Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 38.1 Opposition

Tantai Jin wanted to spit out the pill, but it was too late. Su Su’s finger pressed on his throat and he swallowed it.

Seeing the person in his arms, Tantai Jin’s originally calm face instantly turned scarily gloomy. Su Su wanted to run once she succeeded. One moment the girl’s smiling face was in front of him, and the next, it was far away. The pond silt fell from his face. He looked at her, revealing a twisted smile, “Ye, Xi, Wu.”

Naturally, Nian Baiyu recognised Su Su. She was the girl who danced for His Majesty and almost strangled him to death last time. 

Nian Baiyu sternly said, “Demon girl, what did you feed His Majesty?!” He was looking at Su Su like he was looking at a dead man.

Tantai Jin supported himself on the river rocks, trying to spit out the pill, but failed. This was obviously what he wanted to ask as well. He felt nauseous and looked straight at Su Su.


Su Su said, “It’s naturally a poison that can pierce through the intestines. If you don’t hurry and treat it, it’s easy to die. I advise you to quickly bring Tantai Jin back for treatment. What if he dies of poison later?” 

Why does everyone like to call me ‘demon girl’? They’re clearly more demon-like than me.

Hearing her say that it was poison, Tantai Jin’s expression looked even worse, “What’s the use of having a bunch of trash like you? You can’t even guard against a woman!”

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Su Su struggled to dodge and all her talisman papers shattered. In the end, her shoulder was hit by the Soul Eating Flag and she fell to the ground.


This thing was originally a rare devil weapon, and there was no telling how many people the old Daoist had killed to give it such a heavy resentment.

The Soul Eating Flag circled around Su Su, and under the long narrow flag, the girl’s face was pale.

Seeing Su Su’s talisman papers, the old Daoist knew that she wasn’t simple, and was afraid that he’d met his match. He took out his bell and immediately decided to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots2斩草除根 (zhǎncǎo-chúgēn) – stamp out the source of trouble/eradicate/to eliminate completely by killing her.

Ye Chufeng frowned and he was about to call out to beg Tantai Jin to let Su Su go.

But in the next moment, someone grabbed the old Daoist’s bell. The hand that held the bell was slender and pale.

The old Daoist lifted his head, “Your Majesty?”

Tantai Jin expressionlessly wiped the mud off his face and angrily said, “I ask you to capture her, not kill her!”

The old Daoist respectfully answered, and was just about to retrieve the Soul Eating Flag when he saw the girl recklessly reach out her hand to grab it while he was talking to Tantai Jin.

The Soul Eating Flag, surrounded by dense black Qi, was held by a mortal. Su Su refused to let go and a huge force started to pull her in as it tried to suck her soul into it. 

Curved Jade awoke in shock, “Little Master, what are you doing? Hurry up and let go!”

Su Su pursed her lips. Looking at the black Soul Eating Flag, she replied to Curved Jade in her heart, “The Soul Eating Flag has swallowed the souls of countless mortals. If I don’t kill the old Daoist today, it’ll become a big disaster.”

Curved Jade glanced at the colour of the Soul Eating Flag and its heart sank. Knowing that Su Su’s stance was firm, it could only remind her, “You must be careful.”


The old Daoist priest felt troubled and looked back at Tantai Jin, “If she doesn’t let go, sooner or later, the Soul Eating Flag will swallow her up and this poor Daoist3贫道 (píndào) – I—a poor cleric (self-deprecating form of address used by Taoist priests) won’t be able to do anything about it.”

Tantai Jin looked sinister, “Ye Xi Wu, let go!”

Su Su ignored him, both her hands tightly grabbed the Soul Eating Flag and she drew a talisman in the air using her divine blood.

The old Daoist had an ominous feeling in his heart and hurriedly asked Tantai Jin for instructions, “Your Majesty! We can’t go on like this. The girl wants to destroy the Soul Eating Flag. Once it’s destroyed, we won’t be able to awaken the demon flood dragon. We must kill her.”

Tantai Jin’s eyes were pitch-black, his lips were pursed and he didn’t speak. His grip on the Daoist priest’s bell tightened.

On the other side, Su Su had finished drawing the talisman. She looked up towards the old Daoist priest, “I shall let you, you demon Daoist, have a taste of what it’s like for your soul to be absorbed.”

She released her hand and a golden mark appeared on the Soul Eating Flag.

The Soul Eating Flag left her hand and spun rapidly in the air. Su Su curled her lips and said in a clear loud voice, “Collect!”

The girl’s eyes were clear and bright. The Soul Eating Flag enveloped the old Daoist and he said, “This is impossible, this is impossible!”

He had followed Tantai Minglang for three years and sacrificed so many souls to be able to command the Soul Eating Flag, so how was this girl able to do it!

The old Daoist priest wanted to escape, but he had neither divine blood nor the World Toppling Flower, so how could he escape?

Su Su’s fingers drew patterns as she commanded the Soul Eating Flag to attack the old Daoist priest and he let out horrible screams. Tantai Jin was close to the Soul Eating Flag, so a gash was cut into his face from its energy.


Nian Baiyu was sharp-eyed and deft-handedly4眼疾手快 (yǎnjí-shǒukuài) – quick of eye and deft of hand hurried to pull Tantai Jin away, which spared him from being attacked by the Soul Eating Flag. 

Tantai Jin lifted his eyes to look at Su Su.

The girl was wearing the sacrificial dress and its golden threads glowed with streams of light. Perhaps because they were at the bottom of the river, but her pupils actually had hints of a magnificent and dignified purple. Like a goddess that was holy and merciless, she was persistent in killing the demon Daoist and didn’t even glance at him.

Tantai Jin covered the wound on his face. If it wasn’t for Nian Baiyu’s quick reaction, he would have also been seriously injured just now. He lowered his eyes and muttered to himself, “You always oppose me……”

The old Daoist priest fell into a pool of blood. Losing its current owner, the Soul Eating Flag spun a few times before falling down.

After blowing up the demon Daoist’s dog head, Su Su blinked her eyes, a happy smile rising in them. She covered the pain in her chest. Now that she had the World Toppling Flower in her body, until the fixed time, it would be hard for others to kill her.

Once the old Daoist died, the ritual was difficult to carry out. It would be hard for the flood dragon to turn into a demon flood dragon.

However, in the next moment, Tantai Jin laughed out loud. He casually wiped the blood off his face and expressionlessly said, “Kill them all.”

Su Su was stunned and looked at Tantai Jin. He didn’t look at her and was staring at the resentment above the flood dragon, seemingly lost in thought.

Nian Baiyu flashed behind the Daoist priests, as his hand rose and the sword fell, blood splashed out. The little Daoist priests didn’t even have time to shout before their heads had already fallen to the ground.

In just a few minutes, all the Daoist priests had fallen. The blood didn’t dissolve into the river but was all absorbed by the resentment.

Nian Baiyu and a few other Night Shadow Guards carried knives and walked towards Yan Wan and the others.


Su Su blocked their way, calling out, “Stop it!”

However, she could stop them from killing one lady, but not the others. Soon, the remaining girls’ eyes widened and they stopped breathing.

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