Watch You Turn Naughty

Chapter 3 Returning Home

Walking to the elevator and pressing the up button, Yao Yao thought for a moment before turning to ask Huo Konghe, “Is this your first time?” Yao Yao tilted her head asking him, taking out a lipstick from her handbag and touching up her makeup.

Huo Konghe didn’t know whether she was referring to the matter of the kiss or making love, however, he still replied, “Everything has been my first.”

Yao Yao’s hand that was touching up her makeup, came to a pause, “Kissing too?”

“Yeah.” Huo Konghe nodded.

This was the first time Yao Yao had encountered such a pure boy. Originally, she was feeling a bit at a loss, however, now, she felt secretly delighted.


Huo Kenghe was like a blank piece of paper. No matter what shape or color he was going to turn out in the future, it could only be determined by Yao Yao’s hand.

Yao Yao had never felt such intense desire to possess. Thinking of this, Yao Yao herself was also stunned, and for a split second, she thought to herself, this wasn’t good. But she didn’t want to give him up, and so, she decided to return home first to discuss the matter properly.

Yao Yao advanced forward and pressed the down button.

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Yao Yao saw that he didn’t have any reaction and immediately knew that he was unaware of this rule. She looked outside the window and heaved a sigh.


However, the driver Xiao Liu(1) was flabbergasted. In the past two years, this was the first time he saw Yao Yao bring someone home, however, he did not dare say anything more and only focused on starting up the car.
(1) Xiao here means Little like a nickname. Decided not to localize it cuz calling your driver Little Liu doesn’t sound nice.

Yao Yao leaned on Huo Konghe’s chest, feeling very tired at the moment. Adding on to the bit of wine she had drank earlier, she was feeling a little drowsy.

Huo Konghe looked at Yao Yao’s attire and well as her personal driver and surmised that Yao Yao was perhaps, really wealthy but he couldn’t figure out which line of industry she was in though he was sure it was a clean one.

S City’s night scene flitted across the windows. They were still in the flourishing area, so at this time, there were all kinds of people walking on the street. The stores hadn’t closed for the day and the feasting and pleasure-seeking night scenes flashed past, evoking complex feelings in Huo Konghe.

This was his first day coming to work at B1 and he had seen some scenes passing through the private rooms. There were 40 to 50 year old women wrapping their arms around really young boys talking and laughing. Some boys were passed out from vomiting at the toilet from being forced to drink alcohol. There were four or five women sitting and instructing two men to do some very vulgar acts. But, in order to earn medical fees, Huo Konghe had made his resolve. No matter what kind of client he met, no matter what kind of order he was given, he would fulfill their request. After all, he was his father’s last ray of hope.

However, he was very fortunate to have met Yao Yao. Yao Yao didn’t make things hard for him, instead, she made him experience happiness.

While he was still in the middle of his thoughts, the car had already reached a small neighborhood which he recognized. It was a famous area for rich people in S city. In fact, the kid he was tutoring also lived here.

However, he had never ventured inside before. The car continued to drive further inside and the district view grew even more exquisite. In the end, they stopped at the centermost, loftiest building.

Yao Yao woke up and took her purse, sitting upright. “I’m sorry to trouble you, Mr. Liu, for fetching me when it’s this late. You should go back early. No need to pick me up tomorrow morning, I’ll be resting all weekend.”

Mr. Liu opened the door for her, “Thank you, Director Yao. Please have a good rest.”

Yao Yao nodded and turned around to take the door card from her purse, stepping through the doors.

Huo Konghe followed Yao Yao into the elevator and watched as she pressed on the 36th floor


“Your surname’s Yao.” Huo Konghe stared at the streak of red marks on her exposed back. caused by the creasing of her clothes when she was sleeping.

Yao Yao then remembered that she hadn’t told him her name, “My name is Yao Yao, my surname is formed with the characters 女 and 兆 to form 姚 and the other Yao comes from the word ‘remote’ (遙遠 yao yuan)” After thinking for a while, she added another sentence, “I’ve never told my name to any of the prostitutes I had before.”

Even though Huo Konghe had made mental preparations to become a prostitute, he had never been called a prostitute so frankly before so he felt a little embarrassed. However, he knew that Yao Yao didn’t have any malicious intentions behind her words, she merely wanted to say that he was different.

Even if he was different, in Yao Yao’s eyes, he was still just a prostitute.

Yao Yao knew that he must’ve felt somewhat embarrassed by her words but this was also a reminder to herself in her heart to never cross the line.

Yao Yao’s high heels clacked on the marble floor tiles. She placed her finger on the fingerprint lock and after pushing the door open, she then removed her shoes and placed them in the shoe cabinet, telling Huo Konghe, “I’m going to take a bath upstairs, you can take a bath on the first floor.” After she said this, she slipped on her slippers and went upstairs.

Huo Konghe removed his shoes and stepped inside, surveying her home.

Yao Yao’s home was very spacious and exquisite. It was not the type that was luxuriously decorated but was cold and ambiguous in design.

That’s right. It was this kind of feeling.

Turning his head to the left, he saw the dining room, further inside was a Western kitchen and a Chinese kitchen. One wall of the dining room was a cement wall and black walnut vases and branches were embedded in it. The other side had a huge translucent liquor cabinet, stuffed with all kinds of wines and wine cups for display. All the walls were made of genuine wood and each area meshed with the others well. The living room, which had a huge area of plantation, looked really cozy, it had a gray sofa and wide-view french windows overlooking S City’s bustling night scene. It was as though he was standing at the apex of S city, looking down on the entire city.

The bathroom wall tiles had a very pretty black cement texture. Huo Konghe had found a brand new bathrobe from the cabinet and after removing his clothes and folding it over on the counter side, he stepped inside the shower area.

Smooth muscle contours, slightly bulging pecs, faint ab lines and mermaid lines could be seen, extending until his lower abdomen and down further was a dormant huge dragon hidden within a black underbrush. Even if it hadn’t gotten erect, its shape and size were already impressive. Because he was preoccupied everyday, from studying to taking care of his father and also living in the dormitory, the number of times Huo Konghe masturbated could be counted with one hand. That was why his ph*llus had a clean fleshy color. His skin color was very even and could be considered to be on the fairer side, making him look like a clean college student with just a glance.


Yao Yao, who had finished taking a shower upstairs, was also wearing a bathrobe. Her half-dried hair was draped on her shoulders as she went down the stairs, coincidentally bumping into Huo Konghe who had just got out of the shower. He had already dried his hair, wearing a black bathrobe that made his person look much cleaner. The tightened rope on his waist gave her a good view of the leaned and toned boy, his pecs faintly visible. Huo Konghe was a bit at a loss, holding his white T and jeans in his hands.

“Leave it in the bedroom.” Yao Yao raised a brow, showing off her natural features. Her makeup-less face diminished only the slightest hint of her charm, no longer making her look as imposing, instead, it was replaced with hints of a girl’s naivety and liveliness.

“Come.” Yao Yao signaled Huo Konghe to follow her upstairs.

Entering her bedroom, Huo Konghe placed his clothes on the chair of the vanity and was pulled by Yao Yao into the bathroom, Yao Yao stuffed the blowdryer in his hands, gesturing him to help her dry her hair.

Huo Konghe had never helped a girl dry her hair before. He carefully clasped a section of her hair with one hand while the other raised the blow dryer gently to blow it. This move nearly confined Yao Yao in his embrace, Yao Yao turned over to face him, her tender little hands starting to behave naughtily, reaching inside his lapels and gently feeling his muscles undulate. Afterwards, she couldn’t get enough of touching, so Yao Yao simply pulled apart the upper half of his robe and used her pearly whites to gently gnaw on his chest.

“Hiss….” Huo Konghe’s little bead was suddenly taken into Yao Yao’s mouth and sucked in a neither light nor heavy fashion. At times, she would even use her teeth to gently nip them.

Huo Konghe suddenly turned off the hair dryer and threw it to the side. He lifted Yao Yo up by the waist and placed her onto the counter.

“Ah!” Yao Yao was taken by surprise from his sudden action and seeing Huo Konghe’s impatient expression, the desire to act mischievous arose. Clamping her legs together, she used her knees to gently trace the place that had suddenly turned erect beneath the bathrobe, feeling the hot and hard object.

“Continue blowing, my hair hasn’t dried yet.” Yao Yao’s head wasn’t even raised as she continued to focus on using her knee to tease him. Huo Konghe was helpless. He pursed his lips and tried his best to endure her little actions. He obediently took the blow dryer to blow her hair again.

Yao Yao started to caress his heat through his bathrobe in discontent. With a pull of his tied ribbon, the view of Huo Konghe’s lower body was family exposed.

His body hair wasn’t considered thick, trailing all the way from his abdomen to his g*nitals. The member within the black forest flushed red and hot, standing in an attention so straight, it almost reached his little abdomen. The instant it was released, the meat stick slapped Yao Yao’s tender thigh emitting a “pa” sound. Yao Yao took a deep breath and used her legs to squeeze his huge dragon tightly, rubbing it up and down. The red head started to seep out a bit of white liquid.

Huo Konghe was on the verge of losing his mind. This was the first time he felt himself being stroked and he panted heavily staring at Yao Yao.


The instant he turned the hair dryer off, Yao Yao raised his head and looked at him with lustful eyes.

Watching her red lips part and join, Huo Konghe’s rationality snapped like a broken thread.

She mouthed to him, “Huo Konghe, f*ck me.”

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