After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 48

At this time, Ji Anning’s grandmother’s kidney stone was still small and couldn’t undergo surgery yet. In her previous life, it took about half a month before her grandmother complained of back pain, and she took her to the hospital, where the doctor advised waiting until the stone grew larger before considering surgery.

But in this life, at this time, her grandmother’s kidney stone had already reached the point where surgery was necessary.

This doesn’t make sense!

Ji Anning felt panic in her heart.

After her rebirth, Ji Anning’s relationships and circumstances with the people around her had changed to varying degrees, but overall, they were heading in a better direction.


For example, with Sun Yaxian, she took the initiative and prevented the repetition of past events.

As for Zhao Chen, she didn’t know what the future held, but she was determined not to fall into the same trap again.

And with Wen Yu, she and he would not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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In her previous life, Ji Anning passed away, and her grandmother was locked in the house and nearly starved.


Ji Anning hesitated for a moment before saying, “You’re right.”

Thinking about her panicked vulnerability last night and seeing her calm demeanor this morning, Wen Yu took a big bite of his sandwich.

“Did you get approval for the leave from school?”

“It’s all settled.”

“What about work?”

“Everything is arranged.”

After finishing their breakfast, they set off. On the way, Wen Yu reassured her, “Today is just preparation for the surgery, nothing much. Take your books with you. For notes and stuff, ask your classmate for help with photocopying. What’s her name again, Meng Xinyu?”

“Meng Xinyu, yes, I’ll talk to her,” Ji Anning nodded.

“You can have her give the copies to Chen Hao; they’re quite close now. I’ll bring them to you later,” Wen Yu said.

Everything was well-organized, and Ji Anning’s heart gradually settled down.

Her grandmother’s condition was good, and the nurse followed the doctor’s instructions, taking good care of her.

After seeing her grandmother, Ji Anning sent Wen Yu back and stayed behind to keep her company.


In the evening after school, Wen Yu came again, bringing photocopies of Meng Xinyu’s notes. They stayed together to watch her grandmother finish dinner and then handed her over to the nurse before leaving together.

During dinner, Ji Anning felt some regret, “I shouldn’t have taken time off from the café job.”

She followed her previous life’s thinking and requested leave, but this time, they hired a nurse for her grandmother, so she didn’t need to be by her side 24/7. She could have worked without taking leave and not delayed earning money.

“How much did you deposit for the hospitalization?” Ji Anning asked, “And where are the receipts? Give them to me.”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Wen Yu refused.

“Wen Yu,” Ji Anning sighed.

“Ji Anning,” Wen Yu said, “You have a lifetime to pay me back; there’s no rush to do it right away, not in a year or two.”

But some things might never be fully repaid, Ji Anning silently thought.

Considering the financial aspect, Ji Anning thought about canceling her leave with Shu Chen. However, she realized that Shu Chen probably already scheduled other girls for the shifts, and canceling repeatedly would cause trouble for several people.

She couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed.

Although she didn’t say it out loud, Wen Yu seemed to understand her worries. Once they got into the car, he rubbed her head and said, “I told you not to worry; I’m here for you.”

Can she really rely on Wen Yu and leave everything to him?


The surgery on Friday went smoothly, and when her grandmother was wheeled out, she was already awake and appeared to be in good condition.

Wen Yu took leave from work to accompany Ji Anning at the hospital. After the successful surgery, Ji Anning sent him back to school. It wasn’t convenient for him to stay in the women’s ward, so he went back.

During lunchtime, Wen Guoan called him, inviting him to a dinner gathering in the evening. Wen Yu called Ji Anning to inform her that he couldn’t come to pick her up in the evening and advised her to be careful.

“I know, you do your thing; I’ll be fine. I have Aunt Zhang with me,” Ji Anning said.

Aunt Zhang was the nurse Wen Yu hired—a robust middle-aged woman who efficiently took care of things.

After Ji Anning hung up the phone, Aunt Zhang smiled and said, “Your boyfriend is really considerate.”

Ji Anning smiled but remained silent.

Aunt Zhang started talking, “Let me tell you, when looking for a boyfriend, you must keep your eyes wide open. Some guys might look good and speak sweetly, but they don’t do anything useful. Just last month, there was a girl about your age who found out she was pregnant after four months and came to our hospital for an abortion. Her boyfriend, let me tell you, he came and sat there like a king, not doing anything the whole time. He even made the poor girl cry with his scolding.”

Hearing this, Ji Anning’s grandmother got angry and said, “What nonsense are you talking about? Ningning is only in her first year of junior high, why are you talking like this to a little girl!”

Aunt Zhang knew that her grandmother had dementia and quickly pacified her, “Yes, yes, I was wrong. I won’t say it anymore, I won’t say it anymore.”

Aunt Zhang was very considerate towards Ji Anning’s grandmother. In the ward, there were not only Ji Anning’s grandmother but also other patients and nurses, and comparing them, it was evident.

Ji Anning was very grateful to her.


But Aunt Zhang waved her hand and said, “I can’t just take money from your boyfriend for free.” Then she praised, “You have good taste and know how to choose people. This young man is truly generous.”

It was then that Ji Anning realized that Wen Yu had secretly given Aunt Zhang five hundred yuan.

The nurse’s daily wage was 160 yuan, with a deposit paid in advance, and the final bill settled upon discharge. This payment was made to the service company, and the nurse would receive a commission from them.

However, the money that Wen Yu gave directly to Aunt Zhang was separate from the service company and considered a personal tip for her, which she could keep entirely for herself.

No wonder Aunt Zhang took such good care of Ji Anning’s grandmother.

Indeed, this was Wen Yu’s way of doing things.

She owed Wen Yu more and more. Ji Anning combed her hair and let out a sigh.

Wen Yu’s time on Friday evening was taken by Wen Guoan, and his Saturday during the day and evening was also fully booked.

On Saturday night, he quietly left the dinner gathering and found a quiet corner to call Ji Anning.

“Grandma has recovered very well. The doctor said she can start moving on her own tomorrow. But they will continue to observe her for a few more days, and she might be discharged around Tuesday or Wednesday,” Ji Anning said.

Normally, after minimally invasive surgery, patients could be discharged from the hospital in three to five days. But Ji Anning’s grandmother was older and had several chronic illnesses, so the doctor recommended observing her for a few more days.

Wen Yu asked, “Where are you now? At the hospital? I’ll finish the dinner and come pick you up.”

“No, I’m already home. Look at the time; it’s quite late,” Ji Anning replied with a smile. It was evident that she was feeling much more relaxed now.

Wen Yu felt reassured as well and said, “Then I’ll come to see you tonight.”

Ji Anning stopped him, “Don’t fuss about. You’ve been drinking; rest well.”

Wen Yu had no choice but to give in.

That night he had some drinks and didn’t drive himself. He shared a car with Wen Guoan.

The back seat was two rows of seats facing each other, and as soon as Wen Yu got in the car, he lay down. While he was mature and composed at the dinner table, earning praise, in front of Wen Guoan, he had no image at all and acted like a mischievous child.

Wen Guoan was reading documents in the car when he glanced up and saw Wen Yu lying there playing with his phone. He half-raised his reading glasses and scolded, “Sit up, don’t lie down and play; your eyes will get worse.”

Wen Yu didn’t budge, “You’re reading documents in the car, your eyes will get worse too.”

Feeling bored, Wen Yu checked his friends’ updates on social media and saw that Sun Yaxian had posted a new message a few minutes ago.

The picture was exquisitely taken, carefully avoiding people’s faces, and focused on luxurious decoration, a delicate fruit plate, and sparkling glass cups. Not only was the angle perfect, but it also had a filter that made it look very high-end.

【Met some elite graduates from the world’s top universities, and I feel that their way of speaking and their perspectives are very different from ordinary people. I’ve gained a lot from them. I will also work hard and hope to become such an outstanding person one day!】

The words were quite positive and inspiring, making it seem like she had attended some high-level academic forum.

Wen Yu knew, however, that it was just a typical weekend for Qian Haoran and his gang – alcohol and girls, that’s all.

Sun Yaxian was one of those girls.

Many girls wanted to enter this circle, to get to know these people, but they just couldn’t find a way in. Wen Yu gave Sun Yaxian a chance and brought her into it.

In that dream, Sun Yaxian confidently placed hat after hat on Ji Anning’s head.

Every time Wen Yu saw her beautiful face, he couldn’t help but recall her malicious and venomous words, which stabbed at Ji Anning without drawing blood. It filled him with intense anger.

However, Sun Yaxian was still a girl, and he couldn’t shout or scold her. He gave her a chance because she had been persistently chasing after someone like him, so he wanted to see how she would react when facing the same “second-generation rich” and “wealthy people” that she used to belittle Ji Anning.

After receiving a couple of kicks from Wen Guoan, Wen Yu finally sat up.

“Why do you look so upset? Who made you mad?” Wen Guoan asked, puzzled.

“On a big weekend like this, they make me drink with a bunch of old men. How can I be happy?” Wen Yu complained.

Wen Guoan asked with a hint of annoyance, “What’s bothering you?”

No one knows their children better than their parents. Wen Yu appeared composed in front of outsiders and carried the responsibility of being the heir of the family with grace. He rarely resorted to acting spoiled and complaining like this. So, it must be that something had bothered him.

“What else could it be?” Wen Yu shamelessly declared, “It delayed my time with my girlfriend.”

Wen Guoan made a mocking sound, “Girlfriend? Is it the one from today or the one from yesterday? I really hope you can have a serious girlfriend, graduate, and get married soon, give me a big chubby grandson!”

Wen Guoan became a father later in life, and despite careful care, he couldn’t fend off the signs of aging. Deep down, he was truly worried that he might not live long enough to see his grandson.

“You’re so demanding. Have you held your grandson for my grandpa yet?” Wen Yu retorted.

Wen Yu was born too late; his grandparents had already passed away, and he never had the chance to be held by them.

“That’s why, don’t follow my example. Don’t marry too late,” Wen Guoan put on his reading glasses again, “Otherwise, you might end up like me, feeling sorry for your grandpa.”

When Wen Guoan was young, he had his fun, and when he reached middle age, he fell for a smart, beautiful, and accomplished woman who graduated from a prestigious university. He married her and brought her home. By the time it was Wen Yu’s turn, he hoped his son would be honest and straightforward, graduate and marry quickly, and pass on the family name.

What a pipe dream.

Wen Yu rolled his eyes in response.

Bored, Wen Yu casually picked up the documents on Wen Guoan’s seat and flipped through them.

“Hey, did we also develop a retirement home project?” He looked through the papers with great interest.

Wen Guoan glanced up and said, “The future of senior care real estate is very promising, and I plan to increase investment in this area.”

While Wen Guoan spoke about the market prospects, Wen Yu’s thoughts were on Ji Anning’s grandmother.

Ji Anning was carrying a heavy burden, and that “heavy” was her grandmother.

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