The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

172. Don’t pity me

Yan Shi even wanted to knock her own head. What was she thinking just now? Yan Huayun resembled Yan Yu? Both of them were too different.

Yan Yu was composed and reserved, while Yan Huayun was truly shameless.

Yan Shi instantly shifted her eyes away. She said: “I just want to see what you’re looking at.”

“Oh, I’m just admiring the patterns of this carpet.”

“So you’re staring at it and not looking for clues?”


Yan Huayun smiled and answered: “Yes. The sofa looks so soft, I think I should get some rest.”

Yan Shi was speechless, but this was really like Yan Huayun’s style.

Afterwards, Yan Shi did not care about Yan Huayun anymore. She went to search for clues with Ah Nuo. Noticing Ah Nuo walk towards the main door, Yan Shi couldn’t resist herself from reminding: “Breaking open the door is against the rules.”

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Actually Yan Shi was quite curious about Ah Nuo’s family background. She never heard about Ah Nuo’s family, and she didn’t even know what Ah Nuo’s real name was.


“Do you need to stare at a row of numbers for so long?”

Yan Huayun’s voice suddenly came from behind, making Yan Shi jump in shock.

“You’re so easily startled, Xiao Yan Shi, you should train your guts. How about going to the haunted house for our next ride.”

Yan Shi who was afraid of ghosts rejected him firmly, “I think going back home to rest at once is more suitable for me.”

“Alright then, such a waste.”

Yan Shi thought that Yan Huayun was a very conflicted person, like when he said ‘such a waste’ just now, she couldn’t see that being reflected in his eyes.

Today Yan Huayun had been very decent the whole time and didn’t do anything to her. But Yan Shi really couldn’t believe that Yan Huayun didn’t have any thoughts for her body at all. Although she sounded narcissistic, it wasn’t wrong to remain cautious.

After Yan Huayun had rested enough, his progress became faster.

Yan Shi didn’t look at the time, but she thought that the whole process was definitely not more than ten minutes. She had reason to believe that they passed the previous three rooms so slowly because Yan Huayun wasn’t being serious.

The last door opened and they finally escaped.

After leaving the building of the escape room, Yan Shi realized that it was already evening.

The golden sunset painted a big spectrum of colors across the skies, blurring the surrounding scenery because of it.


Yan Huayun looked at the skies, his eyes gazing far away.

“Today I am very happy. Thank you for willing to come with me.”

Yan Shi couldn’t help but to ask: “Is this really your first time here?”

Yan Huayun nodded, “Yes, is that weird? My parents were too busy, my brother was much older. I hadn’t grown up yet when my nephew was born, so no one had time to care about me. I sound quite pitiful, but don’t pity me. I am not someone who deserves to be pitied.”

Faced with Yan Huayun’s eyes that were always smiling, Yan Shi felt like she couldn’t understand Yan Huayun even more. But Yan Huayun’s words just now had really reminded her, not to pity him no matter what. To take pity on a cunning fox would only give herself misfortune.

Yan Shi said: “Who will pity you? If you deserve to be pitied, then there are no more pitiful people in the world.”

“Yes, you are right.” Yan Huayun nodded like it was really the case.

But a strange feeling still surfaced in Yan Shi’s heart. Ever since she came to Yan family, she also noticed that Yan Huayun’s age was much younger than Yan Lihui. Yan Huayun’s personality was also very different from Yan Lihui and Yan Yu’s, if not because they looked very similar to each other, Yan Shi might even suspect that they were not family.

So what happened to Yan Huayun that made him end up with this kind of personality?

When a person started to become curious about another person, it was like a signal. But for Yan Shi, this signal was very dangerous.

However, at this time, Yan Shi hadn’t noticed this yet.



When going home, Yan Huayun did not drive on his own and called the driver instead. As their ‘servant’, Ah Nuo obviously couldn’t sit behind anymore.

Naturally, Yan Shi and Yan Huayun had to sit together. Yan Shi tried to sit further away from Yan Huayun.

Yan Huayun didn’t seem to notice it at all as he put his hand under his chin and asked: “I haven’t asked you, Xiao Yan Shi, what do you think about today? Do you still think that I am hateful?”

Yan Shi thought about it, then said: “I’ve changed my mind a little.”

Yan Huayun nodded, “Looks like I’ve done a good job as an uncle today.”

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