After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 54

Ji Anning sat down next to Wen Yu.

Chen Hao also greeted Bai Lu and left a seat for her.

Since there were many people, they initially found round stools and long tables. Meng Xinyu followed along, and a male classmate beside her moved to make space for another round stool so that Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu could sit together.

Bai Lu actually wanted to say something, but she restrained herself in front of Chen Hao, not wanting him to think she was too nosy.

Without Sun Kai present, everyone at the table ignored Sun Yaxian, who stood there feeling awkward, with her face changing from red to pale.


Meng Xinyu softened her heart and threw her a lifeline, “Have you had your meal?”

Sun Yaxian immediately grasped the opportunity and replied, “Not yet, then I’ll go eat first.” She hurriedly left.

Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu admired one thing about Ji Anning: after sitting down, she didn’t mention or ask anything about Sun Yaxian. She acted as if nothing had happened.

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On the contrary, Sun Yaxian, who is only “being pursued” and hasn’t confirmed a formal relationship with anyone yet, has already started carrying expensive handbags worth tens of thousands of dollars.


This change can be described as earth-shattering.

Everyone has their own scale when comparing the situations.

On Thursday, at the coffee shop, Shu Chen told Ji Anning, “We need to close half an hour early today because a photography studio rented the space for a photoshoot.”

Since there weren’t many customers on weekdays’ evenings, closing half an hour early didn’t result in much financial loss for Shu Chen and allowed them to earn some rental income.

Ji Anning just didn’t expect to encounter acquaintances, and it turned out to be the photography studio owned by Du Qing and his colleagues.

Du Qing was also surprised to see Ji Anning.

The order they took this time was for a company specializing in anime costumes. There were only a few famous anime-themed coffee shops in the provincial capital, and Shu Chen’s coffee shop was one of them, well-known among the crowd.

Seeing Ji Anning, Du Qing asked curiously, “Are you working here?”

Only then did Ji Anning recall that in her previous life, Shu Chen’s shop occasionally rented the space for this type of photography studio. She had glanced at those people in peculiar outfits and thought they were all related to the second dimension, so she didn’t pay much attention.

Being able to finish work early was what made her happy, so she hurriedly walked past these people with her bag on her back.

Thinking back, perhaps in her previous life, she had already met Du Qing.

However, she didn’t notice him, and Du Qing, in his work mode, focused entirely on his job and wouldn’t have paid any attention to a girl quickly passing by.


As she thought about it, Ji Anning felt that fate was truly amazing.

This assignment was scheduled for this time because of venue limitations. Du Qing was pressed for time and didn’t have the chance to chat with Ji Anning. He greeted her and immediately got into work mode.

Ji Anning with her bag on her back surprised Shu Chen, who asked, “Do you know the photographer?”

Ji Anning told him, “He was the photographer for the two previous assignments I did.”

Shu Chen chuckled and said, “What a coincidence.”

Indeed, it was a coincidence, and a remarkable one.

Ji Anning rarely used mobile data, and most of the time, she didn’t check WeChat. It was only on Friday night when she went to the coffee shop to use the Wi-Fi that she saw Du Qing’s message from yesterday, past one in the morning.

He sent her a link, and when she opened it, it was the shop from her first photoshoot—the photos of her had been updated.

Ji Anning was looking at her own photos for the first time and found it quite intriguing. Unable to resist, she sent the link to Wen Yu. Wen Yu quickly replied with an emoji showing hearts in his eyes 😍.

Ji Anning couldn’t help but smile.

While at work, the doorbell rang at the entrance. Ji Anning greeted, “Welcome,” and looked up to see someone with a matching jawline, a small ear stud on the left ear, and a literary style—it was the photographer Du Qing.

“Hey?” Ji Anning asked, “Are you doing a photoshoot today as well?”


Du Qing was speechless. “Can’t I have some time off?”

Ji Anning chuckled and found him a table.

Shu Chen also recognized Du Qing as the photographer from the previous evening and greeted him, having a brief conversation. Originally, Shu Chen thought they shared a common interest as photographers, but after a while, he realized the gap between their interests was vast. He silently retreated back to the counter. Nevertheless, he noticed that Du Qing, with long hair, had his eyes constantly following Ji Anning.

As a man, the meaning behind those glances was easy to understand.

Shu Chen observed for a while and noticed that Du Qing was eager to talk to Ji Anning, but she was a bit busy on Friday and he couldn’t find the right opportunity. Then Shu Chen saw him extend his hand, beckoning Ji Anning over, and he handed her the menu.

Shu Chen: “…”

Sure enough, while pretending to look at the menu, Du Qing had a chat with Ji Anning and ordered some snacks.

Shu Chen was now certain that this long-haired guy’s goal today was not to eat or drink coffee; his target was Ji Anning.

Shu Chen seemed mild and harmless, but he also had his territorial consciousness.

Initially, he had thoughts of pursuing Ji Anning, but that was swiftly extinguished by Wen Yu. However, in Shu Chen’s consciousness, when Ji Anning was in his coffee shop, it wasn’t just her—every girl, including Ji Anning, had his responsibility when they were in his establishment. 1What a good guy!

For example, when they encountered two perverted individuals secretly taking photos, Shu Chen was determined to protect the girls in his shop without hesitation.

Now, in Shu Chen’s perception, Wen Yu also entered his “territory” with Ji Anning.


This was not only because Wen Yu was Ji Anning’s boyfriend, as she admitted in front of him, but also because Wen Yu and Shu Chen shared a friendship of sharing resources. The resources Shu Chen shared with Wen Yu were highly appreciated by him.

To someone like Shu Chen, who is deeply engrossed in the second dimension and often misunderstood in the real world (the third dimension), finding a fellow enthusiast in the real world is a treasure to him.

Compared to this long-haired guy with a thick boundary between dimensions, Wen Yu, who actively seeks resources from Shu Chen, is considered “one of their own.”

So, Shu Chen silently took out his phone and sent a message to Wen Yu.

As the night grew later, the number of customers in the coffee shop dwindled.

Finally, Du Qing had the chance to talk to Ji Anning.

“Do you work here all the time?” he asked.

Ji Anning replied, “Yes, for a long time. It’s stable here.” When she said “a long time,” she naturally included her time from her previous life.

Du Qing inquired about the wages here, then hesitated, “Emmmmmm…”

Understanding his implication, Ji Anning emphasized again, “It’s stable here.”

Du Qing shrugged, showing he understood, and then asked her, “Would you consider signing a contract with our photography studio?”

Ji Anning paused, blinking her eyes.

Du Qing continued, “You visited our studio last time. It’s not big, but we have a steady stream of work. If you sign with us, we’ll take a cut, but we can guarantee you’ll have a consistent workload. Think about it. Oh, by the way, what time do you finish work?”

Ji Anning told him the time, and Du Qing checked his watch, “It’s almost time. How about I wait for you? After you finish, we can talk in more detail…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the doorbell at the entrance interrupted him. Ji Anning instinctively stood straight and greeted, “Welcome!”

Noticing Ji Anning’s sudden change in expression, Du Qing also turned to look.

The person coming in was Wen Yu.

Good-looking people are easier to remember, and as a photographer, Du Qing’s memory for faces is much better than average. He recognized Wen Yu as the boyfriend of Ji Anning, whom he had a brief encounter with last time, and he could sense that the two didn’t get along well from afar.

Ji Anning was a bit surprised to see Wen Yu. Today, Li He called Wen Yu and invited him to a gathering in the evening. She told Wen Yu, “Go ahead, you don’t have to pick me up, it’s just four stops away.”

Guangming Road is really close to Huada University, and there’s a bus stop right outside, making the commute very convenient.

Wen Yu agreed and came alone.

Why did he suddenly come again?

Wen Yu’s eyes swept over and recognized the messy-haired photographer standing there talking to Ji Anning. Did he follow her here?


Wen Yu was familiar with the coffee shop now, so he didn’t need to call Ji Anning. He raised his chin to greet her and then leaned against the counter to chat with Shu Chen.

Ji Anning turned back to Du Qing apologetically, saying, “Today won’t work, my boyfriend is here to pick me up. How about another day?”

This suggestion made Du Qing sense Ji Anning’s relief in her heart. It was understandable since this girl was working multiple jobs; she must be in need of money.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but look down on Wen Yu.

Having such a beautiful girlfriend, yet allowing her to work so hard, logically speaking, it could only mean that her boyfriend lacked financial resources.

A pretty face without financial support—maybe he’s one of those guys living off their girlfriends.

Du Qing had seen such cases before. The girl would take on orders every day, working hard to support her boyfriend, while the boyfriend enjoyed the high life, spending the girl’s money without a second thought, solely relying on his good looks.

Du Qing’s photography studio was co-founded with friends, and he could be considered an entrepreneur. Taking a sip of coffee, he glanced aside.

Ji Anning went over to talk to her seemingly softie boyfriend. 2Wen Yu is misunderstood as eating Anning’s soft rice.🤣 🤣 🤣

The more Wen Yu looked at him, the more he felt he resembled a softie, and the more he looked, the less he liked him.

Ji Anning asked, “Why did you come?”

Shu Chen looked up at the ceiling.

Of course, Wen Yu couldn’t betray his good comrade Shu Chen, so he smiled and said, “I missed you, that’s why.”

Ji Anning had already developed the ability to automatically filter out his sweet talk, ignoring his “affectionate words” and said, “Wait for me for a little while. I’ll be off soon.”

There were only five minutes left, and there were only three tables of customers left in the shop, each with one person, including Du Qing, making a total of three people.

Shu Chen said, “No problem, go change your clothes.”

Ji Anning said, “It won’t take five minutes.”

Coincidentally, a customer called for the bill, so Ji Anning went over.

Shu Chen sighed to Wen Yu, “Anning is really a particularly serious person.”

Wen Yu leaned against the counter, smiling as he looked at Ji Anning, and readily agreed, “Yes.”

His gaze shifted slightly, focusing on Du Qing’s back, with that feminine hairstyle. He better not be a two-faced person.


“He actually followed her here,” Wen Yu snorted coldly.

Shu Chen understood the meaning behind his words and clarified for Ji Anning, “It wasn’t Anning’s idea; it’s just a coincidence. Their photography studio rented my place for a photo shoot yesterday. Anning was also surprised to see him.”

Ah, that’s how it is. Wen Yu instantly felt relieved.

“Thanks, bro!” he expressed his gratitude.

Shu Chen calmly gave him a thumbs-up sign.

They say there are four ironclad bonds of friendship among men.

Sharing the same prison window, facing gunfire together, visiting brothels together, and dividing loot together.

Now, in the age of the internet, perhaps it should be added: sharing resources together.

Sansukini: Wen Yu x Shu Chen Bromance.

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