EBPW Chapter 9.3

T/N: Extra Chapter Release part 3.

Chapter 9.3 Going back to the He Family Home Together (3)

He Zhou was slapped alert by him and turned around to see the still sitting Wen Renyi in the car. Alright, fine, he indeed had to take care of a disabled person and so he reached his hand over.

“Come on, let’s get off.’

Wen Renyi heard his voice and cocked his head to the direction of his voice. After that, he smoothly extended his hand. His hands were like fine jade, slender and white with distinct joints.  When he held onto it, it felt like cold jade.

He Zhou paused slightly. Looking at Wen Renyi’s unfocused eyes, he felt that this person was also looking at himself. Although this kind of feeling was a bit weird, he still had it.

Wen Renyi got off the car and faced He Shaoning. He wore loose clothing and his hair softly fell over, covering his eyebrows. His face had a warm smile on. “Uncle, I’m older than Ah Zhou by 8 years. It should only be natural that I should be the one to take care of him.”

He Shaoning heard his words and felt relaxed but on the surface, he shot a glance to He Zhou. “Stinky brat, you need to take care of Ah Yi more in the future. Come on, let’s go and return home to eat.”

He Ye was still enjoying his summer vacation, so right after summer camp, he was at home cultivating and studying. Today was the day elder brother and brother-in-law were coming home from the hospital. Mom had been up early buying groceries and has been busy in the kitchen up until now. She had even been asking about the likes of brother-in-law before, so all the dishes cooked for lunch were elder brother and brother-in-law’s favorites. Mom had completely forgotten that she still had her own son.

Hearing the car noises outside, He Ye had just been thinking whether to go down to receive them when he heard his mom’s voice hollering at him. “Little Ye, your brother and his partner has come back already. What are you hiding in the room for?”

He Ye gave a scoff and put down his pencil somewhat unhappily. He walked down the stairs and saw three people had just entered the house and greeted them.

He Shaoning saw He Ye and waved his hand to him. “Little Ye, pour some tea for your elder brother and his guest.”

He Ye puffed his face and said “oh”. He prepared to go pour tea. He Shaoning saw that he was having a little temper and couldn’t help but secretly sigh in his heart. The older one didn’t listen to him and now the younger one didn’t listen too. Why was he calling these two his sons? When he looked at Wen Renyi sitting quietly on the sofa, looking very obedient, he didn’t know what the WenRen Family heads were thinking about, giving up such a good child.

“Ah Yi ah, in these few days living in our house, if you need anything, just let Ah Zhou know. Don’t trouble him, you guys are after all married. Him taking care of you is natural.”

He Ye coincidentally carried three cups of tea over and hearing these words, he couldn’t help but stare at He Zhou. Both their pair of eyes held helplessness. It seems that when Wen Renyi came, the position of son had declined swiftly.

However, He Ye looked to Wen Renyi with respect. In the beginning, when He Zhou and Wen Renyi were said to be getting married, he actually still thought it wasn’t worth it for Wen Renyi’s sake. Even though this kind of thinking wasn’t correct but to really speak of elder brother from any point of view, he indeed didn’t match up to Wen Renyi.

At present, his elder brother had shown that he was willing to be with brother-in-law in life or death, he felt the two were simply made for each other. Nobody could ever tear them apart.

While they were eating, Zhao Jing was very enthusiastic. She was constantly taking care of Wen Renyi and He Zhou. He Ye couldn’t help but throw a slight temper again, not saying a word while stuffing his mouth with food.

When it was about to end, Zhao Jing pretended to casually ask. “Ah Zhou, after a few days, it’ll be Elder Zhao’s birthday. Why don’t you bring Ah Yi and go?”

A layer of silence filled the table that even He Ye stopped moving. His eyes looked towards He Zhou. The Zhao family was his grandfather’s family but wasn’t elder brother’s grandfather’s family. Before, elder brother never used to go and they slowly stopped asking him to. Now that it took a lot of effort for them to repair their relationship, he didn’t know if elder brother was willing to go. 

He Zhou was stunned. He was only astonished by being asked so suddenly but in the eyes of others, he looked to be really unwilling. Wen Renyi inclined his head to “look” at him. “Ah Zhou, you’re not willing to bring me there?”

He Zhou was surprised in his heart as he hastily said. “Of course, I’m willing to.”

Hiss, why did he just respond back in conditional reflex?

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