The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

170. Roller coaster

Yan Huayun was a good talker, and he also had a young mindset. If she overlooked his real age, Yan Shi might even think that Yan Huayun was just around twenty years old.

Yan Shi actually didn’t want to talk to Yan Huayun, but Yan Huayun could stir up her emotions with just a couple sentences. When Yan Shi realized it, she had spoken quite a lot with Yan Huayun.

Yan Shi was a bit pissed at herself, but she thought that Yan Huayun was more at fault for being so cunning.

Yan Huayun was many years older than her, so it must be as simple as ABC to deal with her.

They hadn’t even reached the theme park yet when Yan Shi started regretting it. She shouldn’t have agreed at that time. Was it still not too late to get out of the car now?


Yan Huayun could see Yan Shi’s conflicted expression from the rearview window of the car, which made him quite amused.

While Yan Shi was still in a dilemma, the car stopped.

“We’re here. What do you want to play? Or you want me to decide.”

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The seat arrangement gave Yan Shi a lot of pressure. She sat in the middle, Ah Nuo sat at her left side while Yan Huayun sat at her right side.


At this time, the roller coaster began to move forward slowly. Its speed wasn’t that fast but Yan Shi’s heart was beating rapidly.

Before this, when she said she wanted to ride the roller coaster, she did not feel anything. But when she was really in it, she began to feel nervous.

“Are you afraid? You don’t need to, isn’t your uncle here. If any accidents happen, I’ll come with you to the other side to reincarnate.”

Yan Shi was literally speechless. How could he make such a joke at this time.

At this time, the roller coaster reached the first highest point, then it immediately plunged downwards. The wind gushed beside her ears, making the hair on Yan Shi’s forehead dance wildly.

Yan Huayun’s joke helped to divert Yan Shi’s attention. Yan Shi didn’t feel fear not until she went on a few turns with the roller coaster.

She knew that it was safe but Yan Shi still felt excited beyond control. At first she thought that she might not like it, but she found that it was just a delusion.

This feeling of flying was like she would break free from her physical body. She didn’t need to care about anything else and purely enjoyed the excitement that came with the speed.

The people behind her were screaming against the wind, it wasn’t simply because they were scared, but they were also venting out. Yan Shi was also affected by this emotion, so she opened her mouth and screamed loudly.

Those negative emotions were thrown out of her body like her voice. She felt like her entire person was set free.

It was another high uphill. When they ascended upwards, Yan Shi felt like she was really flying to the clouds. After they reached the peak for a short moment, it sped down rapidly again.

After going on one whole round, Yan Shi screamed till her throat turned dry. When they got off the roller coaster, her legs even grew weak, it was Yan Huayun who helped her up.


Yan Shi stood up straight and subconsciously leaned to Ah Nuo’s side.

“Thank you, uncle.”

Yan Shi’s evasion did not surprise Yan Huayun at all, he said: “Go and take a rest at the restaurant over there.”

“Okay.” Yan Shi nodded.

On the way to the restaurant, Yan Shi turned around to ask Ah Nuo: “What do you think of the roller roaster? Do you like it?”

If Ah Nuo didn’t like it yet she asked him to ride it with her, then she was just doing bad things out of kindness.

Ah Nuo still looked impassive as he always did. It was like he did not have any emotions that a human should have.

“Young master need not be concerned about my feelings. I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

Yan Shi knitted her brows, she thought that Ah Nuo didn’t act like a human at all. But it seemed like she couldn’t help Ah Nuo as well, since Ah Nuo was Yan Lihui’s man.

At this time, Yan Shi felt a pair of eyes on her. She looked towards it subconsciously and met Yan Huayun’s eyes.

There was a soft hint of probing in Yan Huayun’s smile, “I feel that Xiao Yan Shi is very concerned for Ah Nuo.”

Yan Shi said: “I’m always concerned about the people around me.”

Yan Huayun was distressed and said: “But why didn’t I feel Xiao Yan Shi’s concern towards me?”


“Because you look like you don’t need concern.”

“I see.” Yan Huayun dragged his tone of his voice.

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