After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 47

“Qian Haoran asked if you’ll go on Saturday night?”

“Not sure, I’ll decide later.”


“If Haoran calls you, just go. Don’t worry about me.”

Hearing Wen Yu’s words, Sun Yaxian bit her lip slightly.


She was beautiful and chased by many guys. She knew very well how to keep someone interested. She was well aware that Wen Yu’s hot-and-cold attitude was just to keep her hooked.

But so what if she knows it very well? Were all those guys who acted as her backups fools? They all knew she was stringing them along, yet they willingly let themselves be strung along.

This kind of thing takes two willing parties.

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“Anning…” After Sun Yaxian left, Wen Yu waved at Ji Anning.


Ji Anning crossed the side road and walked over to his car, asking, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“I don’t have anything to do tonight,” Wen Yu said. “I’ll take you back. Are you going to Guangming Road?”

Ji Anning got into Wen Yu’s car without asking what he and Sun Yaxian were talking about. In her past life, she often saw Sun Yaxian chasing after Wen Yu.

Wen Yu didn’t bring it up either, he just said, “Li He asked if you want to go out on Sunday.”

Ji Anning declined, “I’m busy on Sunday.”

“What’s going on?” Wen Yu asked.

Ji Anning replied, “I have tutoring on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and I have to go to Guangming Road at 5 pm. It’s not worth the hassle for just a few hours in between.”

Wen Yu asked, “How come you had time last Saturday then?”

Ji Anning felt helpless. Last Saturday, wasn’t it because she wanted to meet Yang Bo that she specifically asked Meng Xinyu to cover her class?

She said, “I’ve never played squash before and was curious, so I asked a classmate to cover for me. But I can’t keep asking others to cover for me, they don’t have that much time, and I can’t stop making money either.”

Wen Yu clicked his tongue, displeased, but there was nothing he could do.

At a red light, he looked at Ji Anning and pinched her arm. “Why do I feel like you’ve lost weight again?”


Unconsciously, Ji Anning had already gotten used to his not-so-serious physical contact.

She also pinched her arm and denied, “I haven’t lost weight, I even weigh more. Seems like I’ve become more solid.”

Fat transforming into muscle could indeed reduce size but increase weight.

“Don’t get any thinner,” Wen Yu said. “Your touch might not be as good.”

Ji Anning took a moment to understand he was making a lewd remark.

She spat at him and scolded, “Can’t you be serious for once?”

“What’s good about being serious?” Wen Yu said. “Being too serious, you’ll miss out on a lot of fun in life, you know.”

Ji Anning couldn’t be bothered to deal with him.

Arriving at Guangming Road, Ji Anning got out of the car and told him directly, “No need to pick me up, go do your own thing.”

Wen Yu became even more unhappy. “Do you know what I’m doing?” He had specially brought her here today because he had nothing else to do.

Ji Anning asked, “Aren’t you third-year students supposed to be studying?”

Wen Yu thought about it and nodded. “You’re right, we do have to study. Our junior year is quite challenging academically.”


Ji Anning thought she had convinced him and said happily, “That’s right, you should go back earlier. I’m leaving now.”

After speaking, she lightly walked into the coffee shop with her bag, had a meal, changed into her work clothes, and immediately saw Wen Yu’s face again.

“…” Ji Anning held her forehead. “What are you doing?”

“Studying,” Wen Yu said innocently, gesturing at the books on the table.

He even raised his hand seriously. “Can you remind them to hurry with the pizza I ordered earlier? I’m starving.”

Ji Anning was speechless and turned to remind them at the counter.

When the pizza was ready, Ji Anning brought it to him. Wen Yu still complained, “I’m starving to death.”

Ji Anning rubbed her temple, ignoring him, and turned to the bar.

Shu Chen teased her, “Your homeboy Wen Yu seems really worried about you.”

Though he was teasing, he was actually on Wen Yu’s side. Ji Anning truly couldn’t understand his friendship with Wen Yu.

In the end, she still rode in Wen Yu’s car back home.

She had been tricked too much today, so when Wen Yu attempted to get close to her downstairs, she vigilantly avoided him and didn’t fall for his tricks.


“Why are you avoiding me?” Wen Yu said grumpily.

He actually couldn’t even steal a kiss and wasted a whole evening.

Ji Anning snorted and said, “If you try anything funny again, I’ll put my training to good use!”

Her three skills were specially practiced to deal with perverts.

Wen Yu felt like he was shooting himself in the foot and watched Ji Anning go upstairs with annoyance before turning and leaving.

But before he reached the Hummer, his phone rang, and he checked it to find that it was Ji Anning?

“Hello?” Wen Yu asked playfully, “Did you drop something? Or do you regret not being with me?”

“Wen Yu! Wen Yu, have you left?” Ji Anning’s voice sounded panicked.

Wen Yu stopped in his tracks and restrained his playful expression. “What’s wrong?”

“Can you come quickly!” Ji Anning’s voice was not only anxious but choked, “My grandmother needs to go to the hospital!”

“Don’t panic! I’m still here! I’ll come up right away!” Wen Yu immediately turned back and ran back.

The door to Ji Anning’s house was wide open. Wen Yu had sent her home many times before, and a few times even to the door, but it was his first time entering her house.

The air inside the room didn’t smell very good; there was a faint odor. The decoration was old, the furniture was simple, and the house was small, even smaller than Wen Yu’s bedroom.

Grandma was half lying on the sofa, leaning on Ji Anning. Her face was pale, even her lips were white, and she was gasping for breath, crying in pain.

“Can you move?” Wen Yu asked, “Should I call an ambulance?”

“Grandma, can you stand up by yourself?” Ji Anning tried asking.

Although Grandma was in pain, she hadn’t reached the point of collapsing. With some support, she could still stand up.

“It’s kidney stones!” Ji Anning said, “We need to go to the hospital for surgery as soon as possible.”

Wen Yu didn’t realize that Ji Anning was so sure of her grandma’s condition without a doctor’s diagnosis. He thought she must be very familiar with her grandma’s health to call it out so confidently.

Although Grandma could stand up, Wen Yu didn’t let her walk on her own.

He carried her downstairs, all the way to the car. They drove to the nearest tertiary hospital.

After the emergency doctor’s diagnosis, it was indeed kidney stones.

After the pain was relieved, Grandma’s complexion improved. She immediately forgot why she was here and asked Ji Anning in confusion, “Isn’t this the hospital? Who is sick?”

While Ji Anning comforted her, she communicated with the doctor.

Grandma needed surgery, but they couldn’t do it immediately.

“At the earliest, the day after tomorrow,” the doctor said, “let’s admit her first.”

Wen Yu held Ji Anning back. “You stay with your grandma.”

He took care of the hospitalization procedures for Ji Anning.

After settling Grandma in the hospital room, a middle-aged woman came in, “Is this bed 62 looking for a caregiver?”

Ji Anning hadn’t spoken yet, and Wen Yu had already taken the initiative, “Yes, right here!”

Ji Anning said, “I can accompany her here.”

Wen Yu said, “You go back and get some good rest. Your grandma only has you as family. You need to be well-rested to take care of her. Come back tomorrow.”

Wen Yu was right.

Ji Anning still remembered that in her past life, she had stayed by the bedside and almost made herself sick from exhaustion. It was a losing proposition. Of course, back then, Wen Yu wasn’t by her side either.

Back then, Wen Yu was just an annoying pursuer to her. Their relationship was not close enough for her to seek his help.

In this lifetime, she chose to follow Wen Yu’s advice. After carefully instructing the caregiver on some things to pay attention to, she went home with Wen Yu.

“It’s not a big deal,” Wen Yu said, “Didn’t the doctor explain everything? The surgery will take care of it, and there’s no need for open surgery, just a minimally invasive one. Look, your face is so pale.”

Ji Anning responded with a simple “Mm” and remained quiet and pale all the way.

As Ji Anning worried about her grandmother, Wen Yu gently reassured her all the way.

When they reached Ji Anning’s home, he said to her, “See, she’s not in pain now, the hospitalization is all settled, and there’s a caregiver to take care of her, and the surgery is scheduled. Everything is going smoothly, so don’t worry. I’m here.”

Ji Anning looked up.

Under the dim light, Wen Yu could clearly see something in Ji Anning’s eyes shatter and loosen.

Wen Yu’s thoughts quickly turned, realizing immediately which sentence from earlier touched Ji Anning: “I’m here.”

She had mentioned that her mother passed away early, her father lost contact in junior high, and after that, she only had her grandmother, who later suffered from dementia. And after that…

After that, she had been alone.

A teenager, carrying it all by herself.

Wen Yu had always known that Ji Anning had a difficult life.

But his understanding of this “difficult life” was actually the same as everyone else’s—detached from the situation, casually expressing sympathy like “poor thing” or “how tough,” without truly grasping how tough it really was. How exhausting? How trying?

In fact, bystanders couldn’t fully comprehend it.

A deep sense of heartache rose within Wen Yu.

He rubbed Ji Anning’s head and said, “Get some rest early. Tomorrow, take a leave from school and don’t go for now.”

He asked again, “Are you afraid to be alone? Do you want me to accompany you? I can sleep on the sofa.”

His voice was gentle, and his heart was gentle too. At this moment, there was no ulterior motive, just a simple desire to be there for her during difficult times.

Ji Anning shook her head and said, “You can go back, you should get some rest too.”

Wen Yu said, “Alright. I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow morning and go to the hospital together.”

After saying that, he lightly kissed her on the forehead.

Ji Anning didn’t dodge.

Wen Yu’s closeness, Wen Yu’s touch, all made her feel at ease.

In truth, she wanted to get even closer to him, even wanted to close her eyes and lean against his chest, leaving everything to him.

Fortunately, she still had her sanity.

Back at her own home, Ji Anning collapsed onto the sofa, her gaze unfocused.

Why did this happen?

How did it happen now?

The timing… it doesn’t match at all.

Ji Anning’s heart was filled with unease, with nowhere to speak, and no one to confide in.

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