After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 57

Sun Yaxian’s mind seemed to clear up finally due to Wen Yu’s constant ignoring and indifference. She picked up her cup and approached Qian Haoran.

With a smile on her face, she looked for the right moment to bring up a topic.

She thought Qian Haoran would still give her a cold shoulder, or at least embarrass her again. Wen Yu often embarrassed her.

But Qian Haoran didn’t. As she approached, she showed humility, and Qian Haoran’s demeanor softened in an instant as he lifted his cup. It was as if the cold treatment from before never existed, seamlessly transitioning his emotions and attitude.

Sun Yaxian admitted to herself that she couldn’t achieve such a smooth transition, becoming even more aware of her own immaturity.


So when Qian Haoran asked her to drink, she obediently complied, not daring to defy him.

Fortunately, Qian Haoran wasn’t that kind of low-class person. He only asked her to drink a little, then told her that girls shouldn’t drink too much outside. He said she was still young and considerately switched her drink to something soft.

This man smiled, exuding gentleness and grace. Though he couldn’t match Wen Yu’s handsome and charismatic appeal that made hearts flutter, he seemed to possess his own charm.

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Du Qing readily agreed as well.


After discussing business matters, Ji Anning got up to leave. Du Qing escorted her out. The subway station wasn’t far from the building, and Du Qing said he would accompany her there.

Ji Anning declined, but he insisted. However, once they left the studio, he asked, “Is your boyfriend from the same school as you?”

Ji Anning nodded, saying, “He’s a junior.”

“That day startled me.” Du Qing didn’t mince words. “Man, a Maybach.”

Ji Anning wasn’t sure how much a Maybach was worth. It belonged to Li He, but she knew that Wen Yu definitely had a car of a similar class.

Yesterday, Wen Yu had abandoned his Hummer and deliberately driven that car just to pressure Du Qing. Ji Anning felt a slight embarrassment and guilt.

“He’s just a bit showy.” She wanted to say, “Don’t mind it,” but thought it might be too obvious and held it back.

Du Qing asked, “He’s from a wealthy family, right?”

Ji Anning was a bit sensitive to the term “wealthy second generation.” She stopped and looked up at Du Qing.

Du Qing said, “I’m somewhat surprised that you would be with someone like him.”

Ji Anning pursed her lips. “I don’t really understand what you mean.”

“If you were all about designer brands, carrying LV, Chanel every day, then I wouldn’t be surprised. But you’re not that kind of person,” Du Qing stood still, hands in his pockets, talking to her. “I thought you’d find someone dependable, even if they didn’t have money, someone as steadfast as you. It’s nice when two people work hard together.”


“What kind of person he is, and whether he has money or not, doesn’t affect me,” Ji Anning said firmly.

“I know, I can see that,” Du Qing nodded. “But when I saw you get into that Maybach yesterday, it felt so out of place. Maybe I’m just not a believer in invincible true love. After all, having been around society for a long time, I’ve seen a lot, and that gives you many thoughts.”

Ji Anning said helplessly, “If you want to say something, just say it directly. No need to beat around the bush.”

“Then I’ll be straightforward.” Du Qing looked at Ji Anning and asked, “Is a wealthy second generation like him truly sincere when being with you? Can it last? He’s not just rich; do you know how much that car cost yesterday? People at this level of wealth encounter pretty girls all the time. Though you’re beautiful, you’re not exceptionally different from other pretty girls. When he gets tired of you, turns around and ditches you, what will you do? Have you thought about that?”

After all, Ji Anning was only a freshman. Du Qing believed she was just a young girl with a clouded mind who wouldn’t consider the long term. He thought that this kind of soul-searching question would at least shake her out of her comfort zone and make her think.

But Ji Anning was far calmer than he expected.

“I have thought about it,” she said.

“I have an agreement with him. Occasional gifts are fine, but I don’t accept luxury items. I bear the cost of my own life, and I won’t indulge in extremely high-end entertainment with him,” Ji Anning said.

Her bangs floated in the November cold wind, and her gaze was particularly clear.

“So, even if he finds being with me boring and wants to break up, it’s okay. It won’t affect me much,” she said. “I believe I can handle such changes.”

If Wen Yu were here and heard these words, he would definitely have a stomachache from vexation.

Wen Yu had never known that while Ji Anning accepted him with an open heart, she had prepared herself mentally for the possibility of separation from early on.


With the baggage from her past life, Ji Anning believed in Wen Yu’s sincerity.

However, she couldn’t be certain about the longevity of his passion for her.

Sincerity and longevity were two separate concepts.

Wen Yu’s desires were clear and intense. Ji Anning actually felt that if she were to become intimate with Wen Yu and he got what he wanted from her, he might lose interest in her afterward; it wasn’t impossible.

In her past life, Sun Yaxian often intentionally discussed Wen Yu’s rumors in front of her, so thanks to that, Ji Anning had come to know a fair bit about his romantic history.

None of those relationships were long-lasting.

Of course, while those girls still held the title of his girlfriend, they could obtain a lot from him, both emotionally and materially.

Ji Anning was willing to accept Wen Yu, and she had mentally prepared for the possibility of an intimate relationship with him from early on. However, due to the karmic factors from her past life and her uncertainties, she planned to delay that until she passed a certain crucial point in her relationship with him.

Wen Yu’s desires were too intense. When he kissed her in the hallway while walking her home, her body often reacted in a way that frightened her.

Ji Anning had already made up her mind. As long as they got through that critical point safely, she would let things take their natural course.

If it was meant to happen, it would happen, or if it was time to part ways, they would.

Go with the flow.


Du Qing was quite surprised. He realized he had underestimated Ji Anning’s complexity. She had already thought things through so thoroughly.

“So, do you like him then?” he couldn’t help but ask.

Only when one loves to a certain degree would they disregard all possible instability and turmoil, flying into the flame like a moth, offering up a moment of splendor?

“Yeah!” A bright and pure smile bloomed on Ji Anning’s face as she nodded emphatically. “I really like him!”

That smile would surely make Wen Yu a little envious.

On her way back, Ji Anning received a call from another photography studio inviting her to a photoshoot over the weekend.

Ji Anning was both surprised and delighted. When she asked about the time, she found out it was on Sunday, and the timing was perfect. She would finish her tutoring and make it to the studio on time, and she could still go to the café in the evening.

It was almost as if it had been tailor-made for her!

Since she had taken leave from the café, Ji Anning got home much earlier than usual. Unable to contain her excitement, she called Wen Yu to share the good news.

Wen Yu asked, “Which photography studio is it? Where is it, how far, and is it legitimate?”

“It’s called Firewing. I’ll check online in the computer lab later. It should be legitimate,” Ji Anning said. “If it’s not legitimate, I’ll decline. Safety first.”

She was so well-behaved that it melted one’s heart!

But Firewing was the photography studio that Wen Yu had just acquired last weekend. It couldn’t have been more legitimate. The backbone of this studio knew Ji Anning and were aware that a wealthy magnate had generously bought them out, all to secretly make this girl happy.

Safety couldn’t be any more guaranteed!

Wen Yu suppressed a laugh and earnestly told Ji Anning, “Yes, that’s right. Check it out. If it’s legitimate, don’t miss the opportunity. Maybe they’ll even be willing to sign a contract with you?”

Ji Anning laughed, “What are the odds of that?”

For an unknown newcomer, going a month without a single job offer was the norm. Ji Anning believed that if Du Qing wanted to sign her, there must be a factor of him being interested in pursuing her. This was why she was hesitant about signing a contract with him.

“Don’t be so skeptical,” Wen Yu boasted without shame. “Let me tell you, I have an incredibly strong positive energy. People who are often around me have their luck boosted. Everyone becomes fortunate. Look at how much positive energy I’ve transferred to you; how can you not be lucky?”

He was being flirtatious again.

Ji Anning spat back at him, “Be serious.”

“Uh-huh, I’m being serious,” Wen Yu said. “If you can stabilize your job as a flatlay model, consider quitting your job with Shu Chen. It takes up too much time. When you’re busy hustling, others are studying in the library.”

When Wen Yu wasn’t joking, he could get straight to the point.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Ji Anning said. “I do feel sorry for Shu Chen; he’s always been quite caring towards me.”

“It’s fine,” Wen Yu said. “I actually asked Shu Chen about this yesterday. With his thriving business, I wondered if he had considered opening a branch. He mentioned it’s hard to find a suitable location. I thought I’d help him out and find a suitable spot for him.”

Wen Yu had his own resources, and he intended to give Shu Chen an internal discount.

In her past life, Shu Chen had always wanted to open a branch.

However, the current location he was running was actually his family’s property. Their financial situation was on the rise, otherwise, they couldn’t have supported him to graduate from university without getting a job and start his own business.

It would be much more difficult to find a storefront elsewhere.

Over the past few years, the restaurant industry had been gradually declining, and the biggest issue was the increasing rent. In her past life, Shu Chen had tried to find several locations, but the rents were quite high, especially in shopping malls where they had to pay a substantial portion of the profits. When considering all the costs, the profit margins were thin, leaving him reluctantly giving up.

If Wen Yu was willing to help, with his resources, he should be able to find a suitable location for Shu Chen.

Thinking that in this lifetime, Shu Chen might finally realize the dream he couldn’t achieve in the previous one, Ji Anning felt that being reborn in this life was truly wonderful!

So many things were improving!

“Wen Yu!” Her eyes curved with happiness as she said, “Thank you!”

“Hey!” Wen Yu was clearly a bit jealous now. “You’ve got the roles mixed up!”1Like she shouldn’t thank him for helping Shu Chen coz he’s not her boyfriend, Wen Yu is.

Hey, you and I are on the same side!

Shu Chen, stand aside for me!

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