After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 51

Ji Anning felt warmth and moisture.

She was dozing off in the car, not in a deep sleep. The strange sensation woke her up.

The warmth was from lips, the moisture from a tongue. It was a gentle sucking and nibbling that caused a slight tingling. Her body was constrained as the man pressed her against the back of the seat firmly.

As Ji Anning woke up, she froze. Soon, she smelled a familiar breath.

Wen Yu.


Wen Yu noticed her awakening, so he let go of her lips, slightly moved away, and their noses brushed against each other as he glanced at her.

The scent on Ji Anning’s body was familiar and simple, faintly carrying a coffee aroma due to her work. Being this close, it surrounded him.

His gaze made Ji Anning’s heart race.

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Wen Yu was not fully satisfied, but Ji Anning’s frightened rabbit-like appearance made him stop.


She clearly had no experience in this regard, and considering her occasional stubbornness, Wen Yu thought it was better not to scare her. Otherwise, she might recoil and not let him touch her again.

“Be more careful in the future,” he warned as his thumb caressed Ji Anning’s slightly swollen lips. “When you’re with someone, don’t be so careless and fall asleep so boldly. You wouldn’t even know if someone took you away and sold you.”

His voice was hoarse, filled with strong desire and dissatisfaction.

Ji Anning could sense his restraint, like there was a fire burning within him, wanting to turn her into ashes.

In her past life, she felt repulsed and afraid of this fire in him. But now, with his slightly hoarse voice carrying desire ringing in her ears, and seeing his lips so close, his tongue briefly extending out to lick her before retracting, she didn’t feel repulsed. Instead, she felt a strange sensation in her body.

It was fiery and wet. 1 I guess, she’s wet. Lol

“You,” Ji Anning’s voice was different from usual, “you’re not someone else…”

Hearing this, Wen Yu let out a low laugh.

His hand slid from her lips to her neck. In the dimness, he gently caressed her fair and delicate neck for a moment.

Whether it was her response or the goosebumps that appeared on her neck due to his touch, both pleased him.

“Get out of the car!” he finally said.

His tone was even a bit urgent, as if driving her away. Ji Anning didn’t hesitate and opened the car door, escaping outside. Wen Yu also got out of the car and loosened his collar.


The cold night breeze dispersed the lingering heat from inside the car, and both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Indeed, it had been proven that when a man and a woman were alone in a small, enclosed, and dimly lit space, it was too easy for ambiguity to arise, and too easy for the ambiguous atmosphere to cloud their judgment.

“Let’s go,” Wen Yu extended his hand to Ji Anning, “I’ll take you home.”

Ji Anning’s face was still warm, and the remnants of excitement remained on her neck. She reached out and placed her hand in Wen Yu’s.

Wen Yu’s large hand enveloped her small one, holding her gently. With a slight pull, he escorted her back home.

That night, Ji Anning couldn’t calm her mind enough to sleep.

Even though he was tired, he couldn’t fall asleep. And when he finally managed to doze off, he had a chaotic and bizarre dream.

In the dream, it was all about Wen Yu—sometimes domineering, sometimes gentle, unable to distinguish whether it belonged to his past life or the present one.

Wen Yu’s mood was excellent this weekend. On Sunday morning, he went to a professional combat club for a workout, took a shower, and then cheerfully went home to visit his parents.

However, the atmosphere at home was not so good.

As soon as he arrived, the housekeeper secretly told him, “Mr. Wen and his wife had a fight, and she left.”

Wen Yu’s good mood instantly disappeared, and he asked, “Why? What happened?”


“I don’t know. Secretary Chen came over in the morning, and after Secretary Chen left, they started arguing,” the housekeeper shook her head. “They argued behind closed doors, and I didn’t dare to intervene.”

“What about my dad?”

“He’s still in the study and hasn’t come out. He said he has no appetite for lunch.”

Wen Yu directly went upstairs to the study, knocked on the door, and without waiting for Wen Guoan to speak, he pushed the door open, pretending not to know anything and asked with a smile, “Dad, what are you doing?”

Wen Guoan was sitting behind the desk, leaning against the back of the large leather chair, and indeed, he didn’t look too well.

But when he opened his eyes and saw that it was Wen Yu, he softened his expression a bit, closed the folder in front of him, and put it in the drawer. He asked, “What did you do this morning?”

“I went boxing,” Wen Yu didn’t mention the argument, walked over, propped his hands on the desk, and just said, “I’m starving. Have you eaten?”

Hearing him say that, Wen Guoan also felt hungry. He made an internal call to the kitchen and instructed the family’s private chef to prepare lunch.

By the time the food was served, after a good workout, Wen Yu ate heartily.

He was in the prime of his life, with every cell in his body brimming with vitality. Eating with him, Wen Guoan also ate an extra half bowl of rice.

Seeing his energetic and strong eldest son, Wen Guoan’s mood improved a lot. But he still didn’t bring up the argument with Cheng Lian.

Since he didn’t mention it, Wen Yu didn’t ask either. Children always felt troubled when their parents fought; who would want to pry into such matters? The best thing to do was to make sure his dad ate well and didn’t get angry.


Although Wen Yu was young, he had long been skilled in the art of acting deaf and dumb, pretending to be ignorant when dealing with family matters.

In the afternoon, he accompanied Wen Guoan throughout the afternoon. Wen Guoan cared about his studies and inquired about it.

Wen Yu was studying enterprise management.

Back when Wen Yu was choosing his major, economics, finance, and management were all popular options within the business school, with finance being the most popular.

However, Wen Yu’s major was chosen by Wen Guoan. He skipped the popular finance major.

Finance was a hot field, with high salaries and attracting elites. But in Wen Guoan’s eyes, what was finance? It was just a tool. Being a high-level worker, reaching the ceiling, was no different from his wife, being a CFO.

Wen Yu was his only son and should be the helmsman of the company. He didn’t need to deeply understand the practical aspects of finance; he needed to have a broader perspective, learn how to deal with people, and learn management.

So, he didn’t let Wen Yu choose the popular finance major. Instead, he directed him towards enterprise management, a major that ordinary students criticized as a jack-of-all-trades and hard to find jobs with. But it was the right path for Wen Yu.

Ordinary eighteen-year-old students often lacked the necessary vision, and their parents couldn’t always guide them.

Ji Anning was the most typical example; she didn’t even have parents to guide her. She could only take the admission brochure, think about her financial difficulties, decide to choose the business school, and then pick a major she could get into among the flashy options.

Wen Yu was studying and practicing at the same time. Practice leads to true knowledge, and under Wen Guoan’s protection and guidance, he quickly established himself within the group despite his young age, becoming the heir favored by many elders.

Of course, he had a better understanding of the content taught at school than others, and his academic performance in his major courses had always been excellent. In his past life, Ji Anning thought that Wen Yu was a debauched playboy showing off his wealth, but he was actually a good student who earned scholarships every semester.

This weekend was different for everyone, and different things happened to each person.

When Ji Anning arrived at the classroom on Monday, she was caught by Meng Xinyu. “Did you see our friend circle posts?”

Ji Anning asked, “What’s that?”

“I knew you don’t check your friend circle! Please get a data plan.” Meng Xinyu complained, “Chen Hao confessed to Bai Lu!”

Ji Anning widened her eyes and nervously asked, “And then?”

“Of course, she accepted!” Meng Xinyu winked at her.

Ji Anning laughed.

After a weekend of contemplation, Bai Lu had calmed down. Being teased by them didn’t make her blush anymore; she had a look of “I’ve already been through this” on her face.

On Monday night, Ji Anning went for combat training and congratulated Chen Hao. Chen Hao grinned foolishly.

“What are you guys talking about?” Wen Yu turned around and saw the two of them chatting happily, so he joined in.

“Chen Hao is no longer single,” Ji Anning told him with a smile.

“Great!” Wen Yu put his arm around Chen Hao’s neck. “You must treat us! It’s a must!”

Chen Hao almost couldn’t breathe. “Sure, sure! I’ll treat you guys to a barbecue later!”

The other boys joined in the teasing.

After the training session ended, Wen Yu invited Ji Anning to go with them, but she politely declined with a smile.

Being the only girl among a group of boys wasn’t much fun, and the boys would also feel restrained. She didn’t want to mess around with them.

Wen Yu didn’t insist and walked her across the road before turning back to join Chen Hao and the others. The place they went to treat everyone was a skewer restaurant close to the school, a popular spot for students.

As Wen Yu scanned the place upon entering, he suddenly paused.

He saw a face he would never forget—He Xiangdong, the person from his dream who said, “I’m willing to pay three thousand yuan.” He was in the same class as Ji Anning.

At Chen Hao’s table, even before the skewers arrived, the boys had started drinking.

When Wen Yu came over and sat down, Chen Hao felt that something was off in his gaze. Chen Hao was in the same class, dorm, and club as Wen Yu, so he knew him quite well. Looking at Wen Yu’s eyes, he felt as if he wanted to punch someone.

This surprised Chen Hao. Did Wen Yu and Ji Anning argue when he sent her back just now?

“Did Anning go back?” Chen Hao asked tentatively.

“Yeah.” Mentioning Ji Anning, Wen Yu’s gaze visibly softened.

Chen Hao felt relieved. The skewers arrived just in time, and the group of strong young men who had just finished physical training began to fight for the food.

While eating, someone asked, “Hey, big guy, what’s the situation between you and Anning? We all know you’ve been pursuing her for a while now. Have you succeeded? Is she your girlfriend now?”

Wen Yu lit a cigarette and glared at the guy. “What do you mean ‘what’s the situation’? She’s my girlfriend!”

The boys burst into an uproar, bombarding him with questions and teasing.

Wen Yu wasn’t about to spill the beans about his relationship with Ji Anning to these guys.

“Let’s drink, let’s drink!” He deflected their questions.

Chen Hao asked, “Are you drinking too? Are you going back today?”

Wen Yu usually drove, so he generally didn’t drink. When it came to safety and health, Wen Guo’an had been very strict with him since he was a child.

“I’m not going back. Staying in the dorm tonight,” Wen Yu said. “I have my bed there, usually used for napping, and sometimes I stay overnight. There’s also a shower in the dorm.”

The guys gathered together, eating meat, drinking, chatting, and boasting, truly enjoying a happy time in college.

Looking at the tall and strong man, Chen Hao knew that despite his tough appearance, he was actually very sensitive. Otherwise, Wen Yu wouldn’t have made him the vice president in charge of the daily affairs of the combat sports club. Chen Hao said to Sun Kai, “Drink slowly! Don’t act drunk when we go back later, or else I’ll dunk you in the toilet!”

Compared to the lively spirits of Chen Hao and Wen Yu, Sun Kai’s mood was much lower.

Chen Hao told him, and Sun Kai nodded in response but continued drinking, soon getting tipsy.

Once drunk, people couldn’t control what they said.

“What’s up with her? She’s not even replying to my WeChat messages now. We’re classmates at the same school after all. Hey, she used to call me ‘Brother Sun,’ and now she’s ignoring me. One moment she wants me, the next moment she doesn’t. It’s like she’s using me and then tossing me away!” he complained.

The guys who were teasing Wen Yu and Chen Hao just now suddenly acted deaf and mute.

Because the “she” Sun Kai was referring to was Sun Yaxian, a freshman who was in the same class as Ji Anning.

Everyone knew that Sun Yaxian had started talking to Sun Kai just to get closer to Wen Yu. But Sun Kai seemed to have lost his mind and started exchanging messages with her on WeChat, falling for her.

Was he foolish, or was she just skillful in handling things?

Wen Yu was also sitting at the table, and everyone felt awkward discussing this topic, so they noisily clinked their glasses and pretended not to hear Sun Kai’s words.

It was at this moment, as if it were fate, that the name “Sun Yaxian” suddenly came up from the mouths of the people at the neighboring table.

He Xiangdong was a bit tipsy and began cursing, “I see through her! She’s just a materialistic woman!”

Sun Kai hadn’t reacted yet, but Wen Yu acted first.

He Xiangdong’s shoulder was tapped, and as he turned his head, a fist slammed into his face! He was knocked off the chair and fell to the ground!

In an instant, the table overturned, and wine spilled everywhere. The male customers were confused, and the female customers screamed, creating chaos.

Sansukini: Wen Yu thought he was talking about Ji Anning but the guy is talking about Sun Yaxian. Do you think he’ll be misunderstood because of his actions? See you next chapter.\

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