Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 16 Ghost Market

Shi Shanjin saw his mother putting on an unkind expression and sighed, “Mom, you should leave.”

Ning Meng stuck her neck out, “No. I need to accompany Seventeen.”

However, the scene of swallowing raven’s eyes was a little disgusting and gory. If Shi Qi were to swallow this, would he really be able to open his yin yang eyes?

Shi Qi seemed to have sniffed out something unpleasant as his face suddenly wrinkled. 

She couldn’t see clearly what the raven’s eyes looked like in Shi Shanjin’s hands but the more Shin Shanjin approached them, the stronger the stench of the something fishy assailed the nostrils, inciting a gag reflex in anyone who smelled it.

Shi Qi clutched the hem of Ning Meng’s clothes tightly.

Just as Shi Shanjin was about to feed it to him, Ning Meng suddenly reached out a hand to bar him, “Hold on a minute…”

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Shi Qi’s eyes were blindfolded once again. He raised his head appearing like a reserved swan and repeated the words in a soft voice, “Yin yang eyes?”

Shi Shanjin explained, “Having yin yang eyes allow you to see everything connected to the supernatural. Take what happened yesterday for example. You’ll be able to see what the red ghost lady looks like and where she is.”

Ning Meng was a little irked. Wasn’t this an attempt to entice him?

She interjected, “Once you’ve opened your yin yang eyes, your days will never be normal again. You’ll be able to see ghosts at any time and your life could be put into danger. Seventeen, let’s not dabble in this.”

The room fell into silence and Shi Qi remained quiet for a long time before his little fingers inadvertently stirred.

“I want to.”

He wanted to possess uncle’s strength and personally see for himself the beings that would threaten their life……and protect grandma.

He didn’t want to experience the same situation as last night where he could only be helplessly pushed away by her.

Clutching onto the hem of Ning Meng’s clothes, he grabbed his grandmother’s coarse hands and earnestly told her, “Grandmother, I will protect you.”

Ning Meng didn’t think that this child would be so precious. She rubbed his head, saying, “Grandmother only has a few years left to leave, there’s no need for such protection.”

Shi Qi shook his head before turning to his uncle, “I want to open my yin yang eyes.”

Shi Shanjin asked, “Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

“I won’t regret it.”

Once Shi Qi had finished saying these words, he then told Ning Meng, “Grandmother, can you go out…”

He didn’t want his grandmother to see any horrifying scenes. Perhaps he himself would turn into something scary as there was no doubt he was going to experience something unordinary in the next moment.

Ning Meng stared at him for a long time before ultimately deciding to leave and went outside the room.

She couldn’t help but converse with the system, “Shi Qi is such a precious child.”

The system replied, “He is a good boy.”

Inside the room, Shi Shanjin took even more caution this time, his every move becoming more prudent.

Although Shi Qi had his eyes blindfolded, his sense of smell was still unrestrained. And despite not knowing what it looked like, it was still unpleasant to the nose.

“Open your mouth. In a moment, swallow it. Don’t chew, bite or lick it.” Shin Shanjin warned.

Shi Qi nodded, opening his mouth and twisting his hands together.

Seeing that everything was well-prepared, Shi Shanjin quickened his pace. Although this raven was, strictly speaking, a dead being, it was still considered a living being, it was just that the more time passed, the more its efficacy would diminish.

Very quickly, Shi Qi felt a fishy object being stuffed into his mouth. It was extremely ice-cold that it elicited a shiver out of him and the chilliness seeped into his bones.

Shi Shanjin hurriedly spoke, “Swallow it in one gulp.”

Just as his voice fell, Shi Qi endured the weird taste and swallowed it down. For a moment, he was unable to stop himself from wanting to retch, his hands holding the sides of the chair tightly.

After a while had passed, Shi Shanjin undid the cloth on his eyes and once again pointed to the corner, asking, “Now, what do you see?”

Shi Qi’s eyes tried to readjust to the bright light and once he had recovered, he narrowed his eyes and saw a black ball in the corner but he was unable to see it clearly.

Confused, he responded, “…..Something black, I can’t see it clearly, but there seems to be something there. The other parts are a bit blurry.”

Shi Shanjin finally let out a breath of relief. He was actually able to see a bit, which means that his conjecture wasn’t wrong. This kid had a constitution that was out of the ordinary.

It was such a pity that the raven eyes were unable to truly open his yin yang eyes, only opening up half of it, but it was already enough to make a certain someone happy.

“Alright. You can go back now. Look for a servant outside to take you back and don’t go out of the cottage at this time. If you encounter anything, run back to the cottage.”

The things that he had set up at the cottage, as well as the things his father had left for his mother, were enough to block every supernatural being. The only exception would be that specially strong ghosts would be able to break through them.

“Thank you, uncle.” Shi Qi nodded and got up from his chair while surveying the entire room with his newfound eyes.

The room seemed as though it was covered with a muslin. Although he was unable to see clearly, he could still see a rough view of the surroundings and the people. Moreover, there was a large difference as to how he saw them before.

Once he opened the doors, he immediately saw his grandmother waiting outside and warmth immediately flowed into his heart.

Apart from happiness, he also recalled the blurry scene he had seen before and looking closely at it, he determined that it was still blurry with a vague silhouette, making it hard for him to understand what had happened exactly.

However, this didn’t raise his suspicions, it only made him a little unhappy.

Ning Meng saw him space out and thought that he had turned foolish, “How do you feel?”

Shi Qi gave a small smile. His delicate face appeared moving.

This kid. He probably lost a screw in his head from what had just happened…….Ning Meng took out a piece of candy from her pocket, something Li Chun had stuffed in her pocket.

After peeling it, she stuffed it inside Shi Qi’s mouth and gently said, “Let’s go back with grandma.”

A sweet taste immediately spread from his tongue to his heart and joy appeared in Shi Qi’s eyes as he quickly nodded his head and exclaimed, “En!”

Just like this, a pair of elderly and child left the main residence.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Ever since the so-called yin yang eyes were opened, Ning Meng felt that Shi Qi had become more jumpy. He would look here and there, and would seem as though he wanted to ask something but would hold back.

She had consulted Shi Shanjin over this matter and he merely said that Shi Qi’s yin yang eyes hadn’t been fully opened, so the things he saw now weren’t too clear.

However, there was another thing that concerned Ning Meng.

And it was that Shi Qi ought to have started attending school.

Up until today, she had almost forgotten that Shi Qi was merely a 7 year old child. If Li Chun had not reminded her, she simply wouldn’t even have thought of it.

Shi Shanjin acted quickly the second she mentioned this and when the next day arrived, Shi Qi was allowed to go to school immediately. Naturally, the school that he went to was different from the one he attended in the past.

Once the child had started attending school, Ning Meng remained at home. Apart from spending the day sleeping, she would look at flowers and spend her days freely and leisurely.

In the end, only a few days had passed before the school went looking for his guardian.

And the person who went to school was naturally Shi Shanjin. Because Ning Meng’s body was too inconvenient, she could only ask Li Xia to go in her stead as well. Shi Shanjin brought Shi Qi back without any word yet Shi Qi carried an expression as though he had done something wrong.

Li Xia explained the situation on his behalf, “The class teacher said that there was a fatty who sold secretly taken pictures of Young Master Qi and the two had been punished.”

Ning Meng pinched Shi Qi’s little face. Hehe. She had really raised him to be tender and smooth.

She asked, “Were they lacking money?”

His oldest son had informed her that this school wasn’t any ordinary school. Instead, it was filled with wealthy and respectable people. Why would such a situation of selling stolen pictures occur?

Li Xia thought for a moment before replying, “It’s because the fatty seemed to have done horribly on his previous exam, so his family had restricted his allowance and he couldn’t withstand not being able to spend money.”

Ning Meng seemed to have recalled something and asked, “What about the money?”

Shi Qi replied, “…..Grandma, I forgot.”

Needless to say, the fatty definitely must’ve taken it away. Ning Meng hated iron for not becoming steel, “Seventeen, your reputation has been taken advantage of. You need to seize your part, otherwise, this is going to send a message to everyone that they can take advantage of you anytime, do you understand?”

She earnestly reprimanded him a good while and eventually realized that she had become a naggy person. Perhaps, because she had occupied an old lady’s body for too long, she was unable to hit the brakes.

Fortunately, Shi Qi was a good kid. Even after listening to her nag a whole day, he did not zone out and would even nod his head frequently, eliciting a sense of gratification in her.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Half a month later, Shi Shanjin called Shi Qi back to the main residence again.

Ning Meng guessed that it must be for the purpose of fully opening his yin yang eyes, so she also went over. However, nothing had happened this time because the venue was in the study room.

Facing his mother’s suspicions, Shi Shanjin explained, “He still needs some things.”

At present, Shi Qi was only able to see blurry things and it would only last for a short period of time, indicating that the resentment of the raven’s eyes wasn’t enough.

Ning Meng inquired, “What things?’

Shi Shanjin looked at his own mother and shook his head, saying, “Mom, even if I tell you, you probably wouldn’t know it anyway. I’ll be taking Shi Qi outside in two days and it would be better for you not to come with us.”

Ning Meng subconsciously rejected him, “No, I have to be by his side.”

Shi Qi leaned even closer towards her.

Shi Shanjin was rendered at a loss, “Mom. You’re too old for this. It’ll be dangerous for you.”

Hearing him say this, Ning Meng became suspicious. “It’s because it’s dangerous that I want to go. Seventeen is still young. Where are you planning on taking him?”

For what reason were they going to such a dangerous place for? Was it possibly to look for a heavenly treasure like those written in fantasy stories?

After being locked in an impasse for a while, Shi Shanjin sighed and said, “We’re going to the Ghost Market. I heard that a certain thing was going to appear there.”

Ning Meng evidently appeared as though she did not understand. Her ears also weren’t too sharp and afraid of making a fool of herself, she secretly asked the system what it meant.

Fortunately, the system was able to give her an explanation. Every 15th of the month in the lunar calendar, ghosts would gather in place which they call the ghost market. Even though they call it a ghost market, not everything inside were actually ghosts. It could be said to be a place that connects the human world and the spiritual world where one could exchange or buy things that they so desire.”

Hearing this, it didn’t sound too different from a market of the human world. However, the only difference was that the sellers were definitely not human.


Actually, whenever grandma is nagging me.

I can’t bear to tell her that I’m actually spacing out.


——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: I misjudged you! I never thought you were a child like that, Shi Qi!

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