wanted to thrust his me*t pole into Yan Shi’s tender hole without a care in the world.

Nan Fengyi tried his hardest to hold onto his impulse as his fingers moved at a faster pace in her small hole.

Suddenly, Yan Shi’s inner walls began to contract more violently. The next second, her slim waist arched upwards and her small tummy trembled. Her small hole squirted out waves of sweet water.

A few drops of l*wd water splattered on Nan Fengyi’s face. He smelt it and thought it was so sweet and coqu*ttish.

Nan Fengyi could feel his throat growing dry and thirsty. He wanted to drink something to relieve the thirst coming with the heat.

He looked at the hole overflowing with l*wd water. Then he lowered his head down and opened his mouth to cover her pair of flower lips.

The pinkish flower lips were small and cool, and it was tender to taste. Nan Fengyi sucked on the flower lips which were gradually filling up with blood, and felt more l*wd water flowing out of the small opening.

Nan Fengyi used his tongue to split the flower lips open and stuck the tip of his tongue inside her tight hole.

Yan Shi’s body would shudder every time he licked her, making her release more water.

Nan Fengyi used his mouth to receive her honey water which was gushing out continuously. His tongue would even lap on the water at her sides, eager to eat up all the water she released.

In Nan Fengyi’s dream, Yan Shi couldn’t wake up no matter what. She could only accept the pleasure passively.

Her two small hands grabbed a few strands of his hair weakly, trying to make him stop. But Nan Fengyi had found her sensitive spot and was not planning to stop.

His strong tongue grinded her sensitive spot harshly. Yan Shi yelped lightly, as her soft walls squeezed his tongue tightly.

Afterwards, a violent gush of l*wd water sprayed out, wetting half of Nan Fengyi’s face. He wiped his face with his hand, coating it with her sweet l*wd water.

Nan Fengyi teased her pink and chubby flower lips with his hands, and separated her lips. The small opening inside had turned red from being played with using his tongue.

Nan Fengyi brought his thick and massive me*t pole out. Using his hands to separate Yan Shi’s white legs, he glided his round mushr*om head across her flower lips.

Yan Shi’s body was already aroused with her flower lips fluttering and her small opening at the middle releasing l*wd water. She looked like she was hungry and wanted to eat a big m*at pole.

His head split her flower lips apart and rested by her narrow entrance. Her continuous flow of sticky l*wd water moistened his big head and sucked on it uncontrollably.

Nan Fengyi put in some force to send his s*x organ inside her small hole. It was so tight. Her walls were clasping around him making him feel painful.

“Wuu… It hurts…” Yan Shi struggled weakly as she twisted her hips to make him pull that large thing out.

But Nan Fengyi pressed her waist down and thrust inside with more force.

There was a sound of swallowing as a big half of his me*t pole entered her tender hole.

Nan Fengyi couldn’t describe his feelings right now. There was only one thought in his mind, which was to f*ck this tight hole hard.

Yan Shi sobbed softly with her eyes closed. Her greedy small hole gradually began to release a big amount of l*wd water, and began to munch on the tight me*t pole.

Nan Fengyi was going crazy with the aching pleasure. He couldn’t control himself anymore as he grasped Yan Shi’s waist and began to thrust forcefully.

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