The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

30. Walking into the wrong room at night

Nan Fengyi felt that he should calm himself down. If not, the next time it happens, it may not be just a dream.

After splashing cold water on his face, Nan Fengyi decided to participate in the one-week internal training. Hopefully that one week was enough to cool his head down.

“Internal training? Looks like it’s a tough life being an athlete.” Yan Shi put the note down and went to search for her pyjamas.

It was already the end of September, but the temperature did not go down yet. Her body still became sweaty after going out for the whole day.

After entering the bathroom, Yan Shi took her clothes off and was about to take a shower, but after a long wait, there was not even a drop of water coming out of the shower head.

“Huh?” Yan Shi opened her eyes and tried twisting it a few times. There was still not a drop of water coming out.

Knock knock knock —

Cheng Yimian’s faint voice came from outside the wooden door: “Xiao Yan Shi, Xiao Yan Shi! There’s no water in the dorm, let’s go to the bathhouse together!”

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With his arm around her, Yan Shi was enveloped in his embrace. The young man’s scent was a mix of mint and milk, smelling fresh and baby-like, exactly like Cheng Yimian.

Yan Shi’s body was the kind that was sensitive and easily aro*sed. Furthermore, she was f*cked by Liang Ziqian and Bei Xingyan before, so her legs grew weak easily when the spirited young man hugged her in his arms.

A blush began creeping up Yan Shi’s cheeks and ears. She poked Cheng Yimian’s stomach with her elbow, and muttered: “I’m not showing it to you. There’s nothing to see, really.”

Cheng Yimian put his other hand on her slim waist, and even gr*ped it. He leaned down near her ears and said: “So scrawny. Is your d*ck as thin as your waist?”

It was such a big contrast to hear these vulgar words coming out of Cheng Yimian’s pretty mouth. Yan Shi felt that her face was burning up. She started to struggle more forcefully in Cheng Yimian’s arms.

“Yes, yes! It’s thin!”

Seeing how worked up Yan Shi was, Cheng Yimian was afraid she might hurt herself and quickly released her from his hug. He then gripped her wrist instead.

“Alright, alright. I’m not joking with you anymore. If you don’t want to bathe together, then we don’t have to. Don’t hurt yourself, my muscles are pretty tough.”

Yan Shi also cooled down briskly, but the heat on her face did not go down yet.

“Anyway, I won’t bathe with you. If you want to bathe, go on your own. I’ll go later.”

Yan Shi didn’t dare to bathe with Cheng Yimian. Judging from his personality, even if they had their own cubicle, Cheng Yimian would definitely give her a ‘sudden assault’ when she was inside and undressed.

Hearing Yan Shi’s determined rejection made Cheng Yimian feel so dejected as he lowered his head, “Alright, then I’ll go and bathe alone.”

Yan Shi felt sorry to see Cheng Yimian looking like an abandoned puppy. But she couldn’t be too kind either, if not her gender might get exposed.

There were already a few people who knew her real gender. She didn’t want more people to know.

Cheng Yimian looked back at her again and again with each unwilling step. His antics made Yan Shi chuckle.

After Cheng Yimian went down the stairs, Yan Shi was about to close the door when the opposite door opened.

A tall young man with long legs walked out. Yan Shi stopped closing the door.

The young man’s school uniform looked loose and crumpled. His straight, black hair was long enough to cover half of his drooping phoenix eyes. Overall, he looked lazy.

As if he noticed Yan Shi’s eyes on her, the man lifted his eyelids up. Yan Shi saw that the young man’s eyes were of a rare amber color, and they looked beautiful.

The one staying opposite to her room was Cheng Hui’s high school male god, Wen Tianji.

It was undeniable. Although Wen Tianji’s looks could be described as beautiful, his looks were not ladylike at all. It was a handsome appearance that could gain both men and women’s approval.

Yan Shi always thought that the way Wen Tianji looked at her was strange, but she couldn’t pinpoint what was strange about it. She was just an average student with nothing special about her, so why would the school god notice her?

So Yan Shi just brushed it off as a misconception, and quickly closed the door.

Wen Tianji’s eyes briefly lingered at the door of room number 303.


Yan Shi intentionally waited until 11pm to go to the bathhouse, bringing all her clothes with her. There shouldn’t be a lot of people left in the bathhouse at this time.

At the bathhouse, only a few people were there as expected, but there were still boys who bathed with their upper body exposed.

Yan Shi lowered her head and quickly entered a cubicle. She would bathe fast and go back immediately after.

Yan Shi was mentally tense and cautious about her surroundings since she was n*ked among all the other n*de guys who were strangers to her outside the cubicle.

Yan Shi didn’t have the heart to bathe properly in this environment either. She just bathed carelessly and abruptly dressed herself up with clean clothes. Luckily her body wasn’t too dirty too, so a quick bath was sufficient enough for her.

After Yan Shi finished her bath, she picked up her dirty clothes and walked in a hurry back to her dorm. She’d only reached the second floor when she heard a switch flipped, and the whole place suddenly plunged into darkness.

Yan Shi heard some students starting to complain: “What’s going on? Why is the electricity being cut?”

“Fuck! I’m about to get a triple kill! Who can lend me their internet?”

“Can today get any worse? No water, then no electricity! Damn!”

Yan Shi walked up to the third floor in the dark. She couldn’t see anything in the dark, so she could only trod along the walls. Her hand suddenly pressed on a door, and it opened.

Did she close the door when she came out? She didn’t remember. But it should be her room, it was the third room counting from the front.

Yan Shi definitely didn’t count wrongly, but she was standing on the wrong side. The room she entered was 313, not 303.

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