CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 100

What Zhong Yufei didn’t say was that the guy named Hudson was also here, he was probably competing with Tan Jingmo for the chance to invest at this moment!

He knew a little about Tan Jingmo’s business, so he knew that he had some rivalry with a few people because of the South East Asia market. Hudson was among one of the people who hated Tan Jingmo.

Moreover, many people wanted to be part of Sheng Xing. But those with the most ability were either Tan Jingmo or Hudson, so surely they needed to fight to their deaths for this!

If Hudson invested, then it was highly possible that VK would be washed away. No matter what, Tan Jingmo directly took action to make sure that he did not have a single chance!

But Bao Er naturally wouldn’t understand all these as she was just a young girl, so Zhong Yufei thought that there was no need to talk about this.


On the other hand, just like what Zhong Yufei had said, war was raging.

This was just a small living room, but the people who were sitting inside were not any average people.

Sitting at the front seat was the head of Sheng Xing, Ye Yaochen. He was smiling at the few people in the scene.

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“Then how about President Tan? President Tan is always an important person on the top, now that I’ve seen you today, sure enough, seeing is believing1TN: 百闻不如一见 the direct translation is also ‘it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times’!” Ye Yaochen was more interested in Tan Jingmo. He wanted to see what reasons Tan Jingmo would use to convince him!


Tan Jingmo also glanced at Ye Yaochen who was at the front seat with a look of approval. From the looks of it, Ye Yaochen was not even thirty yet, but he already showed great achievements even though he was still young. Besides, Tan Jingmo also admired him because he started this from scratch. In the past, Sheng Xing was just a small and normal supermarket. Looking at its current scale now, it was already more than ten times its original size.

As for the request that he’d stated, Tan Jingmo looked at Ye Yaochen with smiles, “Recently VK is still penetrating South Each Asia’s market, so naturally we’re unable to offer such a tempting offer like Mr. Hudson. But, there’s another more interesting thing…”

Tan Jingmo paused slightly. Looking at Ye Yaochen’s raised brow and the impatience on Hudson’s face, he then slowly opened his mouth: “I coincidentally went to those few countries for an inspection. I met a girl and happened to help her. That girl seemed to know President Ye!”

Ye Yaochen’s eyes darkened after he heard that. His hand that was holding the chair stiffened unconsciously, but his face still looked calm.

“Oh, that’s such a coincidence, who did President Tan meet?” It better not be that person he was thinking about.

Tan Jingmo’s eyes looked directly at Ye Yaochen, “It is that person President Ye is thinking.”

After he said that, there was a momentary silence in the scene. Tan Jingmo naturally wouldn’t say anything. He’d cast the bait, now it was time to see if Ye Yaochen would eat the bait. As for Hudson on the other side, he totally didn’t understand what they were talking about. Complimenting each other? Admiring each other?

“Damn you Tan Jingmo, be more direct when you speak. How are you still considered a man by twisting your words like that?” He glared at Tan Jingmo with anger, as if he had no other expressions except this one.

Hearing his holler, Tan Jingmo turned around without any expression. He glanced at him scornfully like what Hudson did to him.

“Chinese people like to be more discreet when we do things. We also like to be more implicit, unlike Mr. Hudson who is filthy rich and likes to shout and order others around with a loud tone. But this also shows that Mr. Hudson has the ability to gain enormous wealth, not bad, I regret to say that I am humbled!”

Hudson wanted to scold Tan Jingmo again, but he was cut off by Ye Yaochen.

“Is it her? Where did you meet her? What kind of trouble is she in?” A bunch of questions were thrown towards him. His anxiousness was obvious.


“I apologize, President Ye. As for this question, I can’t simply tell you.” Honestly speaking, Tan Jingmo was very grateful to Ye Yaochen’s massive manhunt that happened some time ago. The small reward that he gained from going to South East Asia this time was to accidentally encounter the person Ye Yaochen was looking for.

So, if Ye Yaochen wanted to find that person, it would be better to seek his help than to search everywhere blindly like a headless fly.

“VK’s exclusive shelf will be stationed tomorrow, all the ensuing discussions will be fully handled by your company’s vice-president. Then can you tell me approximately at which place you met her?”

Ye Yaochen didn’t even blink his eyes as he directly gave the sole opportunity of this exclusive shelf to Tan Jingmo.

On the other side, after Hudson heard that, his face even turned red from anger. His eyes opened so widely like plates, he couldn’t believe that he would get rejected after offering such a tempting condition.

“You’re scheming together to toy with me, isn’t it?” At this time, his face looked literally twisted. He glared at Tan Jingmo and Ye Yaochen furiously.

“I don’t have that energy to toy with you. If you have nothing else to discuss, Mr. Hudson, you can leave now!” After Ye Yaochen heard what Tan Jingmo had said, he didn’t have the heart to discuss business anymore, and straight away asked Hudson to leave.

Hudson was infuriated after he heard that. He wanted to kill Ye Yaochen so much. His intuition was saying that this was their prank. They deliberately made him come here, then toy with him harshly and ridiculed him.

“Good, very well, both of you, wait for it!” Hudson pointed at both of them with a dark face. He ‘hmphed’ coldly, then turned around and left.

How should he describe this in a Chinese phrase?

If this place doesn’t welcome him, there will still be other places that welcome him2TN: From the Chinese phrase 此处不留爷自有留爷处! He wouldn’t worry about not finding other chances!

Tan Jingmo, wait and see VK go bankrupt, witness how I crush you beneath my feet step by step.


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