Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 15 Raven and Opening Yin Yang Eyes

Although Ning Meng was afraid of ghosts, contrary to what one might expect, she wasn’t completely unknowledgeable about them.

In fact, the reality was quite the opposite. Because she was afraid of ghosts, she searched up anything there was to know about them to avoid anything unexpected from happening. 

Seeing someone standing on their tiptoes wasn’t anything new. In fact, veterans would know about a typical scene like this. It could even be considered as a cliche, because it was, without a doubt, a very common horror scene.

Humans naturally didn’t stand on their tiptoes, unless they had very special situations.

In Director Wang’s current case, it was easy to see that because the ghost was behind him. Director Wang may not be aware of it but he was standing on the ghost’s legs which was why his heel naturally stood up.

In simple words, the ghost had possessed his body.

Shi Shanjin was able to see through this, hence, he did not make a move.

Shi Qi suddenly spoke, “Grandmother, why is he standing on his tiptoes?”

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Shi Shanjin moved quickly and within just a few seconds, Director Wang laid on the ground. A figure of red also appeared before Ning Meng floating in the hallway.

As the moonlight shone over, the hallways appeared as though it was dyed with fresh blood, the sight making one’s blood run cold.

Ning Meng was nearly about to break into applause.

Her son was simply too powerful!

However, her happiness hadn’t lasted long because in the next moment, Shi Shanjin was thrown over and had crashed onto the walls, producing a loud sound.

Ning Meng, “…….”

She was wrong. She shouldn’t have possessed the evil grandma’s body because in the novel, the grandma was said to have eventually died.

Once their main offense, Shi Shanjin, was down, she and Shi Qi would become powerless and would immediately become a target in the red ghost lady’s eyes.

This was especially the case for Shi Qi who was a walking piece of Tang Seng meat.

Shi Qi didn’t know what had just happened. He only felt his grandmother’s grip turn stronger before she pushed him away and shouted, “Run!”

Ning Meng’s brain turned quickly. Since she had already died once, dying once more wasn’t a problem. Shi Qi was still too young. If he was eliminated this early, time and space would collapse.

However, before she could even push the child away, her legs stumbled and she fell onto the ground, hitting her head and losing consciousness.

Shi Shanjin, who was laying at the side, stirred. Pulling the thread out, he prepared to take action again.

Seeing grandmother fall down the ground, Shi Qi started panicking and rushed over, calling out to her as though he hadn’t detected the imminent danger.

The red ghost lady became extremely excited at the sight of Shi Qi and was unable to hold herself back from floating over. She quickly fluttered past Shi Shanjin and ignored the black thread.

Feeling a cold chill behind him, Shi Qi turned his head abruptly and only saw an empty hallway.

The female ghost touched his body but had immediately let go, screeching in a loud voice. 

Hearing this, Shi Shanjin instructed, “Shi Qi, grab a hold of her! She’s right in front of you!”

Although he was still young, Shi Qi was able to understand what he was being told to do. As such, he quickly reached a hand out and thrust it mid-air to clutch onto something. And just as expected, he was able to grab on a certain tangible thing.

A sharp shriek weakly resounded in his ears.

Shi Qi couldn’t help but muster his courage and used both hands to grab onto the other party and fiercely charged towards her. The jade that hung on his neck slipped out of his clothes and stuck close to the red ghost lady’s body.

Her shrieks sounded more and more miserable before gradually dissipating, only leaving behind echoes in the hallways. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

By the time Ning Meng woke up, she found herself laying on the school principal’s sofa, the hallways outside lit up.

The system popped out, “Your great grandson managed to eliminate the ghost lady.”

Ning Meng, “!!!”

What was this mysterious turn of events?

The system started explaining all that had happened while she was unconscious. Truth be told, the system didn’t think that Shi Qi would suddenly show his abilities. Even though it might not be considered as such, it was still a show of his latent potential.

Shi Shanjin, who was also recovering at the side, also didn’t expect that Shi Qi would be able to eliminate the ghost.

As for Shi Qi, he was sitting at the side, wearing a blank face.

Seeing this, Shi Shanjin’s gaze turned even more complicated.

Originally, he thought Shi Qi was just an ordinary kid who hadn’t opened his yin yang eyes, and that bringing him up normally would be enough. Who could’ve expected that he would actually have such a power and compared to the other members of the Shi Family, he was much more outstanding. 

It was as if he was born for this kind of job.

Being able to eliminate a ghost at such a young age would only make him more amazing once he started learning tricks of the trade as he grew up. 

If Ning Meng were to know what was going through his head, she would probably snort coldly at him.

Not only was he outstanding, he was just too fucking awesome.

In the future, there were going to be more formidable ghosts looking for Shi Qi and trying to eat him. However, they would eventually end up being used by Shi Qi and becoming his claws.

Even the Death God of the human world wouldn’t be able to match up to him.

As for Director Wang and Liu Ji who had fallen unconscious, an ambulance had already been called to send them to the hospital.

Being possessed by a ghost for a short time wouldn’t pose any major problems, it’d only make their body feel weak for a period of time. Liu Ji would also be fine once he had awoken.

After returning to the Shi Residence, Shi Shanjin flipped the documents open.

The document contained the information of a girl called Wang Lan. She was a girl who had delicate features, making it hard to link her with the unsightly red ghost lady.

The hidden secret was now going to be uncovered.

The document noted that Wang Lan had gotten into trouble with her roommate more than once. In the end, the matter was left unsettled and instead, she had been the one to have received punishment..

The very last case accounted that her roommates had stripped Wang Lan of her clothes and locked her in the only toilet in the dorm, throwing things inside from time to time from the outside.

There weren’t too many specific details written inside but it was noted that in the end, Wang Lan was burned to death.

The field that caught on fire burned for an entire two days. At the time of the incident, the firemen failed to put it out completely so they were only able to brave the fire and rescue the three roommates.

And because Wang Lan was trapped in the bathroom, and the fireman couldn’t open the door, as the fire continued to grow stronger, Wang Lan continued to grow weaker.

By the time the fire had died down, everybody rushed inside only to see a blackened corpse whose remains nearly got burnt into ashes. It was a spectacle too horrible to endure.

Shi Shanjin wore an expressionless face. He had seen such tragedies occur far too often, and they were all man-made.

Looking further down the road to the event that happened 5 years ago, another case of pen fairy happened and it ended a lot better than what had happened to Su Qingqing and her friends. Their deaths occurred much more naturally and because of this, the Shi Family hadn’t gotten wind of it. 

Strictly speaking, he had seen it in the news but hadn’t thought too much of it.

After closing the file, Shi Shanjin unconsciously tapped his fingers on the table.

Tonight, Shi Qi had done something that stunned him. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Ever since they came back from the hair-raising incident that happened at school, Ning Meng returned back to her own little cottage. 

What a thrilling experience that was. She really thought that they were all going to be killed by the ghost. In the end, she didn’t expect that Shi Qi would showcase his amazing prowess.

She lowered her head and saw that Shi Qi had not awakened yet, and couldn’t help but pinch his face.

Ning Meng muttered in a soft voice, “I’m going to depend on you from now on, ok? As expected, great grandson is the best.”

It was better to follow someone who was powerful.

“…..” Shi Qi. who had yet to open his eyes, heard her mutter this sentence.

Li Chun and Li Xia had already prepared a meal early on and carried it over for the pair of grandma and grandson, waiting upon them to finish eating and drinking the whole meal.

Once they had filled their bellies, Ning Meng finally returned to her senses.

What happened in the afternoon was too stimulating.

She sat there and sighed ruefully, thinking that in the coming future, much more stimulating events were going to occur.

Shi Shanjin had instructed someone to call Shi Qi over to the main residence.

Ning Meng couldn’t put down her worries for the brat so she went along and didn’t think that they would arrive at the basement where it was extremely cold.

She knew of this room since it had been described in the novel before. This was the room where the Shi Family members came into contact with ghosts. They would also carry out a couple of array tests here.

The room was very empty, holding nothing inside apart from a table and a wooden chair. It was like a spitting image of a secret room that was located inside a study room back in the ancient period.

There were plenty of things placed on top of the long table and there was even a live raven standing at the edge of the table. It stood there without moving a muscle, nor flapping its wings or making a sound.

Seeing her come over, the raven tilted its head and stared at her..

Ning Meng couldn’t help but ask, “What’s all this?”

The raven suddenly cawed at her.

Surprised, Ning Meng stumbled back a few steps. Ravens were a sign of misfortune. She wouldn’t be meeting any ill-fated incidents in the coming days, would she?

Shi Shanjin placed his things down and replied, “We’re opening his yin yang eyes.”

“You want to open Seventeen’s Yin Yang eyes?” Ning Meng instantly responded back.

Shi Shanjin nodded, “His constitution is out of the ordinary and I’m sure you’ve seen it in action with what had transpired the other day. If we are able to open his yin yang eyes, his skills would definitely improve.”

If there was a way to open them, why did you not try it out on yourself?

Sensing her suspicions, the system replied, “Did you think he hadn’t tried it on himself before? The Shi Family only has this kind of constitution. The fact that they have the ability to react to the supernatural today is already a gift from the heavens. It’s impossible to hand down such yin yang eyes genetically.”

Shi Qi sat on the chair and was blindfolded. 

Hearing grandmother’s voice made him immediately put down his vigilance, however, he still couldn’t help but whisper, “Grandma….”

Ning Meng walked over and rubbed his head, saying, “Seventeen, don’t be afraid. Grandma’s right here.”

Shi Shanjin first squeezed out a liquid droplet on top of Shi Qi’s eyelids before instructing him. “Open your eyes.”

Shi Qi obediently did as he asked.

Shi Shanjin then pointed to the corner, “What do you see?”

Ning Meng’s eyes glittered. Even when she had presbyopia, she had also expectantly looked over to the direction Shi Shanjin pointed to.

If Shi Qi’s yin yang eyes were opened successfully, she wouldn’t have to come up with a way herself. The system previously proposed to use the pen fairy as a chance to open them, however, it didn’t even prove to be useful.

Unfortunately, Shi Qi shook his head.

Shi Shanjin nodded without a sliver of disappointment on his face.

Ning Meng looked at the direction Shi Shanjin had pointed to, not knowing what it was he was supposed to see. But as soon as her gaze landed on it, she started quivering. There was actually a little ghost in the corner appearing as a black blob.

The system explained, “What he had just rubbed in was the tears of a cow, however, it proved to be of no use.”

A cow’s tears would only work in certain situations and Shi Qi certainly belonged to those with special circumstances so ordinary methods wouldn’t work on him.

Seeing that a cow’s tears did not do the trick, Shi Shanjin used another object and just as before, rubbed them on Shi Qi’s eyes.

Ning Meng asked the system, “What is it this time?”

The system responded, “I think….it’s dew collected from a willow that hasn’t seen light for a day during Tomb Sweeping Day.”

After a while, Shi Shanjin asked the same question again.

However, Shi Qi still responded with the same answer.

Seeing that both methods didn’t work, Ning Meng felt a bit disappointed. Wasn’t it too difficult to open a pair of yin yang eyes? Did she have to wait until she fell to her death and bleed to do so?

On the other hand, Shi Shanjin remained extremely calm. Turning around, he placed the raven on his arm.

This room wasn’t very well lit so Ning Meng couldn’t see what his oldest son was trying to retrieve. She only knew that he was doing something to the raven.

A moment later, the scent of something fishy wafted over. It wasn’t the stench of blood but was something that was oddly moist and dark.

Ning Meng furrowed her brows, appearing a little disgusted. Just as she was about to ask, the system replied, “Your son was gouging out the raven’s eyes.”

Hearing this, Ning Meng nearly spat out.

What did gouging raven’s eyes have to do with opening yin yang eyes?

The system explained, “Among the people, there’s a way to open yin yang eyes by swallowing the eyes of a raven. Your oldest son’s raven isn’t ordinary. It’s not a raven from the natural world, it was materialized from the black air gathered in the cemetery.”

All kinds of resentment in the cemetery were extracted to form this raven. From nothingness to something tangible. And so, it was quite beneficial to those who needed to see the supernatural.

Because what they were going to eat, was yin air.

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