After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 50

Wen Yu drove Ji Anning and her grandmother back to the family building at Huada University.

Ji Anning helped her grandmother into the back seat. When Wen Yu couldn’t see, she quietly put the money she had prepared into an envelope and, while Wen Yu was assisting her grandmother to get out of the car, she threw the envelope onto the front passenger seat.

The last time Wen Yu visited Ji Anning’s home was when her grandmother fell ill. At that time, the situation was urgent, and he didn’t have time to look around. This time, he carried her grandmother’s hospital bag and accompanied them upstairs. As soon as her grandmother turned and saw him, she mistook him for a guest and warmly insisted that he sit down, even shouting, “Ning Ning, pour tea for the guest.”

Ji Anning was helpless and tried to signal Wen Yu to leave quickly.

However, Wen Yu had no intention of leaving. He smiled and said, “No need, plain water is fine.” Looking at the household, he didn’t think they were the type to prepare tea leaves.


After he finished speaking, he unceremoniously sat on the sofa.

Ji Anning wanted to stop him, but it was too late. Wen Yu sank into the sofa and looked a bit confused.

Ji Anning facepalmed, went over, and pulled him up, saying, “Sit over there, this side is sagging.” It didn’t look like it, but once you sat down, you would “sink” into it.

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After returning to the car and fastening his seatbelt, he looked down and saw the envelope on the front passenger seat. Opening it, he found not only the hospital expenses but also the money for the caregiver, including the five hundred yuan tip he had given.


He finally understood that this stubborn girl was still the same.

Wen Yu was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

“It’s just the hospital expenses,” Ji Anning said, “I will definitely pay you back this money.”

“Ji Anning—” Wen Yu’s voice rose.

“Listen, Wen Yu…” Ji Anning’s voice was soft, “You treat me well, and I accept it.”

Wen Yu’s voice abruptly stopped.

On the phone, he heard Ji Anning’s gentle yet firm words, “I accept, but there’s a limit. No matter how well you treat me, you can’t take care of my grandmother. That’s my responsibility.”

Wen Yu held the phone for a moment, unable to say anything.

Then, he laughed.

“Alright.” He quickly brushed this matter aside, “In that case, if I treat you well, you can’t be evasive.”

Ji Anning also smiled.

Wen Yu was Wen Yu. He always insisted on his way and wanted more.


She readily agreed, “Alright.”

The call ended, and Wen Yu looked at his phone with a raised corner of his mouth, feeling happy and content.

This girl, Ji Anning… She has a stubborn streak but also a heart willing to open up.

She can sense his feelings for her and is willing to accept them without being rigid, but with boundaries.

Wen Yu gripped the steering wheel, recalling last Sunday when she was shining brightly in the outdoor photoshoot under the sun. A smile couldn’t help but appear on his face.

He likes her, and it’s worth it.

After her grandmother was discharged from the hospital, Ji Anning didn’t dare to immediately return to school for classes. She stayed home with her grandmother for a day and night to observe her condition. Only on Thursday, when she was sure her grandmother was truly fine, did she return to school.

When Meng Xinyu and the others saw her return, they were relieved and asked, “Is your grandmother okay?”

“It’s fine, everything went smoothly,” Ji Anning smiled, showing her teeth. “Did you copy yesterday’s notes for me?”

Meng Xinyu took out her own notes and handed them to Ji Anning, winking at her as she said, “Hey, while you were away, something happened.”

“Hmm?” Ji Anning raised an eyebrow.

“It’s like this…” Meng Xinyu intentionally lowered her voice, pretending to be secretive, “Between Bai Lu and Chen Hao… Oh my!”


Bai Lu rolled up her notebook and playfully hit Meng Xinyu with it, scolding her, “Are you acting as if I’m deaf? I’m sitting right next to you!” She spoke boldly, but her face turned bright red.

It was evident that something was going on!

“What’s going on?” Ji Anning leaned in closer to them, smiling, and said, “Tell me!”

Meng Xinyu explained concisely, “Chen Hao is pursuing Bai Lu.”

“That’s not true at all, don’t listen to her nonsense.” Bai Lu denied with a blush on her face, “You were on leave, and Wen Yu asked Chen Hao to help you copy the notes, so… they got to know each other more.”

“Oh, really? Wen Yu said he was borrowing my notes,” Meng Xinyu said with a tsk tsk, “Why didn’t he just come directly to me? It’s not like he doesn’t know me. Why is he going around in circles to find you? Isn’t it making things unnecessarily complicated?”

Bai Lu couldn’t deny it now, her face turning as red as a piece of red cloth.

When talking about other people’s love lives, everyone becomes an emotional expert, passionately offering advice. However, when it comes to their own love lives, people become clueless and tongue-tied, not even knowing how to retort.

That’s what happens when someone experiences their first love.

Ji Anning smiled so much that her eyes turned into crescent moons.

With her chin resting on her hand, she turned her head and saw several people surrounding someone on the other side of the classroom, all chatting happily. The person at the center, looking radiant, was Sun Yaxian.

Ji Anning focused her gaze.


Following Ji Anning’s line of sight, Meng Xinyu looked at Sun Yaxian and felt a little speechless.

“She’s been bragging for days about how she knows several top elite students from prestigious schools,” Meng Xinyu shrugged, “Talking about how amazing those from Cambridge and Princeton are…”

Admiring students from prestigious schools was natural, and Meng Xinyu had been envious at first. However, when boasting goes overboard, it can become irritating, causing others to retaliate.

Ji Anning felt a bit confused. There didn’t seem to be such a thing in her memories from her past life, right?

But in her past life, she was isolated and aloof, not really connecting with others, so she might not have paid attention to such matters.

Ji Anning didn’t think much of it.

On Wednesday, Ji Anning had already contacted Shu Chen, who said, “That’s great! I was worried about not having anyone for the weekend. Yang Na and the others either have plans or appointments; nobody wants to schedule anything for the weekend. Come back soon.”

In reality, the situation probably wasn’t as exaggerated as Shu Chen made it sound. He intentionally exaggerated to make Ji Anning feel like she wasn’t causing any trouble but instead helping him.

He was a kind and gentle young man, and Ji Anning didn’t know if he secretly liked her in this life too. Regardless, she couldn’t reciprocate those feelings and could only earnestly work for him.

Her feelings, across past and present lives, might be enough to give to just one person.

But who was that person?

Ji Anning thought of him, and a gentle smile naturally appeared on her lips.

On Friday, Du Qing called Ji Anning, “There’s a job for you on Saturday.”

Ji Anning was, of course, happy to have another job so soon, but she couldn’t coordinate the time.

Ji Anning had tutoring sessions over the weekend. Last week, she had taken a leave due to her grandmother’s hospitalization, and the week before, she had asked Meng Xinyu to substitute a class for her because she went to play squash. It wasn’t suitable to reschedule again. In the evening, she had to go to the café, leaving only a few hours in between, which wouldn’t be enough.

She told Du Qing about her schedule, and after calculating the workload for this job, he confidently said, “It’s not enough.”

“Can’t you take a leave or swap shifts?” he asked.

If it were a regular job, she could. Unfortunately, this time, Ji Anning couldn’t ask anyone to adjust their schedules for her.

Du Qing was puzzled, “How much can university students earn from tutoring? Is it a lot?”

Ji Anning honestly replied, “I charge ninety yuan per hour.”

“…,” Du Qing was speechless, “I thought it would be more. With this rate, considering transportation expenses… I suggest you quit. Even if you take one job per month, it should be more than doing tutoring for a whole month, right?”

In terms of the amount, he was right. However, Ji Anning had just started this modeling job and had no idea about its potential.

The older sister who had deceived her before had mentioned that sometimes she wouldn’t get any jobs in a month. Ji Anning didn’t know if that was true or not.

She didn’t dare take that risk. She had to support two people’s lives, especially now when she thought she would have more time to save money before her grandmother’s surgery. Unexpectedly, her grandmother needed the surgery earlier.

It was only the end of October, and she had only been in university for two months, so she was still adjusting to her finances.

Therefore, Ji Anning didn’t dare to give up her stable income from tutoring for the uncertain modeling income that might not be stable.

After declining Du Qing’s offer and hanging up the phone, Ji Anning thought about the money she could earn from this modeling job and felt a bit regretful.

But it was the only choice she had.

Who knew that later in the evening, Du Qing called her again, “Here’s the thing, originally it was two series, but now they’ve split it up, so I’m finding two people for them. This way, the workload for each person won’t be as heavy, about four to five hours each. Can you do it?”

Ji Anning’s eyes lit up, “Sure, I can do it!”

This time the shooting location was in Du Qing’s studio, which happened to have a subway station nearby. On Saturday, Ji Anning left Xiao Yun’s house and, in order to save time, didn’t take the bus and instead hailed a car to the subway station.

After finishing the work on this side, she had to rush to the café for her evening shift. Ji Anning was not the type to slack off, and after finishing her work for the night, she was truly exhausted.

Wen Yu picked her up as planned.

“Why do you look so tired today?” he asked curiously.

“I’m just tired,” Ji Anning replied.

Her words lacked energy, and her small face, usually lively, was now tucked into her collar due to the chilly night air, making her look more delicate than usual. Although she appeared fragile, she was actually quite energetic and resilient.

“What did you do today?” Wen Yu asked.

Ji Anning fastened her seatbelt as she got into the car and told him, “I had a photo shoot today for a single job, and I was busy for about five hours, running around all day.” As she spoke, she let out a big yawn and rested her head against the seatback.

Wen Yu glanced at her, seeing how exhausted she looked, but he didn’t say anything about quitting any of her jobs. He knew it would be useless to say anything.

The car smoothly hit the road. Wen Yu turned on the heater and noticed she was cold, so he also turned on the seat heating for her.

After a while, Ji Anning also felt the warmth in front of her, and her lower back was especially warm, it was simply too comfortable.

“This feature is amazing…” she said, her voice getting softer, her eyelids heavy from the warmth, making it hard to keep them open.

By the time Wen Yu parked the car outside the Huada Residential Building, he turned his head and noticed that Ji Anning had already fallen asleep.

Her sleeping face was serene, her pink lips slightly parted, resembling the petals of a cherry blossom in spring.

The way the young girl slept so defenselessly, innocent yet alluring.

Wen Yu gazed at her for a while, then smiled and reached out to gently pinch her small chin, leaning in closer.

What was Wen Yu? A good man?

No, he was a wolf.

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