After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 55

Five minutes flew by.

Ji Anning went to the changing room to change her clothes. As soon as she entered, Du Qing immediately called for the bill.

Shu Chen went over and paid for him. He exchanged a few words with Shu Chen.

In his heart, Shu Chen was leaning towards Wen Yu, viewing this long-haired man as the “opposing side.” But as the owner of the shop, he couldn’t ignore the customer and could only smile and chat with him politely.

While they were talking, Ji Anning came out after changing her clothes. Du Qing stopped talking and also stood up.


“Off work?” he asked.

Ji Anning nodded and said, “Yes, you should also head back early; it’s quite late.” In fact, she meant that the shop was closing, and Shu Chen needed to close and rest, but of course, she couldn’t directly say that to chase away the customers. She had to be tactful.

However, Du Qing smiled and said, “At this hour, the weekend has just begun.”

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At this moment, his actions felt especially forced and abrupt. Ji Anning couldn’t help but give him a quick glance.


Wen Yu acted naturally and raised his hand to wave at Shu Chen.

Shu Chen also raised his hand in response.

Between the two men, there was an unspoken communication that only they could understand.

Ji Anning: “…”

A mysterious kind of friendship.

The coffee shop faced Bright Avenue.

Moving forward for a while, there were marked parking spaces on the side of the road, but it was a bit far from the coffee shop.

This section at the entrance didn’t have parking spaces, so technically, parking was not allowed. However, as long as one didn’t get a ticket, parking for a short time was usually fine.

Du Qing estimated that he might need to park for an unknown length of time today, so he parked his car properly in the designated parking space in front.

His purpose for following Ji Anning and Wen Yu was simple – he wanted to see how Wen Yu commuted.

This guy looked quite young, but he couldn’t be called a teenager anymore; he was definitely a young adult. Du Qing looked at him a few times but couldn’t figure out if he was a student or a working adult. Either way, he was definitely an adult.

For an adult man, the car was the most exposed and direct representation of financial capability.


Du Qing suspected that he might be a guy living off his looks and wanted to confirm it.

From the perspective of this society looking at girls, a beautiful girl like Ji Anning would definitely have no problem finding a boyfriend with a car at the very least.

When Ji Anning came out of the coffee shop, she adjusted her collar and instinctively looked for Wen Yu’s car on the roadside – Wen Yu usually parked directly in front of the coffee shop.

Then she was dumbfounded.

In the spot where Wen Yu usually parked, there was a… very different car.

Last time, when Wen Yu took her to play squash, it was a members-only private club, and she saw several cars similar to this one there. In that place, even Wen Yu’s car, which she didn’t know the brand of, and the huge intimidating SUV, didn’t look out of place.

But having this sleek supercar parked on Bright Avenue’s roadside was truly eye-catching!

Especially when Wen Yu took out the key and pressed a button, the car doors opened like wings! The car had an incredibly high rate of turning heads!

Ji Anning: “…”

Wen Yu heard the door of the coffee shop behind him and knew that the messy-haired guy had also come out. He didn’t look back and just hugged Ji Anning, speaking super gently and elegantly, “Hurry up and get in the car; it’s cold outside.”

Then he gently pushed the bewildered Ji Anning into the car.

The car seemed to be hugging the ground, and when Ji Anning sat inside, she felt like she almost sat on the floor.


Wen Yu bypassed the car and sat in the driver’s seat without glancing at the coffee shop entrance from start to finish.

Consider me defeated if I give you even one glance!

Ji Anning did notice.

She was a bit confused, not knowing how to close the wing-like car door, so she looked up.

Wen Yu sat in the car, pressed something in some place, and the two wings folded down.

As Ji Anning’s gaze lifted and fell, she saw through the gap of the yet-unfolded wing that Du Qing was standing at the coffee shop entrance looking at her.

His expression was hard to describe!

The sound of the engine was intimidating, quite different from a regular car. After starting, Ji Anning was pushed back by the force of inertia against the seatback. The acceleration was strong, and she even held her breath for a moment.

At this moment, Ji Anning could really understand the expression on Du Qing’s face just now.

In her previous life, like everyone else, she had always thought that Wen Yu driving a Hummer to school was particularly showy and flaunting his wealth, until the day he took her to play squash in an even more showy and overtly flaunting car.

That day, when they parted ways in the parking lot, one of Wen Yu’s friends teased him, “Finally not driving the little Hummer.”

Li He said, “Your dad is too strict with you.”


Only then did Ji Anning realize that for Wen Yu, his friends, or his entire circle, driving a Hummer was not a showy display of wealth; he was actually living low-key.

It was a requirement from his father.

Getting used to the feeling of this car, Ji Anning couldn’t help but ask, “About this car…”

Clearly, at noon, she saw his black Hummer parked at the school gate. How did it change to this one in the evening?

“It’s Li He’s car,” Wen Yu said, “My car is parked at home. I was just out having fun.”

Ji Anning was puzzled, “What about your own car?” Did it break down outside?

Wen Yu pressed his tongue against his cheek and said, “When someone is chasing after my girlfriend and even follows her here to Shu Chen’s place, and I come to pick you up, how can I drive just any car? I won’t make a strong impression if I only drive the Hummer.”

Ji Anning: “…”

When male peacocks compete for mating, they display their feathers as much as possible, preen and flaunt, showcasing themselves.

Men, at times, are not intellectually superior to a male peacock.

When Wen Yu was having fun outside and received the message from Shu Chen, he immediately felt annoyed. Li He was sitting next to him at the time and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Yu didn’t reply, he just got up and said, “I need to go!”

Just as he was about to leave, he stopped and asked, “What car do you drive?”

Li He said, “A Maybach.”

Wen Yu reached out, “Let me use it.”

Li He instantly understood, he wants to slap someone in the face.

These people born with a silver spoon in their mouths were not so vulgar and bored as to flaunt their wealth all the time, but if someone dared to challenge their authority, slapping them in the face was a natural skill.

Wen Yu was asked by his father to keep a low profile, but the usual choice of driving the little Hummer to school was indeed not enough to raise his spirits.

Without any questions, Li He tossed the car keys to Wen Yu, and he came over driving Li He’s Maybach and showed off his prowess.

This natural skill had long been honed to perfection, with all skill points fully utilized. The whole process was smooth, successful, and devoid of any unnecessary words or drag.

Du Qing stood at the coffee shop entrance, feeling disheveled in the wind, quite literally. His hair was indeed messy in the wind, fully justifying Wen Yu’s nickname for him as “Messy Hair” in his mind.

Du Qing stood in the cold wind for a while before remembering to close his mouth.

Then he lit a cigarette and began to ponder… Could Ji Anning’s boyfriend be working at a car rental company? Was he using a company car for personal use to show off?

It’s not entirely surprising that Du Qing’s thinking was narrow-minded. Ordinary people rarely come into contact with the wealthy elite. You know that such people exist in the city, but compared to the entire population of the city, their numbers are really small. So the probability of encountering them is very, very low, to the point where you can hardly feel their presence.

It was only when the door behind him made a sound that Du Qing snapped back to reality.

The last customer had also settled their bill and walked out. As soon as they stepped outside, Du Qing blocked their path and said, “Excuse me, please step aside.”

Du Qing stepped away, and the light in front of him dimmed slightly. With no more customers in the store, Shu Chen turned off the main lights and left only a few small ones on. This action reminded Du Qing of his presence.

Du Qing pushed the door open and returned to the coffee shop.

“Hey, buddy!” He called out.

Shu Chen was clearing the cups and plates, holding a tray. Seeing the long-haired guy, he let out an “uh” and asked, “Did you forget something?”

“No.” Du Qing walked over, “I just wanted to ask you about Anning… What does her boyfriend do?”

Shu Chen’s gaze flickered slightly as he replied, “I’m not entirely sure, but I think he’s a student.”

A student? That would contradict the theory of him being a car rental company employee.

Du Qing felt uneasy.

“Really a student?” He asked again.

“Probably.” Shu Chen placed the cups and plates in the cleaning box and started wiping the tables, “They both go to the same school. Anning is a freshman, and her boyfriend seems to be a junior or senior.”

“A student acting so high and mighty?” Du Qing pointed his chin towards the door, “Picking up his girlfriend after work in a Maybach?”

He had clearly seen the logo with the double M.

“Wow~” Shu Chen couldn’t help but marvel.

Shu Chen had vaguely sensed that Wen Yu’s financial situation was good, but he didn’t expect it to be this good.

He thought for a moment and said, “It’s possible. I had dinner with them before, and he treated us. When it came to paying the bill, if I didn’t see it wrong… he used a Centurion Black Card.”

“Damn!” Du Qing took two quick puffs of his cigarette and asked, “Is he really that wealthy?”

“I don’t know,” Shu Chen shrugged.

“Then why is Ji Anning still working so hard with part-time jobs?” Du Qing inquired.

Shu Chen didn’t like this question.

“What’s wrong with her being self-reliant?” He sounded a little upset, “Ji Anning’s family situation isn’t great. Besides working part-time for me, she also does modeling for you, which I introduced her to. On top of that, she tutors and takes up work-study at school.”

“Let me tell you,” Shu Chen said earnestly, “Ji Anning is a particularly good girl.”

Du Qing acknowledged this point.

In his line of work, a professional photographer could easily tell who is serious and who is not. Some girls had even been scolded by him to the point of tears.

Ji Anning was a quiet but dedicated girl. She shone brightly in front of the camera and was exceptionally beautiful.

It was normal in society for attractive girls to look for wealthy partners, and Du Qing had no prejudice against that.

Just look at how he barged into the coffee shop today; it was also driven by this mentality. He genuinely believed that he, who had a somewhat wealthy background, had a good chance with this girl who seemed to struggle financially.

Who the hell could have expected… Damn, a Maybach made an appearance!

This situation was beyond comprehension!

Shu Chen finished wiping the tables and then flipped the chairs onto the tables, preparing to mop the floor later.

Du Qing held his cigarette and helped him by flipping the chairs onto the tables. With the cigarette held between his fingers, he asked Shu Chen, “Do you think… this guy, with so much money, is serious about Ji Anning?”

Shu Chen paused.

He hesitated for a moment and said, “Probably…”

There was a two-second pause.

“…I guess?”

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