Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 4 Hate?

“Third Miss,” Tantai Jin greeted.

Su Su looked at him warily. It was funny to think that although Tantai Jin was Ye Xi Wu’s rightful husband, he could only address her as “Third Miss”.

It was a complete accident that both of them got married.

The original owner knew that the Sixth Prince liked her illegitimate sister, Ye Bing Shang. She was brimmed with jealousy, so she came up with a malicious scheme. She planned to drug her illegitimate sister at the palace banquet for her to lose her innocence.

Unfortunately, the drug didn’t work on the fat, big-bellied official’s son and her illegitimate sister, but on Tantai Jin and herself instead.


The original owner felt even more embarrassed because although both Tantai Jin and herself were drugged, the pretty and frail boy had no response other than a flushed face.

Finally, Ye Xi Wu couldn’t bear the drug’s effects and ordered him to help her.

The young man looked at her coldly and didn’t move at all. Instead, he sat in the corner with a calm look, watching the lady wriggling her body, moaning and pulling off her own clothes.

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“Yu eye pyke vbl Oxralpp Psoytla ypjle usw vs ldvla vbl ryzynl vss?”

“If the Third Miss doesn’t believe me, you can ask the General.”


Su Su looked at his expression, he didn’t seem to be lying. Suddenly, she figured out General Ye’s intention——

To keep Su Su from being touched by Empress Dowager, and to give her enough respect, he pushed someone else to bear the consequences. Tantai Jin was the most suitable candidate as his identity was exceptionally precarious. He was a hostage prince without any supporters, and he was also Su Su’s nominal husband. If he went, and the Empress Dowager wanted to stand up for the Sixth Prince, even if Tantai Jin didn’t die, he might lose a few layers of skin.

General Ye meant to let Su Su bring along a punching bag.

Su Su looked at Tantai Jin. His face was indifferent, as if he had been used to this treatment for a long time. It seemed like he knew what his role was.

Su Su thought of her fate of dying young, so she held up her chin and asked Tantai Jin, “Do you especially hate our Ye Family?”

Tantai Jin wasn’t even treated like a human by the Ye Family, or even the entire Great Xia Empire.

But, this was already the situation. If Su Su could have come to this world a little earlier, she might have been able to stop everything from happening. But now, she can only prevent the evil bone in the young man from awakening.

Because of his bitter experiences, not just the Ye Family, but even the three realms would suffer once he awakens. So, the first thing she had to do was try to figure out how dark Tantai Jin was inside.

“No,” Tantai Jin answered while looking at her.

Su Su didn’t believe him. The blood of countless people must be sacrificed for the awakening of a naturally evil thing.

“Third Miss, do you particularly hate me?”

Su Su didn’t expect that Tantai Jin had the guts to question her back.


She didn’t need to lie. “Yes. So what?”

“Why?” Tantai Jin asked.

He vaguely felt that something was different. In the past, Ye Xi Wu hated his identity. And now, he had seen the present Ye Xi Wu smiling towards Chun Tao and Xi Xi.

“Hatred is hatred. How can there be so many reasons?” I can’t possibly tell him what kind of existence he will be in the future, can I?

Tantai Jin looked at her and didn’t talk any further. If it was the past Ye Xi Wu, she would never have replied to his question since she felt that it was beneath her to speak with him.

Su Su unexpectedly saw a very faint blank look in his expression. The young man in front of her was not the terrifying devil king of many years later yet. Instead, he was beautiful and weak, without any offensive ability.

Tantai Jin still looked a little sick. The torture from the past two days had cost him half his life.

Su Su thought to herself that if Tantai Jin followed her to the palace, even his remaining half-life would be gone. She felt tired as she recalled how she had urgently helped him reduce his fever, and she still hadn’t recovered from it.

“Go back, don’t follow me.”

Tantai Jin didn’t have any intention of taking the blame for Ye Xi Wu either. But Ye Xi Wu shouldn’t be the one saying this. This woman was arrogant and overbearing, and she loved her reputation and life the most. So shouldn’t she be glad that he’ll be facing the Empress Dowager instead of her?

Seeing him still not leaving, she thought that he didn’t want to disobey Ye Xiao, so she could only provoke him, “You were once a hostage prince that was even humiliated by the eunuchs and palace maids. You will just be embarrassing me if you enter the palace. Scram back to the residence. Don’t hinder me from meeting the Sixth Prince.”

As soon as this sentence came out, Su Su saw a vague flash of rare cold anger in his eyes.


Tantai Jin, word by word, said, “It’s my lowly identity that has humiliated the Third Miss.”

This time, he didn’t hesitate. He turned around and went back to the residence without looking back at her. His face didn’t have its previous blank look anymore.


Someone stopped Su Su before she reached the Empress Dowager’s palace chamber.

It was a young girl who was neatly dressed. She had a whip in her hand and stretched her arms out to block Su Su.

“Ye Xi Wu, you pushed my Imperial Sister-in-Law into the water just a few days ago, yet you still dare to enter the palace now?” The young girl’s long brows stood upright and she glared at her with a murderous aura.

Su Su looked puzzled. Who is this person? She doesn’t look like her rumoured gentle illegitimate sister.

Chun Tao knew that her Miss had knocked her head and couldn’t recognise some people, so she hurriedly reminded her in a soft voice, “This is the Ninth Princess, sister of the Sixth Prince.”

Once Chun Tao said this, Su Su immediately understood.

Countless people hated the original owner, but this Ninth Princess was definitely at the top of the list. The Ninth Princess was favoured, so her temper wasn’t good. She was naturally at odds with the original owner.

In the past, the original owner wanted to marry her brother, so she had even lowered herself to please her.

However, the Ninth Princess was disdained by this. She had always sneered as if she could see through the original owner’s intentions. The original owner was even defeated by her a few times. Finally, she felt so ashamed that she never went near the Ninth Princess again.


On the other hand, the Ninth Princess liked Ye Bing Shang very much.

Previously, when Ye Bing Shang married the Sixth Prince, the Ninth Princess purposely humiliated the original owner until she cried from anger.

This time, the Ninth Princess was also here to complain on behalf of Ye Bing Shang.

“My Sixth Imperial Sister-in-Law’s body is weak. You, a vicious snake-hearted woman, still pushed her into the water. If it weren’t for my Imperial Brother who managed to save her in time, a beautiful woman like her would have died. My Sixth Imperial Sister-in-Law is kind and gentle, she doesn’t want to get back at you, but I will surely not let you go.”

The Ninth Princess wielded her whip, and the whip hit the ground, producing a loud sound.

“Ye Xi Wu, do you dare to compete with me?”

Although Su Su already had plenty of other trouble to deal with, she still couldn’t help herself and said, “It was your Sixth Imperial Sister-in-Law that fell into the water, and she didn’t even say anything, so what are you angry about?”

Wasn’t she meddlesome, not minding her own business1狗拿耗子(gǒu ná hàozi) – dog trying to catch a mouse (being meddlesome)?

Su Su was perplexed, but the Ninth Princess felt that she had been offended, so her expression didn’t look good. “Stop with this nonsense. Are you afraid of this princess?”

She had a nasty temper. After she finished her sentence, her whip was already aimed at Su Su.

A little eunuch appeared in front of Su Su and hurriedly blocked Su Su. “Ouch! Ninth Princess, you can’t do this, you can’t…”

“Scram off!”

The whip hit the little eunuch. Su Su tightly pursed her lips.

She calmed her breathing, looked at the Ninth Princess, and shook her head. “I don’t want to compete with you. This is the Imperial Palace. What if the Emperor and the Empress Dowager are blamed?”

As soon as she said this, the Ninth Princess frowned disdainfully.

Everyone knew that the Great Xia Empire advocated martial arts.

The founding Emperor entered the Dao with martial arts. Since then, regardless of being high-ranking officials, nobles, or civilians, they have been proud of their strong martial arts skills.

General Ye had never lost on the battlefield. Hence, his position in the Great Xia Empire was very high.

The eldest son of General Ye was also said to have extraordinary skills. But the Third Miss’s foundation was just mediocre, and she didn’t inherit any of her father’s demeanour. The Ninth Princess had practised martial arts from a young age, so she could always whip the arrogant Third Miss Ye until she lost her dignity.

But the Ninth Princess was not easy to offend. So, even if Ye Xi Wu wanted revenge, she could do nothing about it. Because of this, the Third Miss Ye had been both angry yet terrified of the Ninth Princess.

Hearing what Su Su said, the Ninth Princess was convinced that she was scared of her.

The Ninth Princess said, “Since it’s this princess who wants to compete with you, Imperial Father and Imperial Grandmother naturally won’t say anything. If anything happens, this princess will take responsibility. You, on the other hand, if you lose, don’t go complain to General Ye.”

As she was talking, another whip flew over.

Su Su pushed the little eunuch away. She finally figured it out. The Ninth Princess knew that she would be entering the palace and purposely waited for her here. She wanted to beat her up to avenge Ye Bing Shang.

The Ninth Princess was used to hitting the original owner. Although the original owner was vicious, she was particularly stubborn and never complained.

The Ninth Princess saw Su Su dodge. Her lips curled upwards. “Someone, give Ye Xi Wu a whip.”

Su Su originally didn’t want to cause trouble. The true cultivation realm that was full of disasters was very particular about quarrelling and reconciling. However, the mortals weren’t like this. They enjoyed bullying the weak.

Since she couldn’t avoid it, Su Su randomly picked a branch from a tree. “There’s no need for that. I’ll use this.” She placed the tree branch horizontally at her side. The girl was wearing a light pink robe, and she was in a defensive stance.

The Ninth Princess angrily smiled. “Are you humiliating this princess?”

Su Su: ……

Whatever you say.

“Don’t you cry later.” The Ninth Princess waved her whip, striking it towards Su Su.

Su Su blocked it using the tree branch. However, a section of the tree branch flew off when the whip hit it.

The Ninth Princess smiled disdainfully.

Su Su didn’t say anything and charged at her. One should be fearless on the path of righteous cultivation. The original owner had been afraid of the Ninth Princess, but Su Su wasn’t. She gracefully faced the Ninth Princess’s whip using the branch as a sword.

Her sword technique was taught by the leader of the Wuji Sect. The sword art of the Wuji Sect had a relaxed and fluid grace to it. A slash could break the mountains and seas.

There was no spiritual Qi in Ye Xi Wu’s body, so she couldn’t use the Qing Hong Sword Technique. She couldn’t even use one percent of the sword’s will.

But for Su Su, it was enough.

The branch skillfully avoided the swift and fierce whip and quickly approached the Ninth Princess.

The whip was originally a long-range weapon. As Su Su suddenly got close to her, she panicked and her arm got whipped. The pain made the Nine Princess let go of her whip. The next moment, the tree branch was pointed at the Ninth Princess’s neck.

Suddenly, the Ninth Princess felt like it was a sharp sword on her neck instead. Subconsciously retreating she stumbled and fell to the ground.

A palace maid hurriedly went to help her up. “Princess!”

The Ninth Princess couldn’t believe it. She was defeated in three moves!

Su Su retracted the tree branch. “If you have nothing else, I’ll go see the Empress Dowager.”

The Ninth Princess’s face flushed red. It was impossible! How could Ye Xi Wu’s tree branch knock her down? In the past, wasn’t Ye Xi Wu always too weak to retaliate? This must’ve been an accident.

The Ninth Princess didn’t believe in the inexplicable. She picked up the whip on the ground. “Stop right there!”

The whip was slyly drawn back, and it was obviously aimed at the other person’s face. Chun Tao was shocked and hurriedly blocked in front of Su Su.

If the whip hit Chun Tao’s face, she would be disfigured immediately.

Su Su became angry when she saw the Ninth Princess’s viciousness. She pulled Chun Tao away and threw out the branch that was in her hand.

The branch was struck by the whip and broke into two. The lower piece fell to the ground, and the upper one flew towards the Ninth Princess’s face.

The Ninth Princess’s eyes widened. Then, just as the tree branch almost hit her face, a jade-like slender hand caught it.

“Imperial Brother!”

Su Su looked over and saw a man with a jade crown on his head and eyes as cold as stars, holding the tree branch.

He was wearing an azure coloured long robe, he had broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and his sleeves were embroidered with cloud patterns. At the moment, he was frowning and looking at Su Su.

Su Su was stunned and murmured with disbelief, “Eldest Senior Brother……”

The person in front of her looked the same as her Eldest Senior Brother, Gongye Jiwu. It’s just that her Eldest Senior Brother had a bit more of the kindness of a cultivator, and the man in front of her was more handsome.

“I don’t know how Little Ninth has offended Third Miss Ye, for the Third Miss to want to attack her this murderously?” Xiao Lin asked coldly.

When Su Su heard his voice, her heart felt bittersweet and a thick, dense feeling of grief, to the point that she almost couldn’t hold back her tears.

But these weren’t Su Su’s own emotions. For her, Eldest Senior Brother was generous, modest, and gentle, and she respected him like she respects an elder brother. So she would never have had these kinds of shameful emotions, like wanting to be in his embrace.

Obviously, it was the fault of the original owner’s remaining emotions.

She suddenly realised that the person in front of her was actually the Sixth Prince, Xiao Lin, who Ye Xi Wu was so in love with.

And Su Su’s Eldest Senior Brother had died in the battle between the immortals and devils for the sake of the common people of the world a long time ago. It was said that the devil king had personally killed him. Soon after that, his lover, Fairy Yao Guang, died with him.

Seeing Su Su staring at Xiao Lin in a daze, the Ninth Princess immediately stomped her feet in anger. “Imperial Brother, fortunately, you came in time. Otherwise, Zhao Yu’s face would be ruined by this woman!”

The Ninth Princess held her swollen wrist and looked extremely wronged.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Xiao Lin asked.

His gaze was slightly cold and it made Su Su uncomfortable. Treading across so many years, she met an old friend once again, but the Eldest Senior Brother that had loved her so much in the past had now become someone else’s elder brother.

He was protecting another girl and coldly confronting her.

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