After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 56

Ji Anning facepalmed.

Sometimes, Wen Yu could be so mature that she didn’t recognize him at all, and other times he could be ridiculously childish.

Of course, Wen Yu wouldn’t admit it.

“What do you mean by childish?” He said confidently, “Let me tell you, when a peacock displays its feathers, it’s something only sexually mature male peacocks do. Immature ones haven’t developed that function yet.”

Then he asked, “What did that messy-haired guy want from you?”


Messy-haired guy…

Ji Anning was speechless for a moment and said, “He asked if I would consider signing a contract with their studio. I went to their studio last week, and he seemed to be the boss.”

“And then?” Wen Yu asked.

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“Tl pyke vbyv kq R pktd, vblu okzz vyjl y rlanldvytl, cwv vblu nyd twyaydvll xl y pvyczl osajzsye,” Kk Gddkdt pyke, “Tl saktkdyzzu oydvle vs ekpnwpp kv qwavbla yqvla osaj, cwv vbld usw pbsole wr, ps R vsze bkx ol nswze vyzj ydsvbla eyu.”

Pkpnwpp kv qwavbla yqvla osaj? Ty!

Eld Zw ypjle, “Ps usw oydv vs pktd?”

Kk Gddkdt oyp ynvwyzzu vsad.

“R byhld’v elnkele ulv,” pbl pyke.

Eld Zw oyp y zkvvzl pwarakple. Mbkp xselzkdt fsc ryke clvvla vbyd bla svbla fscp, yde kq kv oyp pvyczl, Kk Gddkdt nswze yzxspv iwkv yzz bla svbla osaj yde fwpv es vbkp sdl.

Tl vbswtbv Kk Gddkdt oswze elqkdkvlzu cl hlau lytla vs pktd, lprlnkyzzu pkdnl pbl oyp ps eleknyvle vs xyjkdt xsdlu qsa blaplzq.

“Zsw esd’v oydv vs pktd? Ebu?” Eld Zw ypjle nwakswpzu.

“It’s just that… Du Qing… He might…” Ji Anning hesitated, “He might be interested in pursuing me.”


Ji Anning was more sensitive than others. The last time Du Qing asked her to dinner, she knew he was interested in her. If it weren’t for that, Ji Anning might have been eager to sign the contract immediately.

But with that in mind, she had many concerns.

Wen Yu’s temper was too explosive.

His possessiveness is also terrifying.

Ji Anning didn’t want Du Qing to get involved in her relationship with Wen Yu. Having experienced her past life, she hoped that the relationship between her and Wen Yu would be as simple as possible.

The simpler it was, the more they could trust each other.

Wen Yu understood.

Ji Anning wasn’t unwilling to sign; she was just concerned that the messy-haired guy had feelings for her, so she wanted to avoid any suspicion.

Wen Yu had encountered too many women with clouded minds or hidden motives.

Among the women he had encountered, Ji Anning was the poorest. He really didn’t expect that his girlfriend would be so well-behaved and clear-headed!

“Don’t laugh at me,” Ji Anning said, “I’m not making it up… I might be a little sensitive.”

She looked at Wen Yu’s big grin, feeling a bit embarrassed and helpless, which made her even more shy.


“I’m not laughing at you!” Wen Yu grinned and said, “I’m not laughing at you!”

Ji Anning didn’t believe him: “Then why have you been laughing?”

Guanming Road was very close to Huada University. By the time they finished talking, they had already arrived.

Wen Yu parked the car and unbuckled his seatbelt, turning to Ji Anning, saying, “I’m in a good mood today.”

He was in a cheerful mood, and it seemed that something happy must have happened at home, Ji Anning thought.

“In that case,” Wen Yu said with a smile, “If you want to sign, it’s fine. You can talk to him, understand the situation, and it’s not a problem.”

Ji Anning was surprised; Wen Yu could be so magnanimous?

“Really?” she asked skeptically.

“Could it be fake?” Wen Yu shrugged, then continued, “But don’t rush to sign. There are so many photography studios; you can’t just contact one and sign. What if they trick you? Take your time, compare and find a suitable one, and then we’ll sign. Don’t worry, doing business is like this. You don’t finalize things after just one meeting.”

Wen Yu was so reasonable and understanding that it moved Ji Anning!

“Okay, I’ll contact him then,” Ji Anning said, considering, “I’ll take a look at the contract first. Maybe I’ll ask a teacher to help me check it, so I can be reassured.”

After all, it was the Business School, and the teachers there would definitely know more than a freshman like her.


Unexpectedly, she was quite cautious in her actions.

Wen Yu nodded in approval, saying, “Sure, you can show it to me. I’ve seen plenty of contracts.”

“Okay, I’ll show it to you when the time comes,” Ji Anning said, “I won’t sign before confirming everything is fine.”

She looked at Wen Yu and, considering his temper and personality, added, “Before signing, I’ll inform you in advance.”

So, she needed his approval before signing the contract?

Wen Yu playfully extended his hand and rubbed Ji Anning’s head, smiling as he said, “Alright.”

He accompanied Ji Anning to her family’s building and continued to kiss her in the hallway.

The kiss lasted for too long, and the voice-activated lights turned off. In the darkness, their breathing was audible, which easily heated up their emotions. Wen Yu held Ji Anning’s delicate and slender hand, pulling her closer.

“Don’t suffocate me,” Ji Anning said, her breathing also becoming erratic. She gently removed his hand, saying, “I can’t breathe properly.”

As soon as she spoke, the lights came back on. After being in the dark for so long, the sudden brightness made both of them feel a bit dazzled.

“Let’s hurry up and go,” Ji Anning urged him.

Wen Yu said, “Aren’t you coming to play with me? You know Li He and Feng Jinhai, you’ve met them before.”


“No,” Ji Anning said, “My grandmother is at home.”

Wen Yu had no choice but to let her go upstairs before he left.

Back in the Maybach car, he took out his phone and made a call.

“How did the talk about the photography studio go?” he asked, “How much?… Alright, don’t haggle anymore, just agree to that price and quickly finalize the deal tomorrow!”

“And then, make sure they arrange some assignments for Ji Anning as soon as possible.”

“Hold on! Don’t hang up! Don’t rush! Let me confirm one more time, what’s the most important thing? Tell me.”

“Yes, that’s right, very good! Remember to make it clear to them, absolutely! Do not, under any circumstances, expose my identity!”

Since last Saturday when he met Du Qing, Wen Yu had already started working on acquiring the photography studio. However, acquiring a business like this couldn’t be done in just a day or two.

To seal the deal within less than a week, he needed to invest money.

Wen Yu had already figured it out: every problem around Ji Anning could be solved with money.

For instance, her grandmother’s presence almost tied Ji Anning down. Ji Anning felt that she couldn’t do anything without her, be it eating, hospital stays when sick, and so on.

But in Wen Yu’s view, solving this problem was too simple. Either they could hire a professional caretaker at a nursing home, or they could hire a maid or caregiver at home.

It was all just a matter of money. The only issue was that Ji Anning didn’t want to rely on his money, as she wanted to rely on her own strength.

Since that was the case, he quietly decided to lend her a hand.

He understood the principle of giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish. However, in the past, there was no one worth his effort to go through such arrangements.

Wen Yu drove Li He’s car and returned to the place where everyone was having fun. The atmosphere in the private room hadn’t changed much since he left.

Wen Yu told Ji Anning that the people joining them tonight included Li He and Feng Jinhai, who had played squash together. He didn’t inform Ji Anning that her classmate, Sun Yaxian, would also be there tonight.

In Wen Yu’s view, Sun Yaxian was like an invisible person. And tonight, everyone in the private room treated her as if she didn’t exist.

Wen Yu had warned Sun Yaxian not to play any tricks on the people in this circle. Although Qian Haoran had invited her to the gathering, he completely ignored her.

Sun Yaxian immediately experienced what it felt like to be disregarded.

The men knew that she was Qian Haoran’s target and knew what Qian Haoran was up to, so they all maintained a tacit understanding and ignored her.

The girls were divided into two groups.

One group consisted of the heiresses who had assets matching those of the men in the circle. They didn’t bother to interact with the women brought in by the men.

The other group comprised beautiful girls without much money. Economic status determined social standing, so since they were spending the men’s money, they had to follow the men’s lead and treat Sun Yaxian as if she didn’t exist.

Sun Yaxian still wanted to receive gifts from boys and be treated like a princess, just like she did in high school. But in this circle, it was impossible.

In real life, incredibly wealthy and outstanding men didn’t become “licking dogs” (a term referring to someone who excessively panders or flatters another). That scenario only happened in sweet and pampering romantic novels.

In reality, extraordinarily wealthy and successful men didn’t become “licking dogs.”

Sun Yaxian was almost on the verge of crying in panic. She truly realized that compared to these people, she was too immature.

Wen Yu returned in a good mood and tossed the keys back to Li He. Li He asked, “How did it go?”

Wen Yu replied, “How do you think it went?”

Seeing his good mood, Li He knew that he must have slapped someone in the face. He smiled and asked, “What happened?”

“There’s this junior photographer who chased after Anning all the way to her workplace,” Wen Yu explained.

“Oh,” Li He asked, “and then what?”

“That son of a bitch,” Wen Yu gritted his teeth at the thought, “wanted to use her job to lure Anning and convince her to sign a contract with their photography studio.”

“What did Xiao Ji say?” Li He inquired.

Wen Yu teased, “What do you think?”

Li He couldn’t stand Wen Yu’s teasing and gestured with his hand, “Cut the suspense! There are only two possibilities: one…”

“Forget it, forget it! No need to guess!” Wen Yu grasped his finger and laughed, “Anning wanted to refuse because she knows that guy is trying to pursue her.”

Li He knew why Wen Yu was so elated.

“Look at you, showing off!” Li He laughed and said, “This girl Anning is quite clear-headed.”

Ever since he met Ji Anning last time, his impression of her had been positive, and it deepened further now.

“As for your classmate, her mind isn’t so clear,” Li He puffed out some smoke and raised his chin.

Wen Yu followed his gaze and saw Sun Yaxian.

Today, Sun Yaxian was experiencing a cold reception, and she sent out distress signals as soon as Wen Yu arrived. He ignored her.

She walked past him multiple times, hoping to catch his attention. But Wen Yu acted as if he didn’t see her.

“When you left just now, she came over to ask about you. Her mind is truly unclear,” Li He found it amusing. “She received a GUCCI bag and a Van Cleef & Arpels accessory from Haoran, and now she’s trying to string him along? I didn’t know that even first-year college girls had this much audacity.”

Before, Wen Yu noticed Sun Yaxian’s new bag and guessed that it was a gift from Qian Haoran, but he didn’t expect that she also received jewelry.

Most first-year college girls don’t have such big appetites. Typically, ordinary girls slowly develop their tastes and desires. But Sun Yaxian is different; she immediately accepts gifts worth tens of thousands and deludes herself into thinking she doesn’t have to give anything in return.

It seems like she doesn’t understand the principle of quid pro quo 1equivalent exchange in the adult world.

Suddenly, Wen Yu saw Sun Yaxian standing up, holding a cup and walking towards him. He exhaled smoke and turned his head away, ignoring her.

Sun Yaxian stopped in her tracks, standing there looking confused.

Wen Yu didn’t pay her any attention. He never brought Sun Yaxian into this circle out of goodwill.

Sun Yaxian was always unaware of this fact, but Ji Anning knew from her past life that Wen Yu…

He is not a good person.

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