Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 14 In the future, I’m going to protect grandma

As if to confirm Ning Meng’s words, the door opened with a cry.

Fortunately, the door to the principal’s room was of a good quality. As such, it didn’t emit any creaking noises that incited fear, but the sight of the gloomy and dark hallway still made certain people shiver uncontrollably.

Ning Meng held Shi Qi’s little hand, feeling terrified. Let’s not even mention how Director Wang and Liu Ji were faring in such scary circumstances. 

They both had never come across such bizarre matters, so now that they had seen these occult events happening first-hand more than once, the fear that accumulated nearly made their hearts jump out of their throats.

That Mr. Shi clearly did not have any intentions of helping them.

They could also understand why. After all, the choice was evidently clear when asked to choose between your old mother or a couple of strangers you weren’t familiar with.

Detecting that something was odd, Shi Qi flipped his head back for a look.

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Why did it suddenly turn so cold when he hadn’t felt anything earlier. Moreover, who opened the door just now…it wouldn’t have been a ghost right?

Thinking this, he became even more terror-stricken and he quickly clutched onto Liu Ji’s hand.

Liu Ji himself was also quivering, and so, the two people shook together.

After trembling for a long time, the two people eventually fainted and took a dive down to the ground, producing a large crashing noise.

On the other hand, the system was giving Ning Meng a live broadcast of what was currently happening, “….The ghost lady has just entered the grounds. She’s currently at the doorway, floating. Alright! She has just directly passed over the two directors that are unconscious on the ground and is heading straight for us!”

Hold on a second, why did this excited tone sound like he was relaying the Olympic Games… Ning Meng grumbled on the inside. However, once she felt a breeze scrape against her, she immediately carried Shi Qi in her arms.

Fortunately, Shi Qi was quite scrawny and he didn’t have much meat on him. 

Although she was already quite old and her physical condition was quite frail, she was still able to lift up a little child.

Ning Meng hid behind her oldest son and poked out a head to watch the events unfold.

The system spoke, “…..Ladies and gentlemen, right now we see that your oldest son has just thrown away his bracelet. Let’s put our cameras closer to it. It looks like a string of Buddhist prayer beads. The ghost lady has let out a mournful scream….before oooohh, getting hit by it!”

Shi Qi felt relieved being inside Ning Meng’s arms and whispered, “Grandma, what’s wrong?”

Ning Meng shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

She could also hear the screech the ghost lady made and not only did it sound hoarse, it also sounded unpleasant to the ears, completely different from Du Li’s screech.

The reason why Shi Shanjin had taken out all the objects that warded off evil in the office was to lure her in. 

For a principal’s office to carry so many objects that warded off evil must mean that there was a secret that could not be divulged.

According to the events that had happened before, it was most likely that the principal himself had also experienced bizarre events happening to him, which was why he chose to decorate his office this way.

And just as he expected, once the sky had darkened, the target had appeared.

When the Buddhist pearls collided against the ghost lady’s body, the string broke apart and the beads fell to the ground, emitting clatter noises which were crisp and pleasant to the ear. 

In reality, Shi Shanjin didn’t know what the ghost looked like, he merely formed a conjecture according to the information given.

She was most probably someone who had burned to death and became a ghost due to lingering resentment. Unwilling to let go of the pain she had received, she returned to the human world.

The school principal concealed this matter for he was afraid that the incident was not as simple as how it was reported in the news.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

As the red ghost lady continued to approach them, Ning Meng could also smell an odd scent.

It smelled as though something had been scorched.

The system responded, “That’s right. She was burnt to death.”

Ning Meng quivered. Even though she had never personally experienced it, she still knew what it felt like to be burned alive. It was no wonder that her resentment was this heavy.

Who could’ve expected that the red ghost lady’s original slow speed, would suddenly pick up pace as she dashed towards Shi Shanjin as though she was eyeing a delicious prey.

Ning Meng only saw Shi Shanjin carry out a few gestures before blood started to drip down everywhere around them.

Blood dripped down from the office table to the ground and in just a few seconds, the ground became steeped in blood, the stench of rust becoming more intense.

Shi Shanjin reached a hand out to sprinkle some white grains onto the ground and the scarlet red blood returned back to its source as though it was being sucked, eventually disappearing. 

She asked the system, “What was that?”

The system responded, “Grains.”

The ghost lady was originally hit by the Buddhist pearls and was a little hesitant. Seeing the current situation, she flew into a rage out of humiliation and started to crawl on the brick walls.

The system continued to explain what was happening to Ning Meng, “She’s currently climbing the walls and eyeing your grandson and she looks a little ugly.”

Ning Meng started having cold sweat, “Why is she staring at Shi QI?”

Shouldn’t ghosts be afraid of him?

The system explained “It’s naturally because your great grandson’s constitution is out of the ordinary. If Du Li weren’t weak, she would have also seized him. Since you can’t see clearly, you wouldn’t be able to see the thirst in their eyes. Eating him would boost their powers but of course, they’ll only be able to gain that power if they weren’t afraid of him.”

As expected, Shi Qi had a constitution akin to Tang Seng meat. 

There was only one difference, which was that ghosts were still afraid of him. 

They were afraid of him yet they still wanted to eat him. It was truly such a conflicting dilemma.

Ning Meng looked at the little bean sprout and rubbed his head. Revealing a kind, merciful expression, she thought to herself that her great grandson was too pitiful.

Shi Qi started getting scared because of her gaze. His clear green eyes looked like fireflies in the night, beautiful and mysterious.

Shi Shanjin was not in a hurry. While the grains were still on the ground, he lit an incense near the office table, and the scent quickly floated out, pervading the entire office room. 

Unsure of what the scent was made of, it made the ghost lady start twisting up and she carelessly came into contact with the grains on the ground, emitting black smoke.

She started screeching loudly before hurriedly retreating and disappearing from the office, and the door closed shut.

Shi Shanjin let out a breath of relief. 

This scent was something he had been hiding for a long time. He carried it with him as a way to guard against the unexpected. Having not expected that he was still unable to eliminate the ghost despite using it, it looked like he needed to prepare a bit more the next time a similar case happens.

The lights inside the school principal’s room turned on again, and brightness was restored.

Shi Shanjin turned around and said, “Mom, let’s go.”

Since the ghost had already escaped, they wouldn’t be able to catch it now. It was better to bring the documents home and go through them to save them the trouble.

Ning Meng came out from behind and cleared her throat, maintaining an extremely calm look on her face as she coldly responded. “Alright, let’s go back. Aiyo, my legs are aching.”

Shi Qi was led along by her, and he carried the same expression on his face.

Although it looked a little ridiculous for a child to have this expression, in Shi Shanjin’s eyes, it appeared as though this child was best kept together with his mother.

Before they could even leave, Director Wang had also climbed back up to his feet.

With chattering teeth, he asked, “Mr. Shi, what happened?”

Ning Meng didn’t have any good impressions of him. He was completely unreliable, fainting at the most important moment. Now that he had finally roused, what use was it? 

However, thinking about it, since they were both ordinary people, it was natural for them to be terrified in the face of horror.

Shi Shanjin did not say anything and only exhorted them to bring the bonsai and pixiu back to its original place before taking the school principal’s documents away with him.

Although Director Wang initially wanted to ask for the school principal’s permission, in the end, he couldn’t utter a word out.

Once they departed the school principal’s room, Ning Meng followed behind Shi Shanjin closely and told Shi Qi what had happened earlier in a soft voice, “There was a ghost just now, did you know? In the future, you should learn from your uncle so that you can protect grandmother.”

Shi Qi nodded his head profusely.

Although he couldn’t see where the ghost was, he knew the gist of the situation as Uncle simply didn’t have any intentions of concealing it from him.

He was able to hear a sliver of the voice and could immediately guess that it was a lady ghost. It was a pity that he couldn’t see her. 

Shi Shanjin spoke out, “Carry the jade that your father gave you at all times and don’t throw it away. In the most urgent of cases, it will help you block disaster.”


Shi Qi knew that the mourning hall used these jades to maintain a safe and soundless atmosphere.

The lights in the hallways appeared to be faulty. Unsure of whether it was the doing of the lady ghost and even though she had her oldest son and great grandson by her side, Ning Meng still couldn’t help but feel a bit scared as she walked through the hallways.

And once she had gotten scared, she couldn’t stop shaking.

Shi Qi looked at his grandmother in the dark, thinking to himself. Grandmother must be really weak towards the cold. She had already quivered a few times today

A person behind them called out, “Mr. Shi!”

It was Director Wang’s voice.

The three people turned their heads simultaneously and it seemed as though a faint moonlight shone outside as they were able to see Director Wang’s plump figure standing in place.

“Mr. Shi. You forgot something.” He said.

Director Wang didn’t seem to have any intentions of walking over so Shi Shanjin furrowed his brows and did not move an inch.

Ning Meng asked, “Why doesn’t he come over himself? Did he want us to go over? In his dreams!”

Shi Shanjin lowered his voice and said, “Mother, best be careful and don’t go over.”

His words sounded a little baffling and just as Ning Meng was about to clarify his meaning, the system in her head suddenly rang out, “Don’t go over.”

Since both people uttered the same advice, she was rendered even more confused, so she asked, “What’s going on?”

The system responded, “Look at the heels of his feet.”

Ning Meng squinted her eyes to look. 

Although her vision wasn’t the best, she was still able to see a rough view of things and they hadn’t walked too far away. Moreover, they had just the right amount of lighting. 

Director Wang remained standing in his place, his expression indiscernible, however other parts of his appearance remained the same. Yet, as you continued to look further downwards, one could find him standing on his tiptoes.

The heels of feet hadn’t even touched the ground as though he was wearing invisible high heels. Yet he was able to remain standing stably as though he himself didn’t notice his peculiarity at all.

Director Wang kept speaking, “Mr. Shi, come over.”

Ning Meng only felt her scalp turn numb and a slight chill ran up her spine.


Grandmother seems to be a bit terrified of ghosts.

But I’m not afraid.

So in the future, I’ll be the one protecting her.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Little lovelies, do you know what it means when someone’s heels don’t touch the ground?

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