EBPW Chapter 9.2

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Chapter 9.2 Going back to the He Family Home Together (2)

Wen Renyi cocked his head. “I’m not planning to ask you any more questions so I refuse to answer.”

He Zhou stared fixedly at his unfocused eyes and suddenly let out a low laugh. He walked to Wen Renyi’s bedside, his hand reaching behind his ear to support his body as he asked. “If I told you that I have a way to let you renew your control over the power, would you believe me?”

Wen Renyi’s brows moved slightly as he remained his cool composure. “What are the conditions?”

“One can only get new important things after losing it.” He Zhou reached his hand to pinch Wen Renyi’s exquisite jaw. “I have money and power, the only thing I’m lacking is charm.”

The distance between the two was very close. He Zhou could already smell the light fragrance on Wen Renyi’s body. Wen Renyi dropped his eyes in deep ponder, he suddenly opened his mouth and said. “I actually feel that the thing you’re lacking the most right now is power. Because you’re in the Yellow Rank Early Stage right now, you have no way of dealing with the people who want to kill you.”

He Zhou let go of him and looked down on him with arrogance. “What wise opinion do you have?”

Wen Renyi’s brows curved slightly. His soft voice was like a spring breeze on the mountain, moving and gentle. “You said it right, one can only get new important things after losing it. This power is way too strong. I have no way of absorbing it and you, coincidentally, need it. 

He Zhou calmly looked at Wen Renyi’s confident expression, sighing in his heart. Having such a clever and exquisite cooperative partner, would definitely make him have less to worry about. 

“You’re really not going to consider my suggestion?” He purposely asked.

Wen Renyi slowly lowered his head, a flush of red seemingly dyeing his ear. “If you like, we could treat this as an…interest outside our collaboration.”

Young Master He’s heart thumped violently. Before, he thought that Wen Renyi was a pitiful fellow and his looks really pulled out tender feelings from others, but now, he felt, it was only looking for a beating. 

“I’ll wait for you to check out of the hospital then we can investigate the matter thoroughly but, do you really believe me?”

Wen Renyi raised his head. “Why shouldn’t I believe you?”

He Zhou choked, and he simply stopped talking with him, holding his book up again to read.

In the next few days, Wen Renyi still lied on the bed almost bringing the office to the hospital room. Guo Yang also had to come by and give his report everyday. After a few days of being together, he was finally able to look at He Zhou straight in the eye, however, it was still a quick moment like throwing a flying dagger. 

He Zhou originally didn’t understand why, but later on, he felt that it was probably because Wen Renyi looked to be too feeble in front of him and adding on to that, the original owner didn’t have such a good reputation before. Guo Yang felt bad for his own family’s boss and couldn’t stand having to see him with this white silk trousers.

In addition, a blind person was working everyday to feed his family and he, a healthy person only knew how to nestle in his bed idling all day. Why did it look like he was exploiting poor Wen Renyi.

He Zhou felt that for some weird reason, he was carrying a black pan once again. Even though they were already married, he didn’t use a single penny of Wen Renyi’s money, alright?

(1) Carry the black pan: taking the blame

And in a few days, the two people left the hospital.

Previously, they said they were going to the He Family to rest for a couple of days. Although before, it didn’t seem to be necessary, He Zhou wanted to see Wen Renyi’s disoriented look.

Song Cheng sat in the passenger seat, turned his head and laughing. “Young Master, Young Master Wen Ren, Madam had already prepared lunch and has been waiting for your return.”

He Zhou looked at Wen Renyi’s leisurely look, and smiled, nodding his head. “En, Uncle Song, has my room also been cleaned? Ah Yi’s body is still very weak so he’s going to rest after eating.”

Song Cheng understood that Wen Renyi’s body was not like before and immediately expressed that everything in the house was already prepared. 

The road was smooth along the way back to the He Family villa. He Zhou knew that Wen Renyi wasn’t some delicate person and he didn’t need to have additional care. When he got out of the car, he didn’t give him any more attention.

In the end, this scene was coincidentally seen by the just returning He Shaoning. He walked over and gave a slap on He Zhou’s back. “You brat! Ah Yi’s still in the car.”

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