After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 53

He Xiangdong’s face swelled up like a pig’s head, and he didn’t show up for class on Tuesday.

The incident from Monday evening was witnessed by students from not just one but two student clubs. At that time, there was another table of students from Huada University in the barbecue restaurant. Even among the scattered individual customers, there were Huada students present – this restaurant specialized in catering to Huada’s clientele.

In short, so many people witnessed the scene. By Tuesday, the news had spread within a small circle, primarily among Ji Anning’s class.

Early in the morning, Ji Anning was quietly pulled aside by Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu. They asked her in hushed voices, “Did you hear about it? Yesterday evening, Wen Yu fought with He Xiangdong for Sun Yaxian. What’s going on? Is he involved with Sun Yaxian?”

Ji Anning was taken aback.


Yesterday evening, Wen Yu only mentioned that he confronted a male student from their class who spoke ill of a female student. Wen Yu didn’t know He Xiangdong’s name and thus didn’t mention him. As for Sun Yaxian, he didn’t think the fight with He Xiangdong had anything to do with her at all and didn’t bring her up.

Later, he left in a huff. When Ji Anning was pondering it before going to sleep last night, she couldn’t figure out which male student from their class might be badmouthing which female student.

Little did she expect it was He Xiangdong and Sun Yaxian. In her understanding, these two should have been “together.”

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Sun Yaxian mentioned being pursued by an elite Cambridge graduate, but she never said she accepted his pursuit. Still, she readily accepted an expensive bag worth tens of thousands. From Meng Xinyu’s moral standpoint, it didn’t sit well with her.


She wasn’t so old-fashioned as to think that a girl shouldn’t accept suitors, but the sum of tens of thousands of yuan made her feel taken aback.

Of course, this incident also reached the ears of the person involved, Sun Yaxian.

She felt shocked at first, then angry, and finally, delighted.

She was surprised that such an incident had happened, angered by He Xiangdong’s defamation behind her back, and ultimately, upon hearing that Wen Yu had fought for her, her mind was preoccupied for the entire morning, and she couldn’t focus on her classes.

Among these eighteen-year-old young men and women, Sun Yaxian was rare in having a clear plan for her future.

Ji Anning chose her major somewhat haphazardly, but Sun Yaxian carefully selected hers based on her abilities and interests.

Her performance in science wasn’t outstanding; she wasn’t strong in mathematics or logic. Her biggest advantage was actually her good looks, along with her skills in persuasion and socializing. Her family could afford a comfortable life, but they weren’t affluent; they were at best considered well-off.

Her grades were pretty good, achieved through hard work. She could get into prestigious universities with some effort, but she wasn’t a genius top student. She had a proactive personality and excelled at networking. She knew her academic abilities weren’t enough to propel her into a higher social class. Deep down, she had always vaguely entertained the idea of using her beauty to her advantage.

However, in the past, her environment was straightforward, and this idea remained hazy.

In college, after meeting Wen Yu, that idea became exceptionally clear to her.

Qian Haoran pursued her, and she was somewhat moved by his gestures. The bag he gave her was the most expensive gift she had ever received in her life. Compared to what boys had given her before, it was just child’s play.

But teenage girls are always full of youthful longing, and no matter how impressive Qian Haoran’s educational background was, he couldn’t compete with Wen Yu’s handsome and alluring appearance.


Although Sun Yaxian didn’t accept Qian Haoran, she didn’t explicitly reject him either. She kept him hanging on.

Sun Yaxian attempted to call Wen Yu during the break between classes but was hung up on after a couple of rings. She tried again but found that the line was always busy.

Sun Yaxian had never been blocked by anyone before, and for a moment, she couldn’t believe that Wen Yu had found her bothersome and blocked her.

It wasn’t until she sent Wen Yu a WeChat message and received no response that she realized she had been deleted by him. When she tried to send another message, a notification appeared saying, “Wen Yu has enabled friend verification. You are not yet his friend, please send a friend verification request. After the other party accepts the request, you can chat.” Sun Yaxian was bewildered, and then it hit her that Wen Yu had deleted her.

But wait…didn’t he fight with someone to protect her?

Sun Yaxian had no choice but to send a WeChat message to Sun Kai. Sun Kai told her to wait for him at the west gate of the canteen during lunchtime.

Sun Kai had always provided her with information about Wen Yu, so Sun Yaxian naturally assumed that Wen Yu would be there. When lunchtime came, she happily went there.

Upon arrival, she only saw Sun Kai; there was no sign of Wen Yu.

Ji Anning and Meng Xinyu arrived at the canteen a bit later and coincidentally witnessed Sun Kai confessing his feelings to Sun Yaxian and getting rejected.

Sun Yaxian expressed her displeasure, saying, “Why did he have to resort to fighting? Couldn’t he reason with the guy? If someone says something about me, he could have just responded verbally. Why did he have to resort to violence?”

Though her words may not have been specifically about the fight itself, her unhappiness was genuine.

She had just learned that the rumors were incorrect, and the person who resorted to violence in the fight was actually Sun Kai. Her disappointment was palpable.


Sun Kai’s disappointment was evident as well. He didn’t even eat lunch and ran off, with Ji Anning and the others helplessly watching him go.

Then they watched Sun Yaxian head into the canteen to look for Wen Yu.

The canteen was crowded to the point of dizziness, yet Sun Yaxian managed to find Wen Yu among the sea of people. Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu suspected that she had some kind of “Wen Yu radar” in her.

“Do you think we should get closer?” Bai Lu’s eyes gleamed with curiosity, clearly itching to eavesdrop and hear what Sun Yaxian wanted to say to Wen Yu.

Could it be… she was going to confess her feelings on the spot?

Oh my, the more they thought about it, the more curious they became!

In fact, they wouldn’t be seen as intrusive if they approached. Bai Lu was Chen Hao’s girlfriend, and Ji Anning (probably) was Wen Yu’s girlfriend. Meng Xinyu shared a dorm with Bai Lu, and they had even attended a dorm mixer with Chen Hao’s dorm before. Aside from Wen Yu and Sun Kai, they even knew another guy from his dorm.

All in all, they were all more familiar faces than Sun Yaxian.

However, Bai Lu phrased her question as a request for Ji Anning’s opinion. After all, given the current situation where Sun Yaxian was heading straight for Wen Yu, Ji Anning was also involved in some way.

Meng Xinyu also turned to look at Ji Anning.

Ji Anning’s footsteps paused for a moment.

Through the constant stream of people, she gazed in their direction. Sun Yaxian was already engaged in conversation with Wen Yu, and his expression didn’t seem favorable.


It was that kind of expression she was too familiar with—a nonchalant, indifferent expression.

Ji Anning remembered Wen Yu’s biting sarcasm vividly.

In their past life, if the three of them happened to meet at the same time and Sun Yaxian headed towards Wen Yu, Ji Anning would usually choose to turn away and avoid the situation.

Wen Yu could sometimes be really embarrassing to deal with. Even towards Ji Anning, there were times when he behaved like that, let alone Sun Yaxian, who wasn’t even in his favor.

As a young master from a wealthy family, his temper was definitely bigger than an average person’s. He could be described as self-indulgent and self-centered.

Ji Anning took a step forward and walked towards them.

Bai Lu was pleasantly surprised and pulled Meng Xinyu to follow.

Sun Yaxian felt uneasy.

Although she knew that Sun Kai was the main one who fought last night, it was true that Wen Yu was the first to throw a punch. Moreover, Wen Yu had warned He Xiangdong afterwards, so there was no doubt about it. That’s why Sun Yaxian came to find Wen Yu.

She planned to thank him straightforwardly, express a little grievance about being unjustly criticized behind her back, and show some strength in the face of such slander.

She thought it all out pretty well, but Wen Yu said, “Oh, so it was you he was talking about?”

“It has nothing to do with you. I couldn’t hear clearly who he was talking about; I just found his words unpleasant,” he said indifferently. “You don’t need to thank me either. You can thank Sun Kai. By the way, did you see him?”

Sun Yaxian had only taken three steps towards them, but now she found herself unable to continue the last two steps. She could only say, “I just saw him.”

Wen Yu straightforwardly asked, “Did he confess to you?”

Sun Yaxian was suddenly at a loss for words.

Before Sun Kai confessed, he had already given a hint in their dorm group chat.

Wen Yu didn’t appreciate that approach. He probably thought Sun Kai was trying to use the sense of moral obligation between friends to pressure him into giving up on Sun Yaxian. But the truth was, he never had any interest in Sun Yaxian.

It was all just ridiculous.

When they returned with their food, Chen Hao and another guy saw the messages in the group chat and looked awkward.

Although Wen Yu only occasionally stayed overnight in the dorm, he still had a good relationship with them. But with Sun Kai resorting to such low tactics, Chen Hao had a feeling that the friendly atmosphere in the dorm might be lost in the future.

“It looks like he confessed,” Wen Yu said with a smile. “Congratulations, I’ll have to call me sister-in-law from now on.”

Sun Yaxian almost fainted from anger.

“Not, I…” She was anxious to speak, but Wen Yu interrupted her.

“This bag is nice. Did Haoran buy it for you?” Wen Yu asked.

Sun Yaxian suddenly felt stuck.

In her heart, she knew that Sun Kai didn’t mean much to Wen Yu. But Haoran must have meant something.

Sure enough, Wen Yu was just teasing Sun Yaxian about Sun Kai’s confession. He glanced at Sun Yaxian’s new bag and then cooled down.

“Just… we went out to eat over the weekend, and he bought it casually,” Sun Yaxian tried to maintain a calm appearance, but her confidence wasn’t as strong now.

Wen Yu smiled faintly and said, “If it’s Haoran, then I should call you sister-in-law too.”

Sun Yaxian softly defended herself, “No, we’re not…”

“Think carefully before you speak,” Wen Yu said coolly, “In our circle, we are the ones playing others, not the other way around.”

“Do you know Haoran’s background?”

“He seems easy-going and always has a smile. Let me advise you, don’t offend him. Those who have offended him don’t end up well.”

“We’re all adults, not kids. Think carefully before you speak and act.”

Wen Yu looked at Sun Yaxian coldly.

Sun Yaxian couldn’t help feeling fearful. Was Wen Yu really talking about Haoran? The smiling, generous Haoran?

She had a faint feeling that what Wen Yu said might be true.

At that moment, Wen Yu suddenly shifted his gaze behind her, and there was a familiar voice saying, “Excuse me, please.”

Sun Yaxian turned her head abruptly, and the person speaking behind her was none other than Ji Anning.

Ji Anning’s attitude was indifferent, even cold, but that didn’t bother anyone. Meng Xinyu was not one to enjoy watching drama, so she remained silent.

However, Bai Lu loved gossip and wasn’t particularly fond of Sun Yaxian, so she grinned and said, “What are you talking about?”

Her eagerness to watch the scene unfold was quite evident. Sun Yaxian’s emotions, suppressed by Wen Yu, suddenly surged, and she became angry.

“How dare you eavesdrop on other people’s conversations?” She accused the three female classmates who were in the same class.

“What do you mean by eavesdropping?” Bai Lu retorted, displeased.

Sun Yaxian sneered, “You were standing behind me, listening in, weren’t you?”

Ji Anning looked at her calmly and said, “You were blocking my seat.”

Sun Yaxian turned around.

Wen Yu said, “Why are you so slow?”

He patted the empty seat next to him.

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