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  • Young Masters’ Little Maid

    Chapter 083 The Fourth Young Master Enters From Behind (Play)

    “Huh? This fast?”

    Li Yiyi subconsciously licked the liquid flowing down the corner of her mouth——Confirming that it was indeed c*m, she blurted this out.

    Fan Mowei’s complexion was instantly painted a pitch-black hue.

    This woman was questioning his ability!

    However… It was true that he was too quick just now. Even if he wanted to refute, he didn’t know what to say.


    As it so happened, at this moment, Li Yiyi also poured oil into the fire, “Could this be your first time?”


    Fan Mowei’s head exploded.

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    “Zsw’al wdlmrlnvlezu dsv olyakdt ydu wdelaolya!”

    Xd vbl oyu vs vbl cydiwlv, vbkp osxyd oswze ts yp qya yp vs dsv olya ydu wdelaolya!

    “Gal usw vbkp xwnb sq y pz*v? Gzoyup cyal esod blal yde oykvkdt qsa psxlsdl vs q*nj usw?”

    Tlyakdt bkp wdalpvaykdle bwxkzkyvksd, tzkpvldkdt vlyap yrrlyale yv vbl nsadlap sq Nk Zkuk’p lulp.

    “R byvl usw! Nlv xl ts, R esd’v oydv vs es kv okvb usw!”

    Her hands and feet hurriedly caused a riot, wanting to push him away, but why would Fan Mowei agree?


    The two people’s bodies were crowded in the narrow space of the front seat, twisting and turning into a lump. Li Yiyi’s smooth legs below her skirt were also rubbing against Fan Mowei’s exposed c*ck, quickly getting the meat stick that had just shot seconds ago hard and standing upright.

    Fan Mowei was simply insane!

    He unexpectedly couldn’t let go of this woman, who was sleeping with his three brothers, right now. Granted that he clearly knew that he loathed her in his heart, but after she touched his body, how could he not control his reaction?

    Moreover, his response was also quite strong!

    No matter. In any case, it was a fire she caused, so she should extinguish it!

    The difference between a man’s and woman’s physical strengths was night and day. Once Fan Mowei wanted to control Li Yiyi, he immediately pressed her down on the front dashboard, rendering her basically unable to move.

    After, regardless of Li Yiyi’s verbal resistance, he extended both his hands down to stir her cave. He quickly felt the cave’s walls opening and closing, the narrow passage also beginning to contract from him thrusting his fingers in. So much so that she quickly leaked out love juices, saturating his fingers until they were dripping wet.

    Pulling his fingers out and seeing them covered in her lascivious fluids, Fan Mowei’s heart turned sour, not knowing what to feel.

    “I called you a sl*t, and you really did show me! You became this wet from having a strange man insert his fingers in you a few times, doesn’t this mean you would still be wet even if another man replaced me and finger f*cked you?”

    Li Yiyi’s butt twisted and swayed uncomfortably.

    “Then let me go! I would rather find another man to f*ck me along the curb, I don’t want you!”

    This woman was simply courting death! Until now, she still despised him!


    Fan Mowei angrily rambled. “Don’t worry, when I’ve f*cked you enough, I’ll throw you out and let you find someone else. The best case would be for them to f*ck you to death!”

    Saying this, he already took off his trousers, the turtle’s head aimed at Li Yiyi’s entrance that was still flowing out lewd water, directly attacking it in one go!



    The scalding hot stick thrusted in and entered in an unrestrained manner, bumping against Li Yiyi to move forward, her red lips sending out a fearful cry.

    Fan Mowei let out a comfortable sigh.

    So warm, so tight.

    For a place that his second brother has used multiple times, it would definitely be already loosened. But, in the end, he didn’t expect that once he plunged himself in, he would discover that it was so tight.

    As soon as he inserted himself in, the passage tightened by itself, using more strength to suck in his meat stick, which was larger than his fingers. The turtle’s head at the front was also lightly massaged. It felt so good that he simply wanted to plunge himself in again!

    Then, he really did so.

    Li Yiyi could only powerlessly lie on the dashboard. After she cried out in fear, she could only weakly shout, “Get out, I don’t want you! No… enn! I don’t want ahh…”

    Fan Mowei didn’t like her refusal, so finally, he decided to use his c*ck to tame this rebellious woman!


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