The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

171. Escape room

They did not rest for too long as Yan Shi was not tired at all. They didn’t even rest for ten minutes before they went off to their next ride.

Their next ride was the jumping machine. Yan Shi rode on it very happily.

Unknowingly, two hours had passed. Yan Shi still felt very spirited but her body was already exhausted.

It was also noon time. They ate at the restaurant in the theme park.

Although Ah Nuo didn’t say anything, Yan Shi could see in his eyes that Ah Nuo was actually very happy too. As for Yan Huayun… As long as Yan Huayun didn’t mess around with her, he was actually fine too.


He liked to joke, was open-minded, had a good temper and had many ideas, which was a good fit to have fun together.

After eating, Yan Huayun suggested going for the escape room. Yan Shi never experienced the escape room before, so she was attracted but she also hesitated.

Yan Huayun was always cunning, and he would suddenly change his mind at certain times. Maybe what Yan Huayun portrayed previously was just a facade to trick her.

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“Mbl byaelpv sdl?” Zyd Fbk oyp ps pbsnjle vbyv bla lulp okeldle.

Zyd Twyuwd zywtble, “R’x fwpv vsukdt okvb usw, obu eke usw clzklhl kv?”

Yan Shi completely shut up. She didn’t want to talk to Yan Huayun at all right now.


After she entered the escape room, Yan Shi couldn’t defend her own principle anymore, because she was clueless.

Not to mention Ah Nuo, he might even be worse than her.

Yan Huayun was like a regular. He quickly led them to the next room. Yan Shi watched Yan Huayun search for tools to decode the passwords, and also found some doorways and a small hidden tool.

“Uncle, you seem to be very experienced.”

Yan Huayun played with a pen on the black wooden study table. He raised his eyes and met Yan Shi’s eyes.

“Because I like to uncover secrets, don’t you think that the process of learning the unknown is very interesting?”

Yan Shi answered: “Sometimes it is quite interesting.”

“There’s a brick here that can be opened.” Ah Nuo’s voice came from the other side of the room.

Yan Shi walked towards that side after she heard his voice, “I’ll go and see.”

But when she went closer, she realized that it wasn’t that the brick could be opened, it was Ah Nuo who broke it open by force.

“This doesn’t look like a part of decoding.” Yan Shi felt disappointed but also hilarious.

Ah Nuo showed a confused expression, “But I saw there’s a gap.”


“Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

Zzzz, the dim lamp above their heads started to blink, then it completely turned off after blinking a few times.

Yan Shi’s heart tightened as well. She subconsciously leaned towards Ah Nuo’s direction, but she didn’t know what she bumped into, which made her body fall backwards directly.

The pain that she imagined did not happen. Ah Nuo’s breathing was near to her, his arm was extremely powerful and he could hold her body up steadily.

“Are you okay?” Ah Nuo asked.

“I’m fine, I’m okay.” Yan Shi stood up in the dark. Because she couldn’t see anything at all, she only dared to stand at the same spot.

“What happened? Uncle, do you know?” Yan Shi asked in a loud voice.

With a ‘kacha’ sound, a small flame suddenly appeared in the darkness. The blue flame lit up Yan Huayun’s face which looked quite ghostly.

“I broke the lights in the room.”

Yan Shi frowned and asked: ”Why did you do that?”

After that, Yan Huayun lit up the candlestick. He held the candlestick and walked towards Yan Shi and Ah Nuo.

“No need to be anxious, I’m only doing this to find the key to the next room. Didn’t you notice it? There are some places in the room that look different after we turn off the lights.”


After being reminded by Yan Huayun, Yan Shi found that it was truly the case. A small, soft light at the left lower corner of the bookshelf would really go unnoticed when there was light.

The last key point was found just like that. Yan Shi couldn’t help but ask: “Is it considered breaking the tool if we break the electricity circuit?”

Yan Huayun looked at Ah Nuo who was standing behind Yan Shi, he said: “Compared to me who broke the electricity, shouldn’t you be more worried of Ah Nuo who removed the brick?”

Ah Nuo then added: “If we need to pay for it, you can deduct it from my salary.”

Yan Shi: “This isn’t your fault…”

Yan Huayun smiled and said: “Alright, don’t worry. If we need to pay, I’ll settle it. Come, let’s go to the next room.”

Yan Huayun took the key and unlocked the last room. They had passed the bedroom, kitchen and the study room. The last room was the living room.

Yan Huayun looked unconcerned but he could always find the most crucial clue.

At this time, Yan Huayun was half-kneeling on the floor to observe the patterns on the carpet. Yan Shi turned around to look at the side of Yan Huayun’s face.

Yan Huayun’s brow ridge was developed very nicely. His nose was tall and straight, which was extremely similar to Yan Yu.

Yan Shi noticed that when Yan Huayun discarded his frivolous smile and switched to a more serious look, he showed more resemblance with Yan Yu. For an instant there, she even mistaken him for another person.

Yan Huayun seemed to notice Yan Shi’s eyes on him and raised his eyes. At that moment, that tiny resemblance between them seemed to vanish.


“If you keep looking at me this way, you’ll make me get the wrong idea.”

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