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Chapter 5.1 Past

The Ninth Princess stood behind Xiao Lin and looked cynically towards Susu. She loved to see Ye Xi Wu embarrass herself in front of her Sixth Imperial Brother.

Su Su felt gloomy. Didn’t the Ninth Princess say that she would bear the consequences of this match? People who go back on their words, such as Ninth Princess, would be killed and robbed thousands of times by the strong if they lived in the cultivation realm instead.

Chun Tao was distraught.

The Third Miss usually cares about the Sixth Prince’s opinion the most. She would be brimming with anger every time the Sixth Prince treated her coldly.

It wasn’t easy for the Third Miss to keep a kind and pleasant countenance right now. It was uncertain if she’d lose her temper again when she returned.


Chun Tao quietly raised her gaze and looked at the Third Miss, but she saw neither a sad nor pained expression on her face.

Su Su quickly adjusted her state of mind. Five hundred years ago, the Eldest Senior Brother still didn’t know who she was, so it was understandable for him to protect his sister. Crossing back five hundred years in time, Su Su felt that she should be happy to see someone who has died once again.

Her Eldest Senior Brother died protecting the sect. He was a hero.

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What else couldn’t Xiao Lin understand? He had a good and honest personality and was a real gentleman. Since his sister had created this havoc, he naturally wouldn’t blame Su Su. “This prince misunderstood. I hope the Third Miss will forgive me,” he said to Su Su.


Su Su didn’t expect that Xiao Lin would apologise, so she quickly shook her head. 

To Su Su, Eldest Senior Brother is the second-best in the world, second only to Dad. She could never blame her Eldest Senior Brother.

In Su Su’s opinion, the original owner’s attitude wasn’t good, but she had excellent eyesight. Her Eldest Senior Brother was upright and benevolent. It was a pity that he died too early.

It was understandable why Xiao Lin hated the original owner so much in the past. First, the original owner always did inhuman things. Second, the original owner argued stubbornly. Even when she did terrible things, she was still confident that she was in the right.

Although Xiao Lin had apologised to Su Su, his impression of Su Su didn’t change.

After all, that day when his wife, Ye Bing Shang, fell into the water, it was really the Third Miss Ye’s doing. So he just gave a faint nod to Su Su, turned around, and left without looking back.

The Ninth Princess didn’t expect Ye Xi Wu, who used to only go crazy, be quiet, not make any trouble, and explain things to her Imperial Brother properly. But, seeing her Imperial Brother wouldn’t help her reprimand Su Su, she stomped her feet, turned around, and ran away.

“Imperial Brother, wait for me.”

After the Xiao siblings left, Su Su turned around and saw Chun Tao giggling.

“What are you laughing about?” Su Su couldn’t help but ask.

“This is the first time the Sixth Prince has gone soft on Miss,” Chun Tao couldn’t help but reply. 

General Ye holds a large number of armies in his hands, so even the Emperor will not touch the Third Miss easily. However, the promising Sixth Prince has never hidden his hatred towards her. In the past, he had always kept a calm face and scolded the Third Miss coldly.


The most severe time was when the Eldest Miss was still unmarried. The Third Miss wanted to slap the Eldest Miss’s face, but the Sixth Prince immediately pushed the Third Miss away.

At that time, the Third Miss was so angry that she smashed everything she could destroy in her room.

Hearing what Chun Tao said, Su Su felt like laughing.

Chun Tao, this silly girl, is really broad-minded. Chun Tao must know that she would be disfigured if the Ninth Princess’s whip really hit her face.

But in the end, this little girl’s heart is still thinking about the love and hatred between her own Miss and the Sixth Prince. But, unfortunately, both of them have been married separately and any romance has long since become impossible.

Xiao Lin just calmly apologised once and Chun Tao was this happy. Just how much did the Sixth Prince hate the original owner?

Su Su thought of the Eldest Senior Brother’s gentle face that had tied her hair when she was a child. Her Eldest Senior Brother rarely loathed anyone, but he treated this body with great disdain.

Su Su felt hopeless of others’ impressions of her now. 


The Empress Dowager made Su Su stay for some time before she let her go.

As General Ye said, Empress Dowager had looked very kind and forgiving.

But Su Su didn’t think this was really so. Empress Dowager should’ve known from the beginning about the Ninth Princess finding Su Su to spar in martial arts, but she didn’t mention a word about it at all.


Su Su guessed that maybe it was the Empress Dowager that allowed the Ninth Princess to come.

After all, if the Ninth Princess had succeeded, Su Su would have been whipped into an embarrassing state by now. Then, the Empress Dowager would’ve comforted her with a few sentences and became a good person in this situation.

Su Su secretly said that it seemed the Ye Family was so famous that they easily attract criticism. Therefore, the royal family must have already been dissatisfied with the Ye Family.

Sometimes, when people forgive you, it doesn’t always mean that they are fond of you, but that they fear you.

In the past, there were often wars to fight, so the Imperial family of Xiao needed General Ye, the “God of War”. However, the country has been prosperous and peaceful in recent years, and the imperial family’s high positions were stable. Hence, it was inevitable that they would begin to feel dissatisfied with the subjects that could threaten their position.

Although Su Su wasn’t born in the mortal world and was ignorant of its rules, she was still able to understand this kind of reasoning. It’s just that she doesn’t know what General Ye thinks.

On her way back to the palace, Su Su suddenly remembered something.

“Do you know where Tantai Jin used to stay in the past?” Su Su asked the little eunuch that was leading the road.

The little eunuch had known the temper of the Ye Family’s Third Miss beforehand, so he didn’t dare to lift his head while he led the way for her. When he suddenly heard Su Su’s question, he hurriedly replied, “The hostage prince used to live in the cold palace.”

“Oh, the cold palace. Can you bring me there?”

The little eunuch looked a little conflicted.

Su Su suddenly remembered what her father taught her- to understand the world’s wisdom when she arrives in the mortal world. Thus, she removed a hairpin on her head and gave it to the little eunuch. “Much obliged, gonggong1gonggong is the term used to call an eunuch.”


“I can’t receive it, can’t receive it.” The little eunuch hurriedly said. It’s good enough if this Miss from the general family didn’t beat him.

“It’s alright, just take it,” Su Su said.

The little eunuch hesitated for a moment. In the end, he kept the hairpin properly and led the way for Su Su.

Not long after, a dilapidated palace came into Su Su’s view.

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