Don’t Love Picking Flowers, Only Love Childhood Sweethearts


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 未央青
Total Chapters: 1
Genres: Gender Bender Historical Josei Oneshot


“I like you.” Yin Shijiu faced Xiao Mose, her face neither blushing nor her heart skipping a beat.

“This is the most straightforward confession I’ve ever heard.” The helplessness on his face couldn’t hide the deep laughter in his eyes.

“Hmm! So what!?” Yin Shijiu still wore a face full of bravery.

“Hmm~ Not much, but then what?” Trying to conceal the laughter in his voice, Xiao Mose asked seriously.

“Then?” Yin Shijiu was puzzled.

“Well, then!” Xiao Mose looked serious.

“And then? Well, then, you like me, right!” Yin Shijiu said without any embarrassment, her face filled with righteousness.

Content tags: Gender transformation, court marquis, happy enemies, childhood sweethearts, serious drama

Search keywords: Protagonist: Yin Shijiu, Xiao Mose, Hua Qingyun, Xue Zhiyao ┃ Supporting characters: ┃ Others: ┃

One-sentence synopsis: Who says one only loves picking flowers and not childhood sweethearts.

translator note: Hua means flower.


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