CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 98

When she heard this criticism, Bao Er raised her head abruptly and looked at the person without any facial expression.

She didn’t mind being ridiculed as a parvenu or being looked down on by others. What she cared about the most was that they didn’t hesitate to say that there was a problem with her family’s teachings.

She could put up with everything, but she wouldn’t tolerate some things about principle easily.

As for the teachings of her family, it was definitely something that Bao Er cared about.

After putting her plate down, she slowly stood up. Her eyes stared directly at that person who fussed with her.


“You’re saying that I have no manners? Rude.” Her tone was normal, there was no frustration in her voice.

The few girls saw that Bao Er only bothered to reply to them after they mentioned that, which made their rage grow even more. Their mouths became even more merciless.

“That’s right! I don’t know if you act like you didn’t hear it when others spoke to you, but completely ignoring us is a very rude manner. Did your parents never teach you this little thing? Even if your parents did not teach you, the teachers at school should have taught you before right? Or did the teachers in your school only care about collecting money and not teach?”

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But, this was also the first time she got so angry after all these years.


Although her parents didn’t treat her that well, they were still her parents. As for family teachings, they were much stricter than the others in the village. This was something that Bao Er never questioned.

But, they only met today yet they put all the blame on her parents without mercy. Bao Er finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Look at you, now you finally show your true colors? You were just sitting there like a decent lady just now, so it was actually just an act. This parvenu is such a smooth talker, we really can’t reach your level!”

“Oh, do you think that when I face your persistent questions and these judgemental interrogations, or such spiteful taunts, I still need to be very thankful and praise you? I’m sorry, since you’re not showing me that, I’ll naturally treat you like how you treat me!”

Their mouths froze and their eyes seemed to be able to shoot fires. The way they looked at Bao Er felt like they wanted to eat her up.

“Bai Bao Er? You’re actually here too?” Tan Yuening looked at Bao Er in surprise, she suddenly had a feeling that she was always seeing her around.

Bao Er raised her head when she heard her voice, then looked towards her.

Tang Yuening who was wearing a fiery red gown was looking down at herself from high up. The surprise in her eyes was obvious. Her beautiful red lips were pulled into a curl that looked just right, but when it fell into Bao Er’s eyes, she felt as if she had been mocked.

Bao Er wasn’t too eager nor too indifferent. She lifted her head slightly. “Hello, Director Tang!”

Tan Yuening was still puzzled about her initial question, “You’re here too? I didn’t see you just now!” She wanted to relieve her boredom at this cocktail party, and she didn’t think that she would meet Bai Bao Er here as well. Tan Yuening was feeling really discontent in her heart.

Bao Er raised her brows when she heard her words. She silently put Tang Yuening into the list of people she didn’t like.

You’re here too? It sounded like she shouldn’t be here, and when she heard this, she really felt that Tang Yuening was an owner who was disgusted by the guest, eager for Bao Er to quickly leave.


She naturally wanted to leave, but Tan Jingmo hadn’t returned yet, so how should she leave?

“Nothing, I’m just here following a friend.” Bao Er silently said. There weren’t many expressions on her face.

“Don’t think about changing the topic. Isn’t it shameful that you as a parvenu were here to befriend others? What do you mean by ‘friend’? From what I see, President Tan only brought you here to see the world because he took pity on you!”

Seeing that Bao Er and Tang Yuening were talking to each other and completely forgot about them, the few girls started to yell at Bao Er.

“Er, what is happening here? Is there a misunderstanding?” Tang Yuening acted like she was surprised, but her eyes sparkled when she heard the words ‘President Tan’. She hoped that it wasn’t the person she was thinking about.

“Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding can it be? She’s just a parvenu, yet she shamelessly came into our upper-class circle to show herself off. Since you have this courage to do this, why don’t you have the courage to admit this?”

The other person also said that after listening to Tang Yuening words. Tang Yuening wasn’t like Bao Er, although she wasn’t from the oldest noble families in T city, Tang family’s influence in T city was not to be underestimated. Besides, she was also VK’s director, which was multiple times better than them, so how would they dare to offend her?

Tang Yuening covered her mouth and asked Bao Er in surprise after she heard her words. “What is happening here? Is there a misunderstanding?” When she said that, her eyes soared around Bao Er’s body. When she saw that her clothes and bag were the newest edition and the latest style of world-class brands, her heart grew cold again.

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