Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 38.2 Opposition

The flower branch and other objects were stained with their blood. The resentment passed through them and grew larger and larger.

Yan Wan glanced at the cold young Emperor and this time, she knew who the saviour was. She tugged on Su Su’s clothes and sobbed, “Lady, save me!”

Su Su stopped Nian Baiyu and said to Yan Wan, “Hurry up and run.”

All the Daoist priests had died. If something also happened to Yan Wan, the resentment would only grow stronger and stronger. When it grew to a certain point, it would be able to seize the flood dragon’s body.

Gritting her teeth, Yan Wan turned around and ran, trying to leave the way she came, but several Night Shadow Guards quietly appeared in front of her.


Yan Wan retreated back to Su Su’s side in fear.

Su Su gritted her teeth and dragged her along to avoid Nian Baiyu’s blade.

The blade’s Qi cut off a strand of Yan Wan’s hair and she was too frightened to cry out. The Night Shadow Guards surrounded them.

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If Su Su wanted to kill her, she couldn’t even resist, so Yan Wan could only gain the initiative by striking first1先发制人 (xiānfā-zhìrén) – an idiom; forestall the enemy/to preempt/to anticipate.


Tantai Jin sneered.

It was unknown whether he was sneering at Yan Wan or Su Su.

Su Su remained silent, but she wasn’t too bitterly disappointed. She already clearly knew what kind of person Yan Wan was when they were still in that room together. She was selfish, and cunning.

A golden thread silently appeared and binded Su Su and Yan Wan. Before Su Su could react, it had pulled them backwards.

Su Su bumped into a hot embrace, and the person who caught her was caught off guard and hastily pushed her away, ashamed and angry.

Su Su stood firm and observed for a long time before she reacted, “Lord Pang?”

It was actually Pang Yi Zhi. 

Pang Yi Zhi glared at her and let out a ‘hmph’.

Behind him stood a man in a sky blue brocade robe. Surprisingly, it was Xiao Lin.

Seeing Yan Wan who flew over, Yu Qing kicked her away and she rolled several times on the ground, her face twisted in pain.

Yu Qing smiled and said, “Yoyoyo, I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that lady, you’re really repaying kindness with enmity2恩将仇报 (ēnjiāngchóubào) – to bite the hand that feeds one (idiom); return hate for love. I’m afraid that if I help you, I’ll be stabbed by you. I’m just a weak scholar, so how will I be able to withstand a stab from the lady?”

Hearing his words, Yan Wan’s face instantly flushed, her face reddened then paled, knowing that this group of people had seen what she did just now.


Su Su snorted with laughter.

“Third Lady Ye, are you alright?” Xiao Lin asked.

Su Su shook her head. 

Tantai Jin squinted his eyes and looked at them, “You’re all seeking death.”

Xiao Lin calmly said, “It’s uncertain to whom the deer falls3鹿死谁手 (lùsǐshéishǒu) – an idiom; the one to emerge victor (i.e. to seize the empire)/prize winner/champion.”

Behind Xiao Lin, a gentle-looking woman stepped out. Su Su ripped the golden thread off herself and found that it was actually Ye Bing Shang.

As soon as Ye Bing Shang walked out, several people’s eyes fell on her.

She fretfully glanced at Tantai Jin, then at Su Su, “Third Sister.”

Su Su nodded at her, which was considered as greeting her back.

Tantai Jin looked at Ye Bing Shang and imperceptibly frowned.

“Hostage Prince, the flood dragon of Mo River had no hatred or enmity with you, so why do you insist on turning it into a demon and awakening it?” Ye Bing Shang asked Tantai Jin.

Tantai Jin didn’t reply. Facing Ye Bing Shang’s accusation, he wasn’t even angry, and was unexpectedly good-tempered.


The young man was born with good looks, and the way he pursed his lips and didn’t speak looked innocent and pitiful. As if everyone else were the bad guys and were coming to besiege him.

Ye Bing Shang softly sighed. Thinking of the hostage prince’s difficult past, the words of reproach couldn’t be spoken. She took out an item that looked like a piece of white scale armour from her sleeve.

As soon as it saw the glowing scale armour, Curved Jade cried out in surprise, “How is this possible!”

“What’s wrong?” Su Su asked.

Curved Jade had lived for a long time and was always steady. It had never lost control of itself like this, and Su Su couldn’t help but stare at that piece of scale armour.

The scale armour was emitting a dazzling light, and one could see that it wasn’t an ordinary item.

“What is that?” Su Su asked with curiosity.

She’d read many books in the library, including ones about the appearances of many divine weapons, but she’d never seen this kind of scale armour before. 

It was the size of two palms, more lustrous than jade, with dazzling light and faintly visible golden lines.

Curved Jade softly said, “Impossible, impossible……”

Seeing Su Su looking at it with a fixed gaze, Curved Jade returned to its senses and vaguely said, “It’s a type of divine…… demon beast’s heart protecting scale.”

Su Su: “It looks amazing. It must be the heart protecting scale of a very powerful demon beast.”


Curved Jade: “You can say so.”

Su Su had heard that for items like the heart protecting scale, most demon beasts would rather die and turn them into flying ashes than easily leave them behind. Therefore, particularly little was known about the heart protecting scale. But, she wondered, how could Ye Bing Shang, a mortal, have this kind of treasure that could rarely be found in ten thousand years? Was it because of this piece of heart protecting scale that the Nightmare Devil haunted Ye Bing Shang last time?

The heart protecting scale flickered in Ye Bing Shang’s hand. She faintly smiled and said to Xiao Lin, “Wangye, it’s in the clam in the flood dragon’s arms.”

Xiao Lin nodded, also revealing a faint smile.

Tantai Jin’s eyes were obscure. Glancing at the clam shell in the flood dragon’s arms, compared to the massive flood dragon’s body, the clam was really too inconspicuous, pathetically insignificant and ordinary.

However, for Xiao Lin to come looking for it, it must be extraordinary.

Su Su looked left and right and asked Pang Yi Zhi, “What did King Xuan come to look for this time?”

Pang Yi Zhi glanced at her and coldly let out a ‘hmph’.

Su Su knew that this lord who had a crush on Ye Bing Shang didn’t like her, so she didn’t bother him anymore.

Instead, seeing she was about to walk away, Pang Yi Zhi’s mouth uncontrollably said, “There is a relic4舍利子 (shèlìzǐ) – Buddhism relics left after the cremation of Buddhas or saintly monks (deposited in stupas for worship); In Sanskrit, it’s called sarira that can restrain demonic creatures inside.”

Su Su looked at him in surprise.

Pang Yi Zhi looked away, “Anyway, that thing can deal with Tantai Jin’s tiger demon.”

Both Tantai Jin and Xiao Lin coincidentally came to the Mo River. One wanted the demon flood dragon and other wanted the relic. For a moment, the situation turned very tense.

Seeing Su Su looking at him, the corners of Pang Yi Zhi’s mouth curved upwards and he clearly explained how Ye Bing Shang found him and asked him to bring her to Mo River to find Xiao Lin.

Pang Yi Zhi spoke to her in a low voice. Afraid of being heard by the people of Zhou Kingdom, he leaned very close to her.

Su Su sensed a cold gaze staring at her and she subconsciously looked towards Tantai Jin, only to see him clearly looking at Ye Bing Shang. 

Did I sense it wrongly? Su Su inwardly thought.

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