After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 52

He Xiangdong was dumbfounded by the sudden attack. His vision blurred as he struggled to get up, but when he finally managed to see clearly, he became even more bewildered, “Wen, Wen Yu?”

Thanks to the incident between Ji Anning and Sun Yaxian, there was hardly anyone in their class who didn’t know Wen Yu anymore. Before Wen Yu could land another punch, Sun Kai rushed over and delivered another blow, saying, “Serves you right for spreading nonsense.”

As a guy, He Xiangdong’s instinctual reaction was to counterattack when faced with such a situation. However, he was up against members of the Fighting Club, and Sun Kai was no slouch in strength. Even if he wasn’t that strong before, training in the Fighting Club had turned him into a formidable opponent.

He Xiangdong was unable to retaliate and was hit by several punches, leaving him unable to get back up.

The members of the Fighting Club quickly intervened to stop Sun Kai, mainly concerned that he might hurt He Xiangdong further due to his inebriation.


Wen Yu didn’t know exactly what had happened, but he seemed to be relatively sober. Sun Kai appeared to be quite drunk. The members of the Fighting Club restrained Sun Kai and led him away.

Concerned about He Xiangdong’s small frame, they wanted to prevent any further damage in case Sun Kai became violent.

“Don’t lay a hand on him! I’ll call the police if you continue!” The owner of the restaurant rushed over, shouting.

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For example, when Sun Yaxian said something about Ji Anning, He Xiangdong would chime in with remarks like, “Isn’t she so materialistic?” They would join forces to slander Ji Anning.


What Wen Yu hated the most was actually that line he said in the dream, “It’s worth it. If I had money, I’d willingly give three thousand.”

Upon entering the restaurant and seeing He Xiangdong, Wen Yu was reminded of that moment.

But at least he still had his sanity, telling himself repeatedly, “It’s just a dream,” before walking past He Xiangdong.

However, just a moment ago, when He Xiangdong talked about Sun Yaxian behind her back, the tone and mannerism of saying “materialistic girl” were exactly the same as what Wen Yu had heard in the dream.

Having consumed some alcohol, however little, there was enough effect of the alcohol.

Wen Yu felt a surge of rage that had been suppressed inside him and directly stood up to deliver a punch that knocked He Xiangdong down.

It was only when Sun Kai rushed over that Wen Yu quickly snapped back to reality.

It’s just a dream, he told himself once again.

“Watch your filthy mouth,” Wen Yu stared at He Xiangdong, “Does a girl’s reputation deserve such debasement?”

He Xiangdong couldn’t argue with that and could only nod submissively.

Wen Yu gave him one more stern look before leaving.

He Xiangdong and those around him breathed a sigh of relief.


Everyone thought Wen Yu was referring to Sun Yaxian, especially since He Xiangdong had indeed been defaming her during the earlier commotion.

He Xiangdong was one of Sun Yaxian’s admirers, and as they were classmates, she used to pay some attention to him. However, recently, she seemed to have connected with people of higher status and completely ignored him.

When it came to those people, Sun Yaxian would always talk about their knowledge, vision, and abilities, which had managed to deceive some people and attract them with their allure. But He Xiangdong had sharp eyes; he had figured out their true nature. The people Sun Yaxian knew were rich, most likely from wealthy families.

Among them was a Cambridge graduate who was also pursuing Sun Yaxian. When he came to the school today, everyone saw Sun Yaxian carrying a GUCCI bag. It was a significant upgrade from the young Korean brand she used to carry.

He Xiangdong had a sharp tongue and made a few sarcastic remarks about Sun Yaxian, vaguely implying that she was materialistic.

Sun Yaxian is not someone to be bullied easily. She immediately confronted He Xiangdong and humiliated him in front of everyone. Because of this, He Xiangdong had a few drinks in the evening and, with a hot head, started insulting people at the dinner table.

As a result, Wen Yu and Sun Kai overheard it.

So at this moment, He Xiangdong, like everyone else, thought that Wen Yu and Sun Kai were also defending Sun Yaxian. After all, when Sun Kai was beating him earlier, he mentioned Sun Yaxian’s name.

No one could have imagined that Wen Yu’s anger and rage were all directed towards Ji Anning.

After settling the compensation with Chen Hao and calming down the boss, Chen Hao directed the burly members of the fighting club to escort the intoxicated Sun Kai back to the dormitory. When he turned back, Wen Yu had already finished warning He Xiangdong and was striding towards the door.

The two of them left the barbecue restaurant together.

“What happened to you today?” Chen Hao couldn’t help but ask, “It’s not because of Sun Yaxian, is it?”


“She has nothing to do with me!” Wen Yu lit a cigarette and offered one to Chen Hao.

As they smoked and walked towards the school, Chen Hao cursed, “Sun Kai is such a fool.”

Wen Yu understood but didn’t care, “Why bother about him?” It’s just a club, and it’s not like they can meddle in other people’s private affairs.

Chen Hao just felt that even a fool could see that Sun Yaxian liked Wen Yu, and her interactions with Sun Kai were merely a diversion. In fact, after the incident when Sun Kai brought Sun Yaxian to the martial arts club, Chen Hao had already mentioned it to him in private.

At that time, Sun Kai had sworn that he didn’t like Sun Yaxian; she had just asked for his help, and he couldn’t refuse. But less than two months later, he completely contradicted himself.

But it was true that Sun Yaxian was indeed beautiful and seemed to be a clever and scheming girl. It wasn’t surprising that she could toy with Sun Kai. The only blame was on Sun Kai for being foolish. He knew what was going on but couldn’t extricate himself from the situation.

When they reached the school gate, Wen Yu stopped and said, “I’ll head home; it’s more comfortable there.”

Although Sun Kai wasn’t in the same class as them, he shared the same dormitory. That’s how he got roped into the martial arts club from the first year.

Wen Yu didn’t want to see him tonight, especially when he was drunk. He might cause trouble.

Chen Hao instructed him, “Then call a designated driver, don’t drive yourself.”

After Chen Hao left, Wen Yu walked to his car but hesitated at the car door for a while. Eventually, he didn’t get in and turned in the opposite direction, heading towards the other side of the road.

He walked past KFC, and there were the residential buildings.


Wen Yu called Ji Anning and asked her, “Are you asleep?”

Ji Anning replied, “I’m reading, not sleeping so early.”

Wen Yu said, “I’m downstairs at your place.”

Ji Anning sensed something was wrong with his voice and sat up, asking, “What’s the matter? Why did you come again?”

Wen Yu said, “I just beat someone…”

Before he could finish, Ji Anning interrupted, “Wait for me! I’m coming down!”

The call ended.

Wen Yu looked at the phone screen, raising his eyebrows, slightly amused by her reaction.

In less than two minutes, Ji Anning came downstairs.

“What, another fight?” She ran up to him, using the light from the building to inspect him, and seeing that he was unharmed, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“…” Wen Yu glanced sideways, “What do you mean ‘again’?”

Ji Anning accused him, “You’re always getting into fights!”

Wen Yu denied, “No, I’m not!”

Ji Anning counted on her fingers and listed, “You fought with that guy on the bus, and those two in the coffee shop who were taking photos, you fought with them too.”

In their past life, there were several instances when he got into fights because of her. Because of this, she had always thought he was particularly immature, a hot-tempered playboy.

In this life, however, she had seen many sides of him that she had never known before, and she realized that her impression of him had been biased and distorted all along.

Ji Anning’s serious and earnest demeanor while counting on her fingers looked incredibly cute in Wen Yu’s eyes. He smiled and held her hand, saying, “Alright, alright. You’re right, I won’t do it again.”

Ji Anning wasn’t trying to compete with him or win an argument; she just felt that him constantly getting into fights wasn’t a good thing. She sighed and asked, “So, what happened today?”

She thought that she didn’t have any pursuers around her right now, so at least this time it shouldn’t be related to her.

Wen Yu didn’t hide anything and explained, “It was a guy from your class. He was talking trash about a girl in your class, saying she’s money-minded, and I didn’t like what I heard, so I taught him a lesson.”

“Our class?” Ji Anning was taken aback and asked, “You mean me?”

“No, not you,” Wen Yu’s voice trailed off, and he looked at Ji Anning.

In that fleeting moment, he seemed to see the same indifferent and numb look in her eyes as in his dreams. Though it passed by in an instant.

“You…” Wen Yu suddenly asked, “Have people said such things about you before?”

Ji Anning didn’t answer, remaining silent in the darkness of the night.

Wen Yu held his breath for a moment and then asked again, “Was it in middle school or high school? What’s the name of the person who bothered you? Where is he now?”

Ji Anning countered, “Why are you asking about this? Are you planning to go beat him up?”

Wen Yu snorted in response. Clearly, that was exactly what he had in mind.

Ji Anning sighed helplessly.

She didn’t answer Wen Yu’s questions but instead asked again, “Was the person talking about me behind my back?”

“No,” Wen Yu said firmly, “it was about someone else.”

Ji Anning felt relieved. She believed that in this life, the same situation as in their past life would not occur again.

Especially after what happened at school today when Sun Yaxian stood up to He Xiangdong. It made her deeply realize that she had made too many mistakes in her past life. She should not have kept silent; she should have fought back.

However, Wen Yu was fixated on learning about the person who had bothered Ji Anning, the rich second-generation individual who spread rumors about her.

Ji Anning said, “I won’t tell you. Stop asking.”

Wen Yu became somewhat agitated and said, “That idiot, doesn’t he know what kind of situation he put you in?”1She’s talking about you in the past

“He probably doesn’t know,” Ji Anning replied, lowering her gaze slightly and showing a hint of a helpless smile on her face. “Nobody specifically goes up to him to talk about me. You know how those things usually happen; most of it is said behind your back. When you turn around, you don’t know who said it or what they said. If you want to defend yourself, you don’t know who to approach to clarify things.”

“But,” she continued, “you don’t need to worry about me. I’m different now. I won’t let anyone casually talk about me anymore.”

Her serious expression made Wen Yu feel heartbroken.

“That kind of idiot, why don’t you let me go teach him a lesson?” He was starting to get angry. “I promise you, he will never dare to provoke you again in his lifetime.”

Ji Anning raised her eyes and looked at him for a long time.

In the darkness of the night, Wen Yu felt that he couldn’t quite understand the look in Ji Anning’s eyes anymore.

In those watery eyes, there seemed to be both joy and sadness, making it hard to fathom.

After a long while, he heard her voice as if it were drifting in the wind.

“It’s okay,” she said softly, “I’ve forgiven him.”

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