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  • Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

    Chapter 28.3 Protect


    Tantai Jin was sitting upright on the wedding bed.

    The old woman who welcomed the bride sent him here and closed the door. The window was closed, but on a night like this, one could still hear the sound of the wind.

    Tantai Jin removed his veil and looked around the room.

    When he was young, he used to secretly study and be curious about everything, yet now, as he looked around, he still found that the room was filled with great mystery1玄机 (xuánjī) – arcane truth/profound theory (in Daoism and Buddhism)/mysterious principles. The red candles were burning forlornly on the ground and the bed wasn’t placed against the wall. As the air filled with ominous Qi, Tantai Jin’s eyes slightly narrowed. It’s actually an Evil Star Array2地煞 (dìshà) – (in astrology) star determining killings on earth//monster/thug/ gangster; 阵 (zhèn)Arrays are magical formations drawn on the ground for the casting of spells.


    He didn’t know how to break the array, but he didn’t panic either. He would like to see what kind of divinity this Young Master Wang was.

    The sound of heavy footsteps approached, pushed the door open then closed it again. The person who came in turned around and Tantai Jin saw the Young Master Wang who was dressed in wedding clothes.

    His eyes looked extremely hollow, but he had a smile on his face, only his smile was extremely stiff like a mindless puppet. 

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    Once he replaced his eye and meridian veins with this Young Master Wang’s, he could kill whoever he wanted. So what if the eye of a mortal or demonic creature couldn’t be managed for long? There were so many people in the world, so he would always have an inexhaustible supply of eyes.



    The barrier was giving Su Su a headache when finally, Curved Jade woke up and said, “Little Master, let’s try to enter from underground.”

    Curved Jade had existed for tens of thousands of years. Although it lacked spiritual power, it had extremely rich practical experience.

    Su Su nodded and brandished a burrowing talisman from her sleeve. The talisman lit up and her whole body disappeared, but in the next moment, she bounced off again.

    “This demon’s barrier actually stretches underground, it seems like burrowing won’t work either,” Curved Jade said.

    Su Su began to feel anxious, “Tantai Jin is still inside, nothing will happen to him, right?”

    Curved Jade replied, “He’s the soul of the Devil God, demonic creatures should be somewhat afraid of him.”

    “But he’s a sc*m with a fighting strength of five who can’t move. Even if demonic creatures are afraid of him, mortals can easily hit him to death with a stick,” Su Su said.

    Curved Jade was speechless. It was often hibernating and only woke up occasionally, so it didn’t know such an incredible setting5Referring to the barrier that also stretches underground yet.

    The two of them were about to discuss a new countermeasure, but unexpectedly the barrier in front of them began to fluctuate, and in the next second, disappear. 

    Curved Jade said, “The barrier is broken!” 

    Su Su knew in her heart that Tantai Jin must have made some big move. The demon wasn’t able to concentrate on maintaining the barrier and started to concentrate on dealing with him.


    With this in mind, she hurriedly rushed into Landlord Wang’s residence. 

    “Curved Jade, I’ll deal with this myself, you can go hibernate.”

    There was a lake in Landlord Wang’s residence. Su Su walked past it while smelling a strange smell in the air, only to see a large fire stretching out, and walking out from it was a barefoot young man.

    He was wearing a crimson wedding dress, his ink-black hair was scattered, and his left eye was empty with blood constantly gushing out.

    He was covering that eye, his expression ice-cold as he carried something in his other hand.

    There was actually a peach tree right in front of him. It was obviously not the second month of the year yet, but the peach tree was in full bloom.

    The peach blossoms are glowing, looking extremely beautiful at night.

    Even more shockingly, the trunk of this peach tree was actually as thick as a small room. Su Su had been blocked outside the barrier just now so she hadn’t seen it, but now that she was inside she could see that the peach tree was towering high above the clouds6高耸入云 (gāosǒngrùyún) – reach to the sky/as high as piercing into the clouds, and was moving without wind.

    Tantai Jin confronted the peach tree and threw away the thing in his hand.

    It was actually Young Master Wang’s skin. It was just that his skin had long since decayed and his spiritual essence had been sucked dry by the tree demon.

    Tantai Jin never expected that when he’d originally coveted Young Master Wang’s eye, Young Master Wang was already a dead man. He wanted the demonic creature’s eye but the demonic creature turned out to be a tree.

    How could a tree possibly have eyes?


    But it wasn’t without any gain, the tree demon had countless strands7千丝万缕 (qiānsī-wànlǚ) – countless ties/a thousand and one links of meridians, so he simply pulled out a few strands, stuffed them into his meridians, then was able to move again.

    Only after he had gouged out his own eye did he realise that Young Master Wang had been dead for a long time, and now his eye socket was empty and continuously bleeding.

    Tantai Jin tore off a strip of cloth from his clothes and covered his eye with it.

    More branches from the tree demon suddenly emerged, lashing towards him.

    The branches that touched his blood quickly withered, but with such a large tree, even if many branches withered, it still had many other leafy ones.

    The tree demon was afraid of him, yet still wanted to kill him.

    It raged and rushed its branches towards Tantai Jin like a raging storm.

    Tantai Jin’s heart sank and knew that his blood wasn’t enough to deal with such a tree, so he pathetically tried to dodge but was hit by a branch and fell to the ground.

    A soft body hugged him and guided him to dodge.

    “What have you done?” Su Su sensed that demonic Qi was flowing all over his body and said incredulously, “It’s only been a short while and you actually already used the demon’s things?”

    The peach blossoms in the air rustled and fell, trying to form a net to entrap them.

    Su Su realised there was nowhere to escape to, but suddenly, Tantai Jin hugged her extremely tight from behind, afraid that she would abandon him.


    “Let go!” Su Su shouted.

    “Think of a way or we’ll die together.” Tantai Jin said.

    “I won’t leave you behind.” Su Su pried off his arm.

    Tantai Jin tightened his arms, his black pupil was cold as he said with certainty, “You will!” All along the way, everyone was abandoning him, so he forced her to coexist8共生 (gòngshēng) – symbiosis (the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent/each gains benefits from the other) with him.

    Tantai Jin tightly circled her waist and the blood from his eye smeared against the girl’s delicate face. Su Su couldn’t bother to wipe it off as a yellow talisman flew out from her sleeve, protecting them from the peach blossoms’ corrosion. 

    Tantai Jin lowered his eye to look down at her. The girl was very calm. She wasn’t angry at his despicableness, instead she was really doing her best to protect him. She caught a branch that lashed at him and grunted in pain.

    His hand paused and he frowned, perplexed.

    Soon after, the peach blossoms shrunk into a cocoon and swallowed them up.

    Edited by: Gaze

    Translator’s Note: Happy Lunar New Year!!!

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