Chapter 17 Entering the Ghost Market

Shi Shanjin naturally knew the rules of the ghost market.

His mother always liked to get involved in matters and his father was clearly accustomed to going along with whatever she wanted when he was young. Now, as her sons, their words still remained as powerless as before. 

He said: “We’ll be going at night, so you can just rest at home. The yin air on the 15th is heavy. Don’t be so stubborn about getting involved if your body isn’t well. I’ll be taking him there myself.”

Ning Meng pondered for a moment, and then asked the system if there were any dangers posed if she were to go. The system answered very simply. It would be alright as long as she took precautions. 

She should be alright as long as she took precautions right?

She insisted: “I don’t even have much years left to live. What could happen to me in one visit? Seventeen is so young, I can’t help but worry. What if you’re unable to take care of matters all by yourself?”

Shi Shanjin was at his wits’ end with his mother, and no longer bothered trying to explain to her. He sent the two people back to the cottage, and whispered in Shi Qi’s ear before leaving.

While on the road, Shi Qi cast a secret glance at his grandma.

Ning Meng seemed to have detected this, and met his eyes, asking with a smile, “What are you looking at grandma for?”

Shi Qi opened his mouth, and the light not far away illuminated half of his fair face. His expression was clearly reflected on his face, and it looked very much entangled.

Just like a wrinkled bun.

A child’s pouting face looked the most adorable, not to mention that he even looked very handsome.

After a long time, he still couldn’t help but said, “Grandma… why are you so nice to me?”

So nice that he didn’t know how to repay it.

Ning Meng was now a grandmother, so she couldn’t do much and merely squeezed his face, “Didn’t you call me grandma? That means you’re my great grandson. If I didn’t care for you, who would? When grandma gets old, I’ll just rely on you to take care of me.”

Shi Qi was originally feeling touched.

However, the two words, great grandson, sounded somewhat peculiar in his ears.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

After Shi Qi had gone to school the next day, Ning Meng stayed in her room, turned on the computer, and typed in the words “Ghost Market”.

Even though the system had already explained to her what the market was about, she still couldn’t fathom it in her mind.

Despite being an atheist in the past, she now believed that ghosts existed. However, the fact that a place like the ghost market existed, brought her a chill.

The computer and mobile phone that Li Chun had prepared last time had been sent over, so fortunately, she was able to investigate it online.

A web page quickly popped up.

“Teach you how to get to the Ghost Market and see whether there are any ghosts in this area….”

“Ghost Market, A Folk’s Ghost Story, Uncle Ghost Tells Stories…”

There were countless articles that had titles like these.

Scrolling down, she saw a question asking what the ghost market was, and a very detailed answer could be found below it. 

“The so-called ‘Ghost Market’, is a mysterious trading market established within the deep isolated mountains. This ‘Ghost Market’ is not alive during the day and only takes place on the first and fifteenth nights of each month which is why it is called the ‘Ghost Market’…. Old people say that half of the people in the ghost market are humans and the other half are ghosts. Both ghosts and humans can be found walking in the same ghost market…” 

Reading this, goosebumps appeared on Ning Meng’s body.

This answer did not differ much from what the system had said. In fact, it was almost the same word for word. Looks like the fact that only a few people really knew about it was really true.

This answer was very detailed, it even introduced a method of getting into the ghost market.

For example, the most common way was to use the moon and stars to point the direction, and to check the password at the sides of certain trees. If the answer was correct, a road will automatically appear. If one were to follow those people and light at night, because they were will o’wisps, one will instead enter a graveyard.

Ning Meng was afraid yet curious, so she couldn’t help herself and continued skimming through the info.

She knew that there would definitely be a currency or transactions taking place in the ghost market, so right now, money was a big question. However, she didn’t think that the answer would also shed light on this and that they relied on whether copper money sinks in water to judge whether it was genuine or fake.

The system responded: “Those who can benefit from the ghost market will inevitably succeed in money or other aspects.”

With that said, Ning Meng’s curiosity was piqued.

She now suddenly felt that those who became rich overnight or other similar suspicious matters, might have had a connection to the Ghost Market.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Ning Meng mulled over it day and night, holding the calendar and looking at it everyday. After waiting for two days, the night of the 15th had finally arrived. 

Shi Shanjin didn’t want her to go, so he had tried persuading her countless times, and couldn’t tolerate her uncooperation. Moreover, if he were to take Shi Qi away, she would definitely get a hold of this, so secretly sneaking away was not a solution. 

In the end, Shi Shanjin put a lot of things on his old mother.

At about 8/9 o’clock, Shi Shanjin picked her and Shi Qi up in a car.

Seeing the car going farther and farther and the surrounding people gradually disappearing from view, Ning Meng couldn’t help but ask, “Where are we going now? Aren’t we going to the ghost market?”

Shi Shanjin said: “We’re going to the graveyard first.”

As soon as the word graveyard came out, Ning Meng immediately shivered.

She assumed that the car was going to drive directly into the gates of the ghost market and that they only needed to get off the car. How did it suddenly turn to going to the cemetery? Was the market actually located at the cemetery?

Sensing her suspicions, Shi Shanjin explained: “The graveyard is just a medium.”

Ning Meng didn’t ask any more questions, and turned to look at Shi Qi.

Shi Qi was rather reticent all night. After getting in the car, he stared out of the window and looked lost in thought. This made Ning Meng lament that her child had grown up and that he had his own little thoughts now.

It was pitch black outside, so Ning Meng didn’t dare to look out. She knew that the road was only going to get bumpier and after such a long time had passed, the car finally came to a stop. 

The driver got out of the car and opened the door: “Young Master, we’re here.”

Shi Shanjin nodded and got off. After waiting for a few minutes without seeing his mother come down, he walked over and knocked on the window door: “Mom, it’s time to get off.”

Shi Qi tilted his head and looked at his grandma.

Ning Meng gritted her teeth and braced herself to get out of the car. The surrounding view nearly made her faint. 

Only when she got off did she learn that they had not reached the cemetery yet, but they would be able to reach the entrance in just a few steps. Looking ahead, there were faint lights around. Not knowing what it was, she merely looked around at the blurry bulged tombs with a branch inserted at the head, which appeared scary under the moonlights.

What made her tremble even more was that she saw some people, which may perhaps not be people. In short, they were like shadows with baskets hanging in their arms, and their waists bent as they accompanied the sounds of insects and wind, which looked very strange.

Perhaps rather than say they were walking walking, it was better to use the word float.

Ning Meng secretly gulped, turning her neck stiffly, and looked at Shi Qi, his hand already firmly grasping hers.

Both the pair of young and the old were simply scared to death.

After Shi Shanjin had finished instructing the driver, he came over and handed a small round mirror to each of them, saying: “After going inside, turn your back to the graveyard, close your left eye, aim the mirror at your face, and look at the mirror with your right eye. When the shadow moves, walk backwards and don’t stop. When you see the surrounding scenery change from what you saw without the mirror, you will have then arrived at the market. Turn the mirror to the front and stay there as you wait for me. 

Ning Meng wanted to let him know that she could already see the shadows moving now.

Thinking this, she couldn’t help but look back, and was stunned. The shadows she had just seen had disappeared, leaving only the bulging tombs that looked the same in the graveyard.

It was as if those “people” had never appeared.

Shi Shanjin didn’t notice her expression. After looking at his watch and seeing the hand point to the middle of the night, he looked up: “Mom, Shi Qi, follow behind me and don’t get lost.”

He then repeated the method he had told them just now.

Ning Meng held Shi Qi’s hands, both people feeling very nervous.

She could also feel Shi Qi’s fear. After all, he was still just a child, and had just half-opened his yin yang eyes to start seeing blurry ghosts. Now he had to go to the ghost market and make deals with them.

Not even talking about him, Ning Meng herself had already died once. And despite being a ghost that was occupying a grandmother’s body, she still felt afraid.

Her eldest son appeared to have come here a few times as he was familiar with the road and did not hesitate at all. Very quickly, he stopped at a corner waiting for them to catch up. 

Ning Meng walked over and bent down to whisper to Shi Qi, “If you don’t see your grandma later, don’t run around. Just stay close to your uncle and don’t look at other people, understood?”

Shi Qi’s teeth were chattering, but he gritted his teeth and responded with an ‘En’.

The moon hung at the branches, signifying that the night had already settled in. She took out a small round mirror and pointed it at the graveyard. In the dark night, the round mirror could be seen clearly, and the branches stuck on top of the graves could be seen.

Ning Meng took a deep breath and slightly squinted her right eye seeing no one in the mirror. When she was about to look back and ask Shenzhen, there was a sudden flicker in the mirror and fuzzy looking shadows started to appear.

They kept multiplying from one to two, to becoming countless in number and they all walked back and forth, never speaking and never stopping as if they were just walking aimlessly. 

Ning Meng quivered. She clenched the handle of the round mirror tightly for fear that she might drop it. Without daring to turn around, she slowly moved back step by step.

There was a whirring sound in her ears, and it was only a very fine sound, which made her unable to distinguish what it was. The seconds ticking by felt like years 

She asked the system in a low voice: “…Are we there yet?”

The system responded: “We’ve arr—”

Before it finished speaking, Ning Meng felt that her whole body seemed to be suspended in air, and the scene before her eyes looked like what could be seen from a train ride. Perhaps it was because her eyes were blurry that the view seemed like undulating ripples.

After the distortion in the view had passed, she had finally recovered her senses.

Ning Meng remained stunned for several seconds, before hurriedly looking at the round mirror, only to see that the scenery inside had changed dramatically.

She stood at an empty area which seemed to be the entrance to a street. The scene behind her looked like a food market. She couldn’t see clearly, so she surmised that it was a stall.

She just didn’t know whether the stall owner was a man or a ghost.

The noises of the wind and insects in the surroundings could not be heard at all. Turning the mirror upwards, the dark sky, which may or may not be called a sky anymore, looked as though a black curtain was covering everything.

The system spoke out: “You’ve arrived at the ghost market.”

Ning Meng’s worries had eased seeing that she had arrived, and turned around slowly while holding the round mirror, facing the outside.

This place was unbelievably quiet and even more depressing than she imagined.

The system reminded: “Once you turn around, you’ll be seeing the ghost market, don’t say anything, treat yourself as mute person, otherwise, something may happen.”

Even if a ghost might not feel much towards an old woman.

Ning Meng listened to this and took a few deep breaths again. Just as she was about to turn around, a hand had suddenly landed on her shoulder.

Rendering her immediately frozen in place.


Life goal:

Raise grandma!

Raise grandma!

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Raising his grandmother at the age of 7, becoming a deskmate at 17 and a love rival at 21. The missions are arduous, Seventeen will need to put in a lot more effort. 

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