Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 61.2: Finale (Part 1)

  Without a second thought, she stared at the screen with dull eyes for a couple of seconds.

  In the past, there would always be cases of celebrities liking their rivals’ hacked Weibo pages, their exes’ scandals, or even posts with irrefutable evidence that their best friends had gone under the knives to change their features……

  Yet, not once had Jiang Dai found the explanations for these actions credible. Perhaps, they had only done so deliberately to cash in on someone’s popularity, or it totally slipped their minds to switch to their side accounts.

  Only at this very moment did she come to understand that it was indeed possible for anyone’s hand to quiver. Even so, why did she have to like that Weibo post of his?! The netizens wouldn’t have taken a screenshot of it, would they?

  Noticing how things had escalated rather terrifyingly today, Jiang Dai could not help but stare at the list of most searched Weibo hashtags uneasily for a moment after repeatedly confirming that she had indeed unliked it.


  It turned out that there was not even a smidgen of content about her liking the post by mistake on the list.

  Just as she was about to heave a sigh of relief, she received a WeChat notification that Liang Jingche had sent a message.

Loanworthy Xiao Liang: Why did you not check your DM on Weibo, Miss Jiang?

  On seeing this, Jiang Dai was rendered speechless.

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Nsydosavbu Dkys Nkydt: ?
Nsydosavbu Dkys Nkydt: Ebyv’p y nbknjld nssr?
Kkydt Pyk: Rv’p dsvbkdt. Tlbl.

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Kkydt Pyk: Rv kp wple vs elpnakcl y rlapsd byhkdt yd lmnlrvksdyzzu wdkiwl sesa.

  Ubykaxyd Nkydt bye kdelle prldv qya vss xwnb vkxl kd vbl nbknjld nssr!

  ‘Zsw! Gal! Fs! Wzkavyvkswp!’


  Initially, Jiang Dai had no intention of checking her messages on Weibo.


  However, she was rather intrigued by what this man, who became such a flirt inexplicably, could have sent her after noticing how Liang Jingche went the extra mile of reminding her. 

  As such, she opened her WeChat app and went through the messages from strangers one after another.

  Perhaps, it was due to Liang Jingche’s profile picture being too flirtatious, as it did not take her long to find it.

@LiangJingChe: Since I’ve already followed Miss Jiang’s Weibo page for such a long time, won’t you follow me as well?
@LiangJingChe: In actual fact, it wasn’t much of a big deal, and I don’t mind that you didn’t follow my Weibo page. However, we’ve already topped the most searched hashtags today, and I’ve suddenly gained so many followers. If they were to find out that you’ve not followed me back, it wouldn’t look good on me.
@LiangJingChe: In any case, not only are we friends, but we are also business partners. So, should I not have the pleasure of you following me back?

  Now that things had come to this, Jiang Dai became wordless with rage. Not only was she unwilling to follow him back, but she also had an urge to block him. Yet, she managed to rein in her impulsive urges.

  It was only because she had plans to have a discussion with this inexplicably flirtatious man about having him delete that Weibo post of his once he calmed down.

  After all, the main point here was not his clarification of this matter since she had an inkling that it would simply make things worse. Instead, she did not care about this as the person had written that 118-paged PDF file in a way similar to novels revolving around the wealthy main character and their polyamorous relationships. Sure enough, only brainless netizens would believe in it when it came to something like this.

  If Liang Jingche had merely done so to clarify things in her stead, she might still express her gratitude out of respect for him, although she would think that he did not have to do so.

  However, this man…… He had simply gone as far as to publicize his opinion and stand.

  What did he mean by being ‘one of Jiang Dai’s suitors who is currently working hard to pursue her, and I hope that I will be able to win her affections someday’????

  Regardless of how touched she felt, Miss Jiang was afraid that she would have to disappoint him as she wished to give him a good beating.

  Even so, Jiang Dai kept her temper with him and clicked on the ‘Follow Back’ button.

  Just as she thought to type a message to discuss with him in regards to deleting his Weibo post, she had, once again, received a new DM on Weibo.

@LiangJingChe: Since you’ve already followed me back, I’m sure many netizens have noticed that you’ve followed me back today. In that case, would you like to take this chance to consider replying to my love confession, Miss Jiang? After all, not only has it already been publicized, but the readership for my Weibo post has amounted to over 100 million. So, why don’t you do me a little favor, Miss Jiang?

  The moment she read his message, Jiang Dai gnashed her teeth.

@JiangDai: I just happened to have a plan that is able to safeguard our dignity without compromising our friendship in business, so would you like to know more about it, Chairman Liang?
@LiangJingChe: Oh?
@JiangDai: You’ll have to delete that Weibo post!!!!!! Delete it and act as though nothing has happened!!!!!! Also, you can always say that your account was hacked or a kid in your family pulled a prank on you!!!!!!!!
@LiangJingChe: …………
@LiangJingChe: (Aggrieved) (Heartbroken)


  In a short span of three hours, the number of Liang Jingche’s fans had skyrocketed from 100 thousand to 1 million and counting.

  As her ex-husband, Huo Rongshen’s act of speaking up for his ex-wife, Jiang Dai, was initially an exceptionally buzzworthy and gossipy topic.

  However, Liang Jingche stole a march on him by making a sudden public appearance.

  As a result, he was unexpectedly at a disadvantage?

  Even those around him offered a piece of advice honestly at the risk of their deaths.

  Huo Shenli asked, “Why do I feel like you have the least popularity, Brother? After all, we are the leading billionaires, aren’t we? Sheesh, have these netizens gone bonkers? To think that they’ve actually gone over to call Liang Jingche ‘Daddy,’ instead of you. Is he not someone who runs a bank? Can he ever be endowed with as many assets as you?”

  Pei Jun explained, “Perhaps, it’s the difference in their ways of expressing it? I mean, your post was far too lukewarm, bruh. What do you mean by you two are still friends after the divorce? In the netizens’ eyes, this is something akin to flattery in business since both of you are still in the same social circle. Also, things have already become pretty awkward after your fight that ended up on the trending Weibo hashtags. So, when you try to clear things up this time, it would seem as though you are trying to safeguard your mutual interests. That’s why that level of gossip isn’t enough to beat Liang Jingche.”

  Upon hearing that, Huo Shenli nodded his head. “That might be possible. Wow, it’s rare to see that Brother Pei Jun’s analysis actually makes some sense.”

  On the sidelines, Sheng Wanwan watched these three straight men make such baffling utterances in dead earnest.

  At this juncture, Secretary Sheng had been employed for a couple of months. With the help of Assistant General Manager Chen Mu, as well as the advantage of her forbearance and being inured to hardships, she was finally able to overcome President Huo’s various means of criticism and persist in working for the wealthiest corporation. Not only had she completed her probation successfully, but she was also given a pay raise.


  ‌Over the past few months, she had been adhering to a vital principle, which was to keep her mouth shut. Regardless of whether President Huo was correct or not, she would hold her tongue, in order to avoid almost all the troubles since she was merely a secretary.

  Under any normal circumstances, she would not have refuted him in any way unless she could resist no longer.

  Watching the three men with exceptionally striking looks in silence, Secretary Sheng found that the chauvinism in these men was……far past intolerable!

  “President Huo…… I-I have something that I’d like to say.”

  Casting a glance at her, Huo Rongshen instructed, “Speak.”

  Sheng Wanwan elaborated, “I don’t think this matter is as complicated as Director Pei makes it out to be. In actual fact……it all boils down to the profile picture. The profile picture that Liang Jingche utilized is an actual picture of himself and a portrait of a wealthy, handsome man who couldn’t be more perfect at that. All in all, netizens have always been obsessed with one’s appearance, so there’s no way they wouldn’t like a rich pretty boy. As for President Huo, you’re currently using the default Weibo profile picture, so I think you should change it.”

  The moment the words left Sheng Wanwan’s mouth, a strange silence came over the office, so much so that one could hear a pin drop.

  As the three men looked at each other, a glimmer of thought flashed across their eyes.

  On seeing this, Sheng Wanwan was deeply gratified that she had opened these three straight men’s eyes to the truth.

  However, a couple of seconds later, these three took turns to speak——

  Pei Jun denied, “That’s impossible since it’s only a profile picture. How on earth could it ever amount to such a considerable influence? I’m sure you’re just being paranoid.”

  As he said so, a smile grazed Huo Shen’s lips. “I’m going to side with Brother Pei Jun on this, Secretary Sheng. Even though you’re a girl and may know more of what goes on in a girl’s mind, I’m sure females only constitute half the number of netizens. That’s why I think a profile picture wouldn’t amount to such a considerable influence.”


  Huo Rongshen sneered, “Heh, how shallow.” Why did he even hire such a shallow secretary?

  Upon hearing that, Secretary Sheng was breathless with anger, so much so that she was nearly choking on her rage. After mustering her courage, she sought the password to President Huo’s Weibo account from Assistant General Manager Chen.

  Without further conveyance, she simply chose the front cover of Forbes magazine that President Huo had once appeared on and set it as his profile picture.

  In a matter of seconds, the number of followers on Huo Rongshen’s Weibo page had begun to surge……

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