The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

31. His c**k is so big and hot (Slight H)

After she went in, Yan Shi closed the door. She subconsciously flipped on the switch on the wall, only realizing that the electricity was out after she pressed it.

Yan Shi spontaneously threw her dirty clothes into the bathroom. She took her shoes off and got ready to go to sleep.

There was something amiss. The bathroom smelt different and there was a thin aroma of sandalwood in the bathroom today.

Yan Shi’s mind was preoccupied with something else when she walked absent-mindedly to the bed.

She pulled the covers up and at that same moment when she was about to lie down, she sprang up in shock. There was someone in her bed!

“Who are you?” At the same time, Yan Shi had her own suspicions.

She probably, possibly, had entered the wrong dorm room.

The tall and big young man lying in the bed sat up, the outline of his face slowly turning visible in the darkness.

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“Tell me, please?” Wen Tianji pulled her into his embrace with his strong arm.

With his hand pulling her, Yan Shi lost her balance and fell into the young man’s warm embrace.

The chest underneath was broad and tough, emanating a passionate warmth. Although they were separated by two layers of clothes, Yan Shi felt that her body could burn up from Wen Tianji’s body temperature.

“I.. I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Yan Shi struggled to get up, but Wen Tianji easily held her down with one arm.

Wen Tianji caught a whiff of faint sweetness emitted from Yan Shi’s body. He couldn’t help but lower his head into her neck and sniffed her.

“You smell nice.”

Afterwards, Yan Shi felt something wet and soft gliding across the skin of her neck. Her body weakened quickly.

Wen Tianji had an amazing body, firm muscles and radiated a youthful energy only belonging to a young man. The sandalwood scent on his body added a tranquil quality to his aura.

A long, hard, giant object pressed against her soft a*s. Yan Shi understood immediately what it was. 

“Mr. Wen, let me go! I, I’m a man!” Yan Shi didn’t care if he believed her or not. She was going to keep insisting that she was a male.

Wen Tianji’s did not reduce the force of his grip on her. He tilted his head slightly as he asked: “You’ll only agree to it if it’s Liang Ziqian?”

As if someone used a pause button on Yan Shi, her every movement stopped at that point.

“What else do you know?” Yan Shi’s brain had never been as calm as right now.


Yan Shi turned around to look at Wen Tianji’s face, and asked: “What do you want?”

Behind every action taken, there had to be a motive. If she found out the reason, everything would become simpler. There must be something Wen Tianji wanted in return for telling her all this.

Yan Shi pouted her lips. After she was no longer ‘in love’, her mind seemed to become clearer.

Wen Tianji said: “I want to try, how it’s like to make love.”

Yan Shi only considered it for a few seconds, when she answered: “Okay, but only this time.”

Wen Tianji did not hesitate at all as he said: “Okay.”

Yan Shi’s body was yearning to be invaded by a man’s strong body. Wen Tianji had such handsome looks, and he was also a v*rgin, so she didn’t lose anything. It was all the same; to sleep with one or two guys, so as long as she was happy.

She didn’t know if she was just trying to make herself feel better by having such thoughts. Yan Shi slowly pulled Wen Tianji’s underw*ar down. His thick and big skin-color s*x organ sprang out, swinging two times in the air.

Wen Tianji reached for a contraceptive pill under his pillow and swallowed it, before pinning Yan Shi down onto the bed.

Yan Shi was surprised by his sudden movement. Before she could even react, her clothes had been removed by him.

Her two bundles of tender br**sts were exposed into the air. Her n*pples quickly turned hard after contacting the chilly air, and her lower body also began to release l*wd water.

After a while, Wen Tianji had stripped her n*ked. With her clothes removed, Wen Tianji rolled the helm of his shirt up and tossed his clothes away.

Lying on the bed, Yan Shi could see his almost perfect body shape with the aid of the dim light coming from outside the windows.

Broad shoulders and lean waist. Every inch of his skin and spine was connected in coordination, filled with the ravishing look of power. Probably due to lack of exposure to sunlight, Wen Tianji’s skin was pale, but everyone who had seen his body would never underestimate his strength due to his skin color.

After removing his clothes, Wen Tianji lowered himself on top of her. His thin lips landed on Yan Shi’s face. Yan Shi thought Wen Tianji wanted to kiss her at first, alas, she felt a sharp pain.

Wen Tianji bit her!

“That hurts, I think I’m bleeding.” Yan Shi tried to get up on her arms. She cared about her own face and she didn’t want to get disfigured.

Wen Tianji’s large hand caressed the area where he’d bitten her, and said: “It’s not bleeding.”

Yan Shi felt itchy from his gentle movements. She couldn’t help but to turn her head away and avoided his touch.

Wen Tianji’s lips went down on her again, but this time on Yan Shi’s earlobe. At the same time, his hard me*t pole continued to rub against Yan Shi’s small tummy.

Wen Tianji used his teeth to nibble Yan Shi’s soft and tender skin while smelling the scent of her body. His heavy breathing persistently landed upon Yan Shi’s body.

Yan Shi felt as if she was a pitiful prey who was pressed down by a large meat-consuming predator. This large beast was evaluating her body, looking for the sweetest meat on her.

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