Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 082 The Fourth Young Master’s C*mshot (Play)

“Li! Yi! Yi!”

Fan Mowei furiously took off his shades. “Are you out of your mind? Seducing my second and third brothers wasn’t enough, and now you’re latching onto me and not letting go? Do you think I’m interested in the worn-out woman who’s sleeping with the men in my family?”

He pulled on his throat from rebuking her for a long time and didn’t receive the slightest reply.

When he looked closer, he discovered that Li Yiyi was already hiding in a corner, her entire person shrinking into a small ball.

“Don’t act pitifully in front of me!”


The boy who ran out of patience seized her, but he didn’t expect to come across a pair of watery eyes.

This little woman was similar to a shivering, curled-up kitten. The lovely yet pitiful gaze met his, his heart instantly turning soft.

In a blink of an eye, the rage surging to his head and heart couldn’t help but congeal.

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In the end, Li Yiyi outstretched her hands towards his waist, undoing his belt and then pulling down his trousers.


Fan Mowei sensed that something was amiss.

“Stop moving your hands! Quick——Wuu!”

It was already too late.

Li Yiyi agilely took out his sleeping little bird before bending down to hold the little thing, the tip of her tongue nimbly giving it a lick.

Fan Mowei was mentally ordering his body to not react! But, the sleeping little bird was being coiled around by Li Yiyi’s tongue, gradually growing bigger and harder, slowly fully maturing and becoming a thick and long c*ck.

Fan Mowei closed his eyes in defeat.

“Hurry up and let me go, don’t touch my c*ck!”

Li Yiyi obediently loosened her mouth.

Fan Mowei heaved a sigh of relief, not anticipating that Li Yiyi had already cupped his balls drooping below, then using her mouth to encase one of his eggs in her mouth.


Fan Mowei’s body violently jerked, his meat stick immediately hardening until it hurt, while his balls also rapidly tensed, beginning to have the urge to shoot his essence.

With great difficulty, he clenched his jaw and tried regaining control over his body.


“Li Yiyi, let me go!” He ordered through his teeth.

Li Yiyi was so scared, she thought that her licking didn’t make him feel good, so she quickly cupped his other ball, her tongue licking it softly, while her small mouth sucked on them, breathing in Fan Mowei’s balls until they tensed and trembled.

This was not enough, so Li Yiyi quickly cupped his 2 eggs and kept them in her small mouth with great effort!

One could see that her small cherry mouth was stretched to its max, its inside was stuffed with his brown pearls. The small woman was clearly suffering, her tear-filled eyes spinning, but she still didn’t let go, continuing to do her best to suck.

In the end, Fan Mowei surrendered first before she collapsed.

His lower abdomen abruptly crunched in, while his balls vigorously spasmed. The gates of his essence were uncontrollable, letting his s*men erupt and wildly gush out.

In this way, Li Yiyi received a face full of c*m.

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