After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 49

On Sunday, before Ji Anning even reached the bus stop, she received a call from Du Qing: “Can you come to a modeling job last minute?”

“Last-minute job” referred to a situation where a previously arranged model canceled due to various reasons, and they needed someone to fill in. Newcomers like Ji Anning, who had no fame, brand endorsements, or contracts with photographers, mostly earned money from these last-minute gigs.

Ji Anning originally wanted to refuse, but Du Qing was quick with her words and said a lot: “Not too many, around thirty1shots, I’ll negotiate the rate to forty-five

2yuan/rmb2 each for you. With your speed, it should take three to four hours. Are you coming?”

Ji Anning earned only ninety yuan per hour as a private tutor. The higher rate was because she was from China University, a prestigious university.

After Du Qing mentioned those numbers, Ji Anning quickly calculated in her mind. Working for three to four hours would earn her around 1,300 to 1,600 yuan. This money could cover the cost of hiring a caregiver for her grandmother.

Her grandmother’s recovery was going well, and she would be able to move around today. With Aunt Zhang taking care of her, it wouldn’t be a problem if Ji Anning went to the hospital a few hours later.

“I’ll go!” Ji Anning immediately replied, “Where is it?”

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Time is money. After getting the address, she didn’t hesitate and called a taxi to go there directly.

On the other hand, Wen Yu had intended to wake up early on Sunday after Saturday night’s drinking, but he ended up oversleeping.

Knowing that Ji Anning’s grandmother was doing well, and there was a caregiver taking care of her, Ji Anning was stable and not too tired. So Wen Yu wasn’t too worried either.

He woke up a bit later, checked the time, and estimated that Ji Anning would probably be at the hospital by now. He planned to go there directly.

On Saturday night, he went home with Wen Guoan, and his car was at his own place. The cars at Wen Guoan’s place were all older models, typical choices for older people. Otherwise, there was Cheng Lian’s car, which was more feminine. Wen Yu rummaged through the key cabinet in the garage and finally found the key to a Ferrari, which he took and drove.

On the way, he stopped at a bakery and bought some sugar-free soft and easily digestible snacks for Ji Anning’s grandmother.3So thoughtful

To his surprise, when he arrived at the hospital, Ji Anning was nowhere to be found.

“She said she had something to do and would come over around noon,” Aunt Zhang said, taking the cakes that Wen Yu bought, “What is it? I have no idea; she didn’t tell me.”


Wow, sugar-free, he’s really considerate.


Aunt Zhang felt even more convinced that Ji Anning had good taste.

Seeing that Ji Anning’s grandmother’s condition was quite good, and there was nothing urgent, Wen Yu left after a few questions.

As soon as he left the ward, he called Ji Anning.

She had canceled all her tutoring jobs for the weekend, so what could be the matter? Wen Yu wondered.

He called several times, but Ji Anning didn’t answer until he was back in his car. Finally, Ji Anning picked up the call.

“I took a last-minute job, yeah, it’s modeling,” Ji Anning said, but she could sense from Wen Yu’s tone that something was off. However, she didn’t have time to explain, “I’m really busy here, I can’t talk now! The location? Okay, I’ll send it to you!”

Ji Anning quickly ended the call.

Wen Yu looked at the disconnected phone, and his expression turned sour.

When Ji Anning mentioned “modeling,” he felt a sudden pang in his heart. Ji Anning could also tell from his voice, but she didn’t know why.

She didn’t know that there was a type of model known as “business models,” who didn’t walk the runway or do photo shoots like her. Instead, they specialized in attending gatherings with wealthy men, often known as “peripheral” models.

When Ji Anning mentioned modeling, Wen Yu’s first thought was about this kind of modeling.4You can’t fault the guy because she used to be a wine girl just because it pays a lot more even though there are risks.


It could only be said that a clear conscience fears no accusation, while the guilty suspects every bush.5 the original Chinese text is 清者自清,浊者自浊 (Clear will be clear, and Turbid will be turbid), which means that an innocent person doesn’t have to clarify themselves, but those who are bad will stay a bad guy even when they clarify themselves. Wen Yu, tsk, tsk.

Ji Anning quickly sent her location to Wen Yu, put away her phone, and swiftly went to change clothes.

Wen Yu was worried throughout the journey, afraid that Ji Anning might do something foolish or fall for some dubious modeling agency’s trick. He drove quickly and reached the location soon after checking the coordinates.

The photo shoot was still at the cultural preservation area, but this time it was an outdoor shoot, not in the small building.

There was a mobile changing room, and several people gathered around. Reflectors and other equipment were set up. Wen Yu quickly found them.

Ji Anning was wearing a very youthful winter cotton outfit and smiling sweetly in front of a photographer with small braids.

Her body was constantly moving, changing poses and angles, like dancing. That’s how it was for a print model; the photos looked beautiful, but the process of shooting could be a bit amusing.

Wen Yu stopped in his tracks and watched for a moment. Finally, he could relax.

If a model had a good feel for the camera and coordinated well, a set of photos could be done in just a few minutes.

“OK!” Du Qing shouted, “Next set!”

Ji Anning rushed toward the changing room, and Wen Yu called out to her. Though busy, she seemed happy and said, “You’re here? Wait for me a moment! Let me change first!”

She disappeared into the changing room and spoke to Wen Yu through the curtain, “We’ve taken most of the shots, maybe just another hour or so, can you wait? If not, you can leave first.”


Wen Yu replied, “I’ll wait for you.”

He found a spot that wouldn’t be in the way and stood there, holding his arms, watching the busy crew.

He had never seen Ji Anning like this before. She changed outfit after outfit, and each one looked great. In front of the camera, she was becoming more and more skilled, natural, and better at finding angles.

In front of the camera, she was lively and vibrant, completely different from her usual simple and quiet self.

Wen Yu was worried throughout the journey, but now, the more he watched, the more captivating she seemed. He gazed at the sweet, charming, and youthful Ji Anning in front of the camera, and a smile unconsciously appeared on his lips.

He thought he should buy her more clothes. Dressing her up nicely would make her even more beautiful.

Look at that girl, shining brightly!

An hour quickly passed, Ji Anning was busy, and Wen Yu wasn’t bored either. He was even quite satisfied—visually.

The photographer with small braids shouted, “Is there anything else left to do? No? OK, then it’s a wrap.”

He called Ji Anning over and pointed, “Go settle the bill with that person.”

Wen Yu watched as Ji Anning changed clothes and went to talk to a young woman. The woman handed her some cash, and Ji Anning put the money into her plastic wallet, her face showing exceptional happiness.

Her eyes were smiling, and her cheeks were radiant.


Well, Wen Yu couldn’t help but grin.

For some reason, Ji Anning’s joyful mood seemed to infect him too.

After settling the bill, Ji Anning didn’t immediately go to find Wen Yu; instead, she went to thank Du Qing first since he was the one who had arranged this job for her.

“Not bad, much better than last time. Did you practice at home?” Du Qing asked.

“Yeah! Someone in the group posted a video, and I learned from that,” Ji Anning replied.

Du Qing advised her, “When you have time, find a reputable training class. In the group, there are often people offering mutual help, but be careful not to choose recklessly; you might run into the wrong people.”

Du Qing had peach blossom eyes, a handsome appearance, and a unique and artistic style of dressing. He was the kind of person parents would warn their daughters to stay away from. However, Ji Anning felt that he was actually a good person.

As she was thinking about this, Du Qing suddenly reached back and untied his hairband, letting his shoulder-length hair fly in the wind like a messy pigtail.

Wen Yu had been keeping an eye on Ji Anning as she talked to the flirtatious photographer. When he saw Du Qing suddenly undo his hair, his eyes narrowed.

Men are not at all inferior to women when it comes to the instinctive territorial protection. He calmly walked closer to Ji Anning and the photographer, and he saw Du Qing, who had just acted like a professional flirt at work, transform into a regular young man at this moment. He flirtatiously looked at Ji Anning and asked, “Hungry? Let’s have a meal together, my treat.”

The flirtatious, unprofessional behavior from moments ago disappeared, and now he was just a normal young man playfully flirting with a beautiful girl.

“…Uh!” Ji Anning was caught off guard by the flirtation and turned her head to see Wen Yu. Thinking quickly, she cleverly rejected, “No, I can’t. My boyfriend is coming to pick me up.”


Seeing another man flirting with his girl in front of him, Wen Yu was originally angry and was about to take a step towards them when he suddenly heard Ji Anning’s rejection, making him think he was hearing things.

He immediately halted his steps.

Du Qing glanced in Wen Yu’s direction.

A handsome guy vs a handsome guy. Male hormones naturally spark a sense of rivalry, and at that moment, it seemed as if sparks were flying.

However, Wen Yu was actually stronger in this regard since he was officially recognized by Ji Anning as her “genuine” boyfriend, which gave him the upper hand.

Du Qing nodded, “Alright, next time then. When I have a job, I’ll call you. You’re only free on weekends, right?”

Wen Yu: “…” What the hell!

Ji Anning thanked Du Qing sincerely, said goodbye, and walked over to Wen Yu, “Let’s go. Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Go to the hospital for what? Look at the time! Aren’t you hungry?” Wen Yu was speechless. “Let’s eat first, then go to the hospital.”

It was almost past lunchtime.

“Got carried away with work!” Ji Anning held her forehead.

Despite that, she had a radiant face, completely dispelling the gloom from a few days ago.

Wen Yu proudly said, “I visited Grandma in the morning. She’s in good spirits and can walk around now. I bought her some snacks, and she liked them. Don’t worry, they are sugar-free…”

As they walked, they discussed what to eat later.

“Why are you laughing all the time?” Ji Anning asked.

“Huh?” Wen Yu denied it, “Was I laughing?”

“You’ve been smiling the whole time!” Ji Anning said, puzzled.

Wen Yu tried hard to restrain himself and said, “No, you must have mistaken it.”

They continued walking quickly.

After a while, Ji Anning suddenly realized something and caught up with Wen Yu.

“Wen Yu, Wen Yu,” she told him, “Did you hear what I said just now? I said that to reject him.”

Wen Yu took long strides, walking with large steps, “I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear anything! Anyway, I’m the real deal, and you stamped your approval on that!”

“…Sigh,” Ji Anning was helpless, “Hey, don’t be so childish!”

“Hurry up, I’m starving!” So childish!

Ji Anning’s grandmother recovered smoothly without any complications. On Wednesday, Ji Anning and Wen Yu completed the discharge procedures for her grandmother together.

When Wen Yu admitted her grandmother to the hospital, he had deposited ten thousand yuan as a deposit, which was deducted at the time of settlement. He didn’t need to pay any additional money, and the remaining amount would be refunded to his card.

As the settlement sheet was printed, Ji Anning grabbed it from the counter.

Having memories from her past life, she already had a rough idea of the costs, but she still wanted to see the specific numbers.

Sure enough, the figures were almost the same as she remembered.

Sansukini: Wen Yu is such a good shield against flirtatious guys. When I was young, there was a Filipino song called “Ang Tipo kong Lalaki” (My type of guy). The lyrics go like “Ang tipo kong lalaki, medyo bastos. Maginoo pero medyo bastos.” (My type of guy is a bit naughty. A gentleman but with a little naughtiness.) Very Wen Yu, don’t you think. Except for the “a little naughty”, coz he is kinda bit scummy, imo. A scummy but kind person (Ironic(`∀´))

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