Watch You Turn Naughty

Chapter 4 F*ck Me (H)

Huo Konghe held her waist with one hand and her butt with the other, carrying her out the washroom. Yao Yao didn’t want to waste a single moment and cupped Huo Konghe’s face, nibbling his lips. Huo Konghe responded to her enthusiastically, and while the two were entangled in a deep kiss, Huo Konghe settled Yao Yao into the soft bed and took off her loose bathrobe, throwing it onto the ground before getting his way with Yao Yao.

Yao Yao’s bathrobe was also hung loosely on her body, revealing a big patch of her smooth skin. Huo Konghe’s eyes turned red from desire at the sight, already wanting to tease her. He straddled atop of Yao Yao and captured her milk nubs with his mouth.

Huo Konghe propped himself up with one hand beside her ear while his other hand didn’t dally, holding the mound, kneading it as though he was kneading bread. Yao Yao’s jugs were very big, covering just about every inch of his hand. White flesh spilled out of the seams of his fingers as he kneaded her mounds into different shapes, his mouth working hard to suck her gradually hardening nubs, as though he was determined to suck milk out.

“Ahh..gentler…” Yao Yao was overwhelmed by his strong sucking and lightly pushed him. Disliking her interference, Huo Konghe captured both of her slender wrists and pinned them over her head.

Yao Yao glared at him. No one had ever treated her this way. Just as she was about to get angry, Huo Konghe’s hand had traveled to the area between her legs, fiercely pressing on her swollen nub.


“Ah~!” Yao Yao’s yell changed into a different tune, sounding coquettish. Huo Konghe’s fingers were covered with a thin layer of calluses, bringing her a different excitement compared to the other guys she slept with. Even though Huo Konghe didn’t have any skills to speak of, he was still able to pleasure Yao Yao to the point where her honeypot gushed with water.

Huo Konghe was so hard it felt like he was about to burst. His d*ck was so terrifyingly hot and when he got up, he pulled Yao Yao’s slender ankles, dragging her towards him. His meatstick landed on her wet seams. Huo Kongke rubbed himself back and forth on her slippery entrance. Feeling a certain little bead swell, after once again streaking across her entrance, a shiver was elicited from Yao Yao.

“D-..Don’t come in like that…haa…” Yao Yao clutched the sheets beneath her, tears welling up in her eyes. From Huo Konghe’s perspective, Yao Yao looked as if she was begging for mercy. He couldn’t stop himself from entering her but because she was so wet, he slipped past her hole and ended up rubbing against her incomparably swollen pearl.

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“Ahhh!!” With a ‘puchi’, he reached her deepest part. Huo Konghe let out a sigh of pleasure upon the discovery of her wonderful taste. Her honeypot started to knead his pillar, feeling warm and wet. It was like several little mouths were trying to stuck out his s*men. Unable to hold himself any longer, Huo Konghe started rocking his waist strongly.


“D-Don’t do it so strongly..mmm…” Yao Yao couldn’t speak coherently from being f**ked, her legs nearly falling off from his waist. Huo Konghe didn’t have any skills to speak of so he did the only thing he knew what to do, he rocked his waist and thrusted into her, each thrust faster than the one before and he did it deep. Yao Yao, who had just had a small cl*max, couldn’t withstand such a great force, her screams getting louder and more charming, feeling as if she was about to reach peak again.

“It’s….It’s too deep…Huo Konghe…!” Feeling his c*ck rub against her soft walls, the unprepared Yao Yao peaked once again. Feeling her wringing him, Huo Konghe couldn’t stop himself from c*mming.

Through the c*ndom, Yao Yao could feel the warmth of his s*men, it was so hot she couldn’t help but quiver. Because of the little mouth that kept sucking him, Huo Konghe’s stick that had just ej*culated showed no signs of softening, instead, it grew even harder inside her passage.

“Why did you…” Yao Yao looked at him incredulously, seeing him take out another c*ndom from the cabinet. He retracted his member from her hole with a ‘pop’. Huo Konghe didn’t want to leave her, quickly ripping the c*ndom out of its package, putting it on and then re-inserting himself back into her warm cave.

Having already shot his first load, Huo Konghe had learned from his experience and didn’t only focus on thrusting back and forth. This time, he slowly felt every inch of the hole that had just org*smed. When he pulled out, the hole seemed to be detaining him, unwilling to let him go. Huo Konghe slowly thrusted back inside. He looked at Yao Yao’s bleary eyes, then looked at her bosoms that were pushed out. Huo Konghe then bent down and sucked on her red cherry.

“Quicker. Mmm…” Yao Yao couldn’t withstand such torment and urged him to pick up the pace but Huo Konghe didn’t. As he thrusted himself in, he grinded against her soft walls. Unable to tolerate it any longer, Yao Yao cried.

“….I beg you, go quicker, mmmahh!!” Hearing her pleas, Huo Konghe began to thrust faster and stronger. Squeezing her br*asts, Yao Yao felt both pleasure and pain, quickly reaching her first org*sm. Her hole had already started to spit white foam due to Huo Konghe’s swift and strong thrusts, however, he didn’t show any signs of stopping nor did he show any hints of fatigue. Even when Yao Yao had lost consciousness, Huo Konghe still hadn’t come for the second time.

Losing her consciousness, Yao Yao thought, she wasn’t buying Huo Konghe, it was Huo Konghe buying her.

Despite having fainted, Yao Yao’s hole still clamped onto him. Huo Konghe was afraid that he had gone overboard and quickly thrusted several times before pressing into the deepest part of her cave and shooting.

The cave that had been burnt, squeezed strongly, Yao Yao quivered in response, but still remained unconscious.

Huo Konghe panted heavily, staring at the unconscious Yao Yao.

He seemed to have lost control….Would Yao Yao get angry at him for causing her to faint?


Huo Konghe didn’t know but he first went to clean himself up in the bathroom before finding a clean towel and dampening it with hot water, going back to the bedroom to wipe Yao Yao clean.

It looked like he had truly lost control. Yao Yao’s bosoms had several deep red finger marks and her overly used little cave had already turned into a shade of deep red, unable to close, remaining gaping open as it spat out lascivious liquid.

Huo Konghe wiped her clean. The bedsheets were covered in the traces of their body fluids. As such, Huo Konghe carried Yao Yao to find another room for her to sleep in.

Yao Yao had already fallen fast asleep. Huo Konghe’s temperature was really high. Once Yao Yao had a touch of his warmth, she couldn’t resist getting closer. The two naked bodies, gluing close to each other.

Huo Konghe carried her into the bed and watched her sleeping countenance, his mood complicated.

The two had done something very intimate, but in reality, aside from their names, they didn’t know anything else about the other person.

Huo Konghe didn’t know that after this night, his life would change greatly.

And everything, was because he didn’t meet anyone else, but Yao Yao.

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