CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 99

Bao Er acted like them and said nonchalantly: “Nothing, if a dog bit me, I surely won’t have the same opinion as it, since there is a difference in the level of thinking!” She smiled sweetly at them.

She then walked away to go to the washroom.

“Wait, you horrible poor person, you actually disgrace us like this. If I don’t get even with you now, I can’t relieve this hatred in my heart.” The person who said that stood up swiftly and walked towards Bao Er. She lifted her hand and was about to give her a slap.

“Ai Ai, it’s an honorable thing to beat someone up in public!” Zhong Yufei who suddenly appeared from nowhere winked with his peach blossom eyes, his hand squeezing the girl’s hand that was about to beat Bao Er up.

Then his head turned towards Bao Er, shaking his head while looking at her in resignation. “Baby doll, you’re just too weak, you even get bullied like this!”


That person tried to shake her hand away, but she found that the difference in stamina between a male and a female wasn’t as easy as spewing words. She couldn’t shake him off at all.

“Little President Zhong, you’re hurting me!” She looked at Zhong Yufei with agony. Her eyes were slightly red, as if tears would flow out at once.

When Zhong Yufei heard that, he put his attention on her hand. “Tsk tsk tsk, look at this thin and tender small hand, who knew how much time and skin care was put on it! But this small hand was actually an arrogant and noble lady’s weapon to hit someone. Have you ever thought of the consequences after you slap someone like that!”

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Zhong Yufei nodded, “It’s good to reflect on your mistake and know how to repent. Next time when you want to insult someone, you should choose someone weaker who is without any power behind them. You can’t afford to offend some people, understand?” Zhong Yufei advised.


“Yes yes, I won’t dare to do it anymore next time. Thank you Little President Zhong, I won’t bother you anymore, we have other things to do, we’ll leave now!” She left gloomily afterwards.

“Yo, Director Tang is also around? I actually didn’t notice you until now!” Zhong Yufei saw Tang Yuening who was at the side. He said that while patting his head.

Tang Yuening smiled faintly, “It’s okay, I’ve only just arrived! Bao Er came here with Young Master Zhong?” She looked at both of them curiously.

Bao Er frowned when she heard this question, she didn’t know why Tang Yening kept holding on to this question persistently. When did she become so important that she kept wondering who came here with her?

“You can think that! Isn’t it, baby doll?” Zhong Yufei asked Bao Er flirtatiously.

Hearing his laugh that was filled with playfulness, Bao Er pouted her mouth, feeling extremely speechless.

Baby doll, you are the baby doll! Your whole family are baby dolls!

Bao Er glared at him angrily.

Zhong Yufei touched the tip of his nose. It was rare to see this kind of emotion from her, wasn’t it? But it wasn’t bad to become a small porcupine just now as well, it wasn’t good to be a small white rabbit that was too weak and too small. She should explode when she has to.

Ah Mo was even worried about her, but it seemed like there was not too big of a problem! To let a small president of the Zhong organization take care of a few little girls was just wasting his talent.

“Hey, where are you going? How should I find you later?” Looking at Bao Er’s back who was gradually walking further away, Zhong Yufei quickly asked.

Bao Er turned around and pointed at the front, then pointed at Zhong Yufei’s direction. “To the washroom, I’ll still be here later.”


Because of Zhong Yufei’s help to clear the scene, those rude people were nowhere to be seen anymore. She naturally didn’t need to worry about this problem anymore.

Perhaps she should be thankful to him, otherwise she might not be able to escape from this.

After Bao Er returned from the washroom, she found that Zhong Yufei was sitting in her original place. He crossed his legs together and looked at the surroundings with great interest. His eyes were opened so brightly, looking at the beautiful ladies.

“How did they offend you just now?” Seeing that Bao Er had returned, he began to gossip.

Bao Er looked at him, feeling speechless. She didn’t understand how a man could be so interested in gossip to this extent. It was just girls who weren’t fond of each other, what were there to ask?

But considering that he helped her to settle the dispute, she still explained to him the whole story.

Zhong Yufei shook his head after he heard that. He didn’t know how many people who thought they were high-class people snuck in. Perhaps they even spent a lot because they wanted to pick up a rich guy.

“Where is Ah Mo? When will he finish his business? I’m so bored!” Bao Er spaced out while looking at the handsome guys and pretty ladies around there.

She did feel that it was quite interesting at first, but as more time passed, the people who passed by seemed to look the same, making her feel bored.

Even if she tried to be low-profile and hid at one side, she was still attacked by other people. She felt so unjust.

She also didn’t recognize those brands. The ones that Tan Jingmo bought were warmer and more comfortable, so she wore them. By doing so, she made others unhappy!

“It won’t be too soon, so you have to stay for a while! This deal is a guaranteed profit for VK, and it will even push VK to a higher starting point. A bunch of people come to fight for it, so naturally it won’t be resolved that fast!”


Zhong Yufei explained to Bao Er while slowly drinking a mouthful of alcohol. Actually, this was considered quite a surprise. Because Sheng Xing only put out the notice at the last minute, so almost everyone was the same and was caught off guard.

“Is this discussion so important?” Bao Er saw the seriousness in Zhong Yufei’s eyes. She couldn’t help but ask.

“Yeah, not just anybody can get hold of Sheng Xing’s exclusive line. To invest in it is the direct source of profit. Towards businessmen who target sales, they naturally won’t give up on this opportunity to earn money.”

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